Apocalypse Gachapon

Chapter 789: Lack of eq

Chapter 789: Lack of eq

Female seven-star?

That surprised Ye Zhongming.

Even in his last life, the number of females evolved was fewer than that of guys. They took up 30% of the overall amount.

Of course, this situation would become less obvious as the evolution levels increased. There might even be more females at eight and nine star than males. As for the reason, maybe when they reached that level, the gender effect was minimal.

But now, the resistance zone gathered its strength to nurture a female, shocking Ye Zhongming.

Did they think that females were easier to control? Or they wanted to nurture one male and one female to see if the kids they gave birth to would become evolved straight from birth? But Jayce was quite old? He was also very ugly.

Ye Zhongming admitted that this woman’s gaze towards Xia Bai made him unhappy, so his thoughts were negative.e

She jumped from the dozen-meter-tall Mechanic Fortress and landed. Ye Zhongming looked at her legs, and he raised his brows.

There were no marks on her legs.

To be perfectly fine after jumping from such a height. Many evolved could do that, but due to the gravity, they would leave marks on the ground. But she was able to leave no marks. This meant that either her control of her body had reached a sick level or she learned a special skill or job.

Cloud Peak cared a lot about Ye Zhongming’s safety when facing outside factions, Especially when facing high-level evolved. So when this caravan stopped, and nearly a thousand people got down, Xia Bai’s squad protected Ye Zhongming.

After the arena and Chain Prisoner matte, Cloud Peak didn’t like those from the resistance zone.

After the seven-star evolved jumped, she walked before Cloud Peak’s formation. She probably wanted to speak to Xia Bai, but she noticed that everyone, including Xia Bai, was standing behind Ye Zhongming.

She had to face him.

When she stepped before Cloud Peak’s squad, Ye Zhongming noticed that Wen Zhong and even Ji Ruiguang slightly reacted. Wen Zhong even lifted his leg.

It seemed like he wanted to stop her.

What was going on? Ye Zhongming didn’t understand.

But who knew that she would say something to Ye Zhongming?

“Move aside.”

Ye Zhongming was honest to say that this woman looked good. After evolving to a certain level, even ordinary-looking people would become more appealing due to their aura. Girls and guys were the same.

So there was a saying that there were extremely ugly people who were five-star and below, but when they got to eight or nine stars, they were superstars.

But the moment this beautiful seven-star evolved spoke, not only did Cloud Peak change expressions, even Wen Zhong and Ji Ruiguang rushed over to tug her. They then turned and looked at Ye Zhongming in apology.

“I want to fight her. If she loses, then hand that purple equipment over.”

Ye Zhongming nearly touched his own forehead. This girl’s entry was quite cool, but her eq was really low.

What was the time? It was time to save people. Not only didn’t she think of a plan, she wanted even to have an internal conflict? If Cloud Peak were furious and just left, you would send C Zone to their deaths. This caravan was Sharp Peak Mountain’s elites, but how many people were there? At most, two thousand. What could they do in front of a few hundred thousand demon monsters?

It would be okay if Cloud Peak were the only team here. Resistance Zone didn’t care about these few hundred. But the tens of thousands of other evolved were together with Cloud Peak. Did she offend them like that? You wanted to snatch their purple equipment? Did you want to fight with them even before trying to save your members?

How low did your eq have to be to behave like that?

“Let’s have a fight. We are both women and are seven-stars. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of your boss, whose level is even lower than you? Just kill him, and you can become the boss. Then, no one will control you.”

Ji Ruiguang pulled her back, but she was still a seven-star evolved. Ji Ruiguang was strong but he was still weaker. He was only able to pull her several steps back before she was able to say such words.

This caused a plethora of expressions.

“Zhongming, don’t…”

Wen Zhong tried to explain, but Ye Zhongming interrupted him. He said to this seven-star evolved, “Sure. We will use the purple mask as a bet, then how about you use the two Exquisite Floating Balls, the two Mechanic Fortresses, and all your equipment and all these cars as the bet?”


“Your head!”

That woman actually wanted to agree. Ji Ruiguang couldn’t take it and scolded her.

This made Ye Zhongming realize that there was probably a reason why she became seven-star.𝑅ead new chapt𝒆rs on novel𝒃in(.)com

He said something softly to her, causing her to scoff before she jumped into the Mechanic Fortress.

Without this low eq girl, Ye Zhongming realized this team was strong. The weakest person was four stars, and half of them were five-star. Along with the Exquisite Floating Ball and Mechanic Fortress, this should be all the elites from the resistance zone apart from their other bases.

They were going all out to assist!

Suddenly, Ye Zhongming remembered that he hadn’t heard of the Resistance Zone in his last life. He linked it to this. Did this operation cause their elites to be wiped out and then lose their influence on the apocalypse such that he hadn’t heard any news?

A shadow covered Ye Zhongming’s heart.

Wen Zhong and Ji Ruiguang walked over to discuss with Ye Zhongming. The former was okay as they were partners, but the latter behaved very politely. It was obvious that he knew that An Man and the others were trapped.

The details were just a trade of interests. Hearing Ye Zhongming's conditions with An Man, Ji Ruiguang was reluctant. The main thing was the Mechanic Fortress. It was not something that could be bought with money. It affected the various zones. He also needed to pay more than one Mechanic Fortress; he owed the other zones a favor.

But he was still a leader. He was reluctant, but he accepted An Man’s promise. He also didn’t bargain about the price Ye Zhongming promised the people he had brought with him.

Ye Zhongming had a better impression of him.

As expected from the commander of the strongest zone. He was able to put his pride down, which showed his ability.

With his good attitude it meant that the cooperation could continue. But before the three could devise a new plan, Liang Chuyin ran over and passed the tablet connected to the Exquisite Floating Ball.

Ye Zhongming knew that it was important. He looked at it, and the photos from the tablet showed the demon monsters guarding the mysterious wheel rushing in this direction. The Exquisite Floating Ball estimated there were a hundred thousand of them!

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