Apocalypse Gachapon

Chapter 712: Cleaning up

Chapter 712: Cleaning up

He looked at many corpses, and he finally confirmed that these people were killed by the Roselle Cedar that he nurtured.

No wonder it was much bigger and stronger when he saw it. When it was waiting for the opportunity, it had started killing here.

Although the Roselle Cedar was of great help to Ye Zhongming at the crucial moment, without it, Ye Zhongming might be facing a level-nine lifeform now.

But Ye Zhongming had never received a request from anything that happened here. The Roselle Cedar didnt even tell him that it had killed so many.

This made Ye Zhongming wary of the Intelligence Mark, which could give mutated plants intermediate intelligence.

Right, intelligence. This phrase not only meant that they could complete his orders perfectly, but it also meant that they had their own minds and would do things independently.

For example Feed.

Ye Zhongming didnt order it not to eat or attack humans; he told it to wait for his orders. But the Death King Tree went out to hunt on its own. This was no different from going against his orders.

It seemed like even when the cooldown on this skill was up, he couldnt use it easily. Even if he did, he had to give it more comprehensive orders to prevent accidents from happening.

The Cannibal Alliance recognized that these people were a family that entered Linhai. Their surnames were Tang, and all of them died here.

Mo Ye asked about and told Ye Zhongming about the situation.

He nodded, Tell the brothers to clear the battlefield. Their items are decent.

The big family that entered Linhai behind the zombie horde and wanted to take advantage was sneak attacked by a mutated plant with weird abilities. Their whole army was wiped out.

The zombies are still here, but as we dont dare to get too close, we cant scout what is inside that tall building.

This was the second news that he got. The zombie horde was in the city; for some reason, they surrounded the ruins of a high building. Some of the zombies had entered, and the rest were outside. They didnt even leave this place during the battle against the Death King Tree.

After learning about this, everyone felt fortunate. If this zombie horde came to start trouble, it would add an unknown sense of danger to the battle.

Monitor them. I want to know the moment they move.

After giving the instructions, Ye Zhongming led people back to where they fought. Cloud Peak had cleared most of it. As the Death King Tree was huge, the materials were piled into many mountains.

Ye Zhongming tossed them into the Gate of Sacrifice.

Ye Zhongming didnt sacrifice the flower pieces, as he was interested in them. He planned to bring them back with the four giant flowers and allow Liu Zhenghong to study them. If he could replicate this thing like a piece of equipment, he would get rich. It was much stronger than Ruan Xiaos Clear Sky Lake. It would at least be a piece of purple equipment.

At this point, the people who went to search for the four big flowers were back and one of them lost members.

After asking, he discovered they had bumped into a team that controlled the flower. Cloud Peak decided to fight for it. Both sides clashed. Cloud Peak lost two members, but they wiped out the other squads, which had a few dozen people.

Ye Zhongming didnt say anything and didnt feel like his people did anything wrong. Strength was king; that was the rule of the apocalypse.

After two hours, those who went to the underground city returned, bringing back news that they had lost the Death King Trees main body. This fellow had escaped.

Ye Zhongming expected this outcome, so he wasnt surprised.

He saw that they brought back branches and materials left by the Death King Tree, so he started his business. He traded equipment and crystals for these things.

Ying City Alliance knew about Ye Zhongmings habit of collecting materials, so they didnt let them go when they found them in the underground city. Now that Ye Zhongming had asked for them, they had sent their materials over.

With them taking the lead, many others followed.

Ye Zhongmings subordinates might have killed dozens to steal their stuff, but when it came to trading, Ye Zhongming and Cloud Peak were very trustworthy. This good reputation would bring them many benefits in the future.

Ruan Xiao was back, and his expression was bad. He wanted to get rich. He did get some things, but they were far fewer than what he expected.

Moreover, when he realized that the level eight Death King Trees body was valuable, it was too late. Cloud Peak had controlled it.

After witnessing Cloud Peaks strength, he wasnt confident in challenging them.

Of course, Ye Zhongming owed him money. Thinking about how he could get rich made him feel much better.

But Ye Zhongming told him they would settle it once they left Linhai.

Although Ye Zhongming had collected some Death King Tree materials in the underground city, that was only a portion. These people collected from the entire underground city. After realizing Cloud Peaks reasonable price, Ye Zhongmings purchasing was very popular.

But Ye Zhongming looked at the situation and decided not to trade here as there were too many people. It would probably take more than a day. Now that there was a ten thousand zombie horde nearby and the hiding Death King Tree, it was too risky. He ordered them to head out of the city first.

The human army followed him out and gathered before Cloud Peaks camp. The trading market was then officially opened.

Of course, it was mainly Cloud Peak purchasing their materials.

There seemed to be a lot, but actually, Cloud Peak didnt spend too much. Cloud Peak got the bodies of the dead evolved. Along with Ye Zhongming crafting some equipment, it was enough to collect all the materials.

Even if it was very busy, the trades took just a day. There was much news that the zombie horde had stopped gathering at the ruins and had started fighting humans to eat them. Cloud Peak took the chance to scout that building and saw that there was the liquid left by the Death King Tree.Gett your 𝒇avorite 𝒏ovels at no/v/e/lb𝒊n(.)com

Was it useful for zombies? Ye Zhongming was curious, but he did not know the answer.

Once the trade was over, he kept some useful materials before sacrificing the rest.

He looked at the energy level and decided to activate it.

A golden light shot into the sky. Many people knew that this light actually came from Cloud Peak. Many of them were curious and wanted to find out what it was. But naturally, they didnt get any answer.

Once Ye Zhongming was out, Ruan Xiao came to ask for his debts.

Wait, I will go get potions for you. Ye Zhongming smiled and entered Linhai alone once again.

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