Apocalypse Gachapon

Chapter 714: Gains

Chapter 714: Gains

Ruan Xiao sighed when he saw Cloud Peak leave.

Cannibal Chain focused on buying and selling information and were very sensitive to everything that happened around them. Moreover, they had many methods of getting information. When Ye Zhongming and Cloud Peak struck, Ruan Xiao sent some scouts.

They werent scout troops but a piece of high-tech equipment they got from the wheel. It was a fingernail-sized drone with an HD camera that could transmit pictures.

Such equipment wasnt rare, but the ones from the wheel were more functional and better to use.

Using this equipment, Ruan Xiao saw what had happened.

He couldnt keep up with Ye Zhongming, so he didnt see how the guy killed those zombies. But it was probably related to that violent explosion. Ruan Xiao only saw Cloud Peak cleaning up the battlefield.

More accurately, they were just picking up money.

Through the scenes the drone transmitted, Ruan Xiao estimated that Ye Zhongming had killed the horde quickly and that Cloud Peak had obtained at least 100 thousand demon crystals.

Even after a night, this number still appeared in his head. Thinking about it, his heart raced.

That was so much money!

This didnt include the materials themselves. Those things were as valuable as the demon crystals. Even if many were destroyed, more than half remained!DiiScover 𝒏𝒆w stori𝒆s on no/𝒗/e/lbin(.)com

Ruan Xiao envied Ye Zhongming previously, but that envy now had a bit of fear.

He feared him.

As one of the heads of Cannibal Chain, he controlled hundreds of information points and tens of thousands of people. He had a strong caravan. Although he feared many mutated lifeforms, he didnt fear many humans.

He himself was someone that other humans feared.

Doing business and discussing things with Ye Zhongming wasnt the real way he did things. He was actually a cold and cruel person.

But this young man was terrifying.

He could wipe out a hundred-thousand-strong horde in an instant. But what if he used it on humans? Ruan Xiao didnt dare imagine.

Of course, he also thought about many things. Like the crystal weapons, the mysterious golden light, and the huge amount of materials that disappeared.

Those might be one of the secrets behind Ye Zhongming wiping out a hundred thousand zombies.

Ruan Xiao wanted to find out about this secret, but he didnt have the courage. He was afraid that Ye Zhongming would kill him.

This manager decided to make Ye Zhongming the only content in his report next month.

Da Cheng, are you sure Ye Zhongming helped Da Ming and Jia Ming establish their new base?

Yes. Ye Zhongming was a two-star evolved in the new base.

Ruan Xiao nodded and didnt say anything else.

Cloud Peak members were excited.

They loved and admired their boss in the past, but now, many look at Ye Zhongming in awe and worship.

It was no wonder they were like that. Picking up the demon crystals was too shocking. None of them thought there would be a day when they would want to vomit from digging crystals. They bent over a thousand times to pick up the crystals and materials.

But the wheel spinning was why they truly worshipped Ye Zhongming.

His success rate was shockingly high.

The number of potions he got was dazzling, and he collected all the good items from the wheels.

This boss even got candy and honey for the girls in the squad and got cigarettes and alcohol for the guys.

That was a level three wheel. He didnt want potions and got these instead. Too rich, too luxurious!

But He didnt care!

Cloud Peaks morale exploded.

In his heart, Ye Zhongming was counting the gains.

First was the Death King Trees main body. This was the highest value. He had used some as the blueprint to make wooden armor, which was silver grade. There were some materials from the zombie horde that were also good stuff.

Next were the Life Brain and flower parts. Ye Zhongming didnt know how to use them yet, so he could only return to Cloud Peak and get Liu Zhenghong to study them. Maybe there would be some surprises.

Next was the Alli Essence and the Nature Soul Essence he had already consumed. These two increased his strength. He tried it on Xia Bai. Without using any ability, he fully suppressed this seven-star evolved. Xia Bai couldnt fight back at all.

Apart from those, he got whatever Liu Zhenghong needed. Maybe these will bring the biggest value in the future. Once the gene warrior technique is mature, Cloud Peak will become a super faction.

The best were the 100,000 crystals he spun for potions and the items from the wheel. He paid Ruan Xiao a portion, and the rest helped Cloud Peak strengthen.

These were only items. Ye Zhongming gained many other things, too. Hundreds of people and the treant expressed their intentions to join Cloud Peak. Ye Zhongming agreed, but they had to start from the bottom. They had to obtain trust and pass tests before they could join officially. Ye Zhongming believed these people would cherish their freedom and become a part of Cloud Peak.

The twins and their set equipment gave Cloud Peak another pair of core members. The sisters were sleeping on a car he bought from Cannibal Chain, and when they woke up, they would become five-star evolved.

All in all, he gained a lot.

Of course, there were losses, too.

Cloud Peak lost over a hundred people. Among them, 30 were four-star, and four five-star evolved died. These losses made his heart hurt.

The crystals used for the demon crystal weapons and the weapons themselves, which were damaged, were another sum. Adding in the lost equipment, Ye Zhongming felt emotional. War really costs a lot of money.

The three beauties want to see you. Mo Ye pulled Ye Zhongming and pointed being.

Ye Zhongming returned to his senses and smiled. He knew that many other things were waiting for him since the Linhai trip was over.

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