Chapter 22 Class Type

A Couple Days Later

Lee Seng pulled into the parking lot. The time was currently 9:45am and Lee Seng had come early to his appointment. He drove closer to the the building, looking for a close parking spot. Lee Seng pulled into a parking spot, braking with his right foot and waiting for the car to come to a complete stop. He pushed the clutch pedal with his left foot and pulled the stick to neutral and pulled the emergency brake in one swift motion. The car began to idle, playing Kpop.

Lee Seng grabbed his phone from the magnetized phone holder and opened his phone. Lee Seng saw there were a couple texts. He opened them and clicked on Akio's name.

"Hey, just wondering if you got to the place, alright?" Akio texted. "Oh, I'm free today so if you want to train, let's do it after you're done."

Lee Seng clicked the text bubble and started to type his reply.

"I just got to the clinic. I'm sitting in the car still. I'm up for some training after I get back. Did you want anything to eat for lunch? I'll grab something." Lee Seng replied. He hit send, yawning loudly.

,m "Physical training is so tiring." Lee Seng muttered. "Using your powers well includes 'working your physical body well.' Ugh, I can't believe they didn't let me even use my powers. My body aches." Lee Seng's phone dinged again and he pulled the text message up from Akio.

"I'm up for whatever." Akio replied. "I'll send you some money as payment."

"Alright, sounds good. See you in a bit then." Lee Seng hit send and shut the car off. He got out of the car and closed the door behind him, locking it. Lee Seng slipped his phone into his jacket pocket walking into the building.

The AC hummed as he stepped into the fairly lit building. Natural sunlight seeped into the building through the clear windows. Two women sat behind the counter desk a couple feet away.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The lady on the right asked.

"I scheduled an appointment for 10am. My name's Lee Seng Chang." Lee Seng answered. The lady nodded and began typing away.

"Alright, it seems we have all your information here, so take a seat and someone will call you when they're ready."

"Thank you." Lee Seng bowed slightly before walking off to the seating area to the left. As he was walking away, he saw some people in the seating area point at him.

"Isn't that the Creator's son?"

"What's he doing here?"

"Didn't you hear? He awakened about a week ago."

"So they weren't lying in the news article the other day about his tail and ears."

"Have you seen that before?"Gêtt the latest ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/velbin(.)com

"No, but it must be apart of his power, right?"

"Do you think he's strong then? I wonder what class he's going to be put into."

"Not to mention, he's hot."

"Don't you know he's a troublemaker? He causes so much trouble for the Creator. I feel bad for the Creator."

"Oh yeah, huh?"

"A troublemaker who's hot is such a turn on though!"

Lee Seng glanced over at the group and they began to hush. Lee Seng turned and hid his smile. He decided to sit on the other corner where they group was talking. He sat down crossing his legs, pulling his phone out and scrolling. One by one, people began being called. Lee Seng periodically looked up every couple of minutes. Before he knew it, his named was called.

"Lee Seng?" A man called out. Lee Seng stood up and made his way towards the door to his left. The man stuck his hand out. "Hi, Lee Seng. I'm John Reaver."

"Nice to meet you." Lee Seng shook his hand. John motioned Lee Seng to follow. Lee walked through the gray halls. People sat in offices chit-chatting away. John led Lee Seng towards the end of the hall and gestured towards Lee Seng to walk to the left door. Lee Seng stepped into the fairly clean office. Bookshelves were filled with books. A couple of chairs sat in front of the dark office desk. A single rolling chair behind.

Lee Seng moved to sit in the right chair while John closed the door behind him and quickly moved over towards the chair in front of Lee Seng. John began clicking away at his computer and then settled on some data. He scrolled through it for awhile before looking up at Lee Seng.

"Alright, Mr. Chang." John spoke. "From what we've gotten from the power-rating, it seems the test was abruptly stopped around the 48% mark. Do you know why that happened?"

"The clear orb shattered hitting 48%. I was told to retake the test but due to the short time I have, I can't afford to retake it right now." Lee Seng answered.

"Alright," John nodded. "Are you planning on transferring to a Number Academy?"

"Yeah, I'm actually taking the Entrance Exam in a couple of weeks. Making an appointment for a bigger facility could take more time than the resources I have at my Father's facility."

"It's true that it would take more time. While I agree with your urgency, I do think you should retake the test as soon as you can. A more accurate reading allows us to fully understand your capabilities with your powers." John suggested. Lee Seng nodded.

'He isn't wrong. I should know my full capability.' Lee Seng noted. John scrolled up and then turned the screen towards Lee Seng.

"Though your power-rating only got about halfway done, your power-rating is high already. I think you have a high potential. If you didn't have a high potential halfway through the test, I would force you to take the test now, but your rating seems quite high. If you look at the screen in front of you, you'll notice you got some interesting outliers.

"Your tail and ears were a product of what seems to be some sort of mutation with your power. When your powers were awakened, a mutation of sorts happened. It's unclear what caused the mutation, but it's an outlier that seems to be actively there."

"So my powers were mutated because of this... outlier and it's still present?" Lee Seng asked uncomfortably. John nodded. In truth, Lee Seng had a hunch that Keng probably was the cause of this, but he didn't want to keep himself to one theory.

"It's actively present, but most outliers are unique to each person. They're mostly small changes or mutations for each person, but yours seems quite big. With that in mind, everything would seem okay but it seems like you have another outlier. This one doesn't seem too great..." John trailed off.

"Wh-what's not great about it?" Lee Seng stuttered. Everything seemed to be fine but now he was just worried about what could happen to him. John pulled the screen towards him slightly, keeping the screen visible to Lee Seng. He pointed at the second outlier.

"It seems this outlier was put onto you by someone else. It looks like it, at one point, has stopped your Dark Matter flow and suppressed your powers from manifesting."

Lee Seng didn't like what John was saying. He was starting to have second thoughts about everything he was thinking.

"If that's the case then... What exactly is it?"

"That's the thing, we don't know. I've been looking at your information for the past couple of days and this baffles me. It doesn't seem like it will cause too much harm right now, but you should keep it in mind with your full capabilities."

Lee Seng nodded. It was something he should know and it's something he should find an answer for when the time came. John cleared his throat and then flicked the screen upwards a bit.

"If you have any questions, let me know." John said. Lee Seng nodded. "Alright, even with almost half of the test done, it still seems like your class is pretty much settled. What's more interesting is you're a Specialist." Lee Seng's mouth opened in surprise. He never thought he would be a Specialist. He thought he'd be either a Fighter or a Glass. John chuckled at his shocked response.

"I understand your surprise. Usually Specialists are those who have already classified as something else and through an unknown amount of variables we don't understand quite yet, they're capabilities grow to another spectrum.

As you know, the four main classes are Fighter, Tank, Glass and Observer. Fighters excel in melee combat and their powers manifest that way. Tanks are melee-type fighters as well but handle more of the blows due to their powers giving them more of a sturdy edge. Sometimes it manifests out as in an area. Glass are ranged fighters. They Excel in using their powers from afar and usually pack a huge punch. Observers are support-type individuals who are usually healers. There's sub-types for each group but Observers either always fall into a healer or technical category.

Specialists, most of the time, are only found through being another class initially, but there are extremely few cases where people, such as yourself, have classified into a Specialist right away." John explained. He clicked on another document. He pushed the screen towards Lee Seng.

"The extreme cases of people being a Specialist out right usually ends up them being able to class into a couple different other classes. Due to your unique nature as a Specialist who hasn't fully completed their power-rating, we can't fully say what you're capabilities are. Did you train or has your power manifested in a way that made you think you'd be a Fighter or Glass?"

"I've trained hand-to-hand combat and know how to use a katana well. My older brother and sister taught me how to do martial arts since I was young. Other than that, my powers seemed to manifest as a Glass. It's quite destructive." Lee Seng answered. John nodded, pulling the screen towards him and typing away.

"Alright, we can say you could be a Fighter/Glass Specialist for now. When you take your power-rating test again, we'll know for sure what areas you'd specialize in. I think you should focus on those areas. I'll leave a note here and will send it to the Number Academy after we're done here."

"Alright, sounds good. Is there anything else we need to go over?" Lee Seng asked. John bit his lips as he scanned through the documents again and shook his head.

"It doesn't look like we need to go over anything else. Is there any questions you have for me?" John asked pushing the screen back to its original place. Lee Seng thought for a bit and shrugged.

"I don't think I have any right now. If you could send me a copy of that through the email provided, that would be great. As for the school, it's the Capitol branch of the Number Academy." Lee Seng replied. John nodded and jotted it down and stood up.

"Well, it was a great pleasure in talking to you. I hope you can figure out your power-rating and what other effects your tail and ears might have. It's a pleasure talking to the Creator's son." John chuckled. Lee Seng stood up and smiled, shaking his hand.

"Thank you, Dr. Reaver."

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