Atticus's Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

Chapter 426 Too Much

Chapter 426 Too Much

It was refreshing, incredibly refreshing. Atticus had never felt so happy about the existence of mana and his ability to control it.

The result was completely instant as Atticus felt all his fatigue wash away as the surge of mana flowed through him.

After a few seconds, Atticus opened his eyes to see the form of the black mass shrinking on his chest.

Then, it became a moderate size, about as big as two tennis balls molded together. It was simply shaped like a black pentagonal gem jutting out slightly from his chest. ReaD lat𝙚St chapters at nô(v)(𝒆)lbin.c/o/m Only

Atticus could feel the peaceful and gentle aura it was currently emanating, as though everything wrong that happened today wasn't its fault.

Atticus completely ignored it. Even though it looked like a full baby that just wanted nothing more than to rest after having a large meal, Atticus had no intention of leaving it to observe that rest.

He still had to check out and confirm just how powerful he had become.

"Firstly, let's check my status,"

'Status,' Atticus thought, and immediately a holographic screen materialized in front of his face.

Character Profile:


Name: Atticus Ravenstein

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human



Strength: 289>>321

Agility: 325>>354

Endurance: 330>>362

Vitality: 320>>401

Intelligence: 52>>54

Perception: 44>>45

Charm: 38>>43

Will: 37>>40

Level: Expert >> Expert+

Talent: Mythical

Bloodline: Primordial Elemental Bloodline

* Level 3

- Fire: 40.9 %

- Air: 40.1%

- Water: 38.8 %

- Earth: 39.5%

* Level 2

- Light: 2.3 %

-Darkness: 1.9%

-Space: 0.2 %

*Level 1

- Lightning: 80 %

-Ice: 78.3%

Locked Bloodlines -




Innate Skills:

* Conceal [Potential: Mythical]

- The ability to conceal your level from anyone regardless of rank. You may choose what level you want to be shown.

- Current mastery: Mythical

Life Weapon Skills:

* Transcendent Slash: Godspeed Grace

* Endless Strike

Normal Skills:

* Arcane Barrier [Potential: Transcendent]

- Current Mastery: Expert+

* Elemental Mimicry [Potential: Transcendent]

-Current mastery: Expert-

*Ethereal Clock [Potential: Empowered]

-Current mastery: Advanced+

"I see," It was exactly as he expected. Some of his stats had increased significantly since he had gotten the suit, and what was best was that these stats were only the passive improvements.

How powerful would he become if he deployed the suit?

"Well then, here goes," Atticus suddenly closed his eyes and entered a deep focused state.

He felt the mana flowing through his body peacefully and without a single obstruction in an organized system, but this time around, a new presence had joined this system.

The small pentagonal gem in his chest had formed a direct connection to his mana core, and instead of mana moving from his core to his body, it started from his chest instead.

And what made Atticus even more excited was how pure the mana the suit was passing through his body.

"So this is why I had that increase in stats," Atticus deduced. Atticus could proudly boast about his mana purity; it was way better than many other individuals in the human domain.

If he had to be honest, while he didn't think that his was the best of the best, he at the very least didn't believe it was far off from said best.

But now, observing the mana flowing through his veins, Atticus could see how wrong he was.

Atticus relished this feeling for a few seconds before he decided to move to the next level.

It hadn't been complicated; in fact, Atticus didn't even have to think about how he wanted to go about it. It was completely and utterly instinctual.

Atticus only had the time to feel the angered emotion from the suit before the gem on Atticus's chest suddenly throbbed, the glows of each of the blue lines running through it intensifying until it became blinding.

In the next instance, it was as though a legion of pentagon shaped soldiers erupted from the gem, rapidly multiplying and spreading across Atticus's body in all directions.

As they encompassed his neck, about to reach his face, each of their forms seemed to radiate an intense amount of light, their colors changing into a deep red hue that immediately covered his face and head akin to a firery shourd that blazed upwards.

After a few seconds, Atticus stood up straight.

His entire form was enveloped in a pitch-dark suit that clung onto him like a second skin. The marks of the tiny pentagon littered the suit up until it got above his neck where a deep red fiery shourd was covering his face.

His katana remained completely untouched. It was as though the suit knew very well who and no not to mess with.

Atticus raised his arm, clenching his hand a few times.

"This…" Atticus muttered under his breath in disbelief.

"This is too much,"

The amount of power coursing through Atticus' veins currently was what many would deem unbelievable.

It was as though the purity of mana, which had initially baffled him, had suddenly increased another fold. The flow of mana in his body was as seamless as it was smooth.

"I see none of those lines," Atticus remembered how the exo suits of the 2nd years and Gerald had looked. They all had glowing lines passing through their forms. With his high perception, he had been able to deduce their use.

In physics terms, they each served as capacitors, used to store mana and ensure mana reaches any part of the body instantly, as though it were always there. They also serve as filters to increase each of their purity significantly.

Atticus focused inwardly, assessing himself. "Looks like I don't need them."

To Atticus, it was as though his whole body itself was the capacitor. There were large amounts of mana in every part of his body, and his purity was on another level.

Atticus punched the air casually a few times, each of his "casual" punches creating sonic booms in the air, forming a countless amount of afterimages.

Atticus smiled. "I could get used to this."

"Let's see the effect on my stats," Atticus muttered and immediately called up his status.

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