Chapter 4 Aftermath

The locker room was in a fit of disaster. Water pipes blew and spilled into the room as electric wires sparked and flew around in the air. Lights flickered and lockers were crushed. The yelling had stopped and the noises of the aftermath carried an intense air about it. Jae groaned and Mr. Hodgers pulled himself out of the human shape that smashed into the locker. He turned to grab Jae who yelped in pain.

"Ah, no, no, no!" Jae yelped. He looked at his leg and a piece of the locker was sticking out of his leg.

,m "Oh my god, we should really get some--" Mr. Hodgers stuttered. He stumbled backwards and Mr. Carlson grabbed him and pulled him to the side.

"Hodgers, now's not the time to be freaking out. We need to sever the metal and get him help now." Mr. Carlson said. He glanced over at Mr. Smith. "Can you sever the metal or pull it out and stop the bleeding? I could ice him." Mr. Smith walked over to Jae and kneeled in front of him.

"I'm going to see if the metal can be removed, alright?" Mr. Smith said. He looked at Jae who nodded and Mr. Smith turned and raised his arm towards Lee Seng. "Lee Seng, stay where you are. Everybody else, don't do anything to upset Lee Seng. Powers usually show up in the form of high emotion." The tight feeling around Lee Seng suddenly was let go and his body felt heavy. He stumbled to stand and fell onto his knees with a splash.

"Chang are you okay?" Mr. Carlson asked bending over to give a hand to him.

"My body... it's heavy." Lee Seng let out between gasps of breaths. Mr. Carlson looked at Mr. Hodgers who seemed to be directing his view away from Jae and Mr. Smith. Mr. Carlson grabbed him and tried to lift him up. The two struggled to stand and Lee Seng fell back onto his knees. "It's fine... Kang first..." Lee Seng's gaze turned to Mr. Smith and Jae.

Mr. Smith noticed the metal snapped off of a locker and stuck into Jae's leg. "Alright, on three, Kang." Mr. Smith said looking at Jae. Jae nervously winced and took in deep breaths. "One. Two. Three!" Mr. Smith quickly made a yank motion and the metal piece flew out and behind him. The metal clanked behind and splashed into the water as Jae's cries echoed. Jae quickly put his hand on the wound and cauterized it.

"Jae!" Mr. Hodgers shouted. Mr. Carlson threw his arm out.

"It's better this way. Cauterize the wound to stop the bleeding." Mr. Carlson said. Jae screamed as the wound started to close. Mr. Carlson quickly made his way towards Jae and ripping apart of his t-shirt. He iced the torn t-shirt and wrapped it around the wound. Jae winced and the two teachers pulled Jae up onto his feet. Mr. Carlson wrapped one of Jae's arms around and looked at Mr. Smith and Mr. Hodgers. "I'll take him to the nurse's office. You two take him." Mr. Carlson nodded towards Lee Seng who was struggling to stay on his knees. Mr. Carlson and Jae slowly made their way out of the locker room as Mr. Smith came over to Lee Seng.

"What's wrong, Chang?" Mr. Smith glanced at Lee Seng. Lee Seng's arms shook.

"Heavy." Lee Seng let out. Mr. Smith looked at Mr. Hodgers and motioned over.

"Carl, you got the most strength out of the both of us. Lift him up."

Mr. Hodgers sighed and walked over. He grabbed onto Lee Seng's arm and liffted. He felt the heavy weight of Lee Seng's arm and grunted as he wrapped it around his neck. Mr. Hodgers nodded and Mr. Smith's eyes flashed a bright green and Lee Seng lifted up onto his feet with ease.

"With telekensis and your help, we can get him to the office. We'll have to figure out what to do with him there." Mr. Smith said. The two slowly made their way out and the rest of the boy's were surrounding the door. They stayed away from the leaking water. Lee Seng grunted with each step. The weight was unbearable and he hadn't felt this much weight in a long time.

"Outta the way!" Mr. Hodgers commanded. The boys on the left stepped off to the side and the three made their way to the office next to the boy's locker room. They walked in and placed Lee Seng on the bench near the door. The bench creaked under the heavy weight of Lee Seng. Lee Seng's head swung backwards, right into the wall. The loud thud made Me. Smith look at Lee Seng.

"Are you alright?" Mr. Smith asked as he stood a few feet in front of Lee Seng. Mr. Hodgers had made his way to his chair. Lee Seng gasped for air.

"What're we gonna do with you?" Mr. Hodgers spun in his chair.

"Are you alright, Lee? Are you still having trouble breathing?" Mr. Smith asked. Lee Seng nodded slowly. The tight feeling around his body felt like it was wearing hundreds of heavy metal. He wished it would end, but the weight of his body only loosened a few hairs, allowing him to do very minimal movements.

Mr. Smith walked over to a cabinet and opened it. he pulled out a mask and a canister. He shut the cabinet and came over to Lee Seng. He effortlessly attached the mask to the canister and strapped the oxygen mask on. He twisted the lever and oxygen blew out.

Lee Seng could feel his lungs praise the amount of oxygen he was getting. His panic changed to peace as he closed his eyes for a second, letting out a sigh of relief.

"We gotta report this, y'know." Mr. Smith said. Lee Seng kept his eyes close. He knew full well what was about to happen. It wasn't the first time he got into a fight. "With your powers showing up, we have to let your Dad know." The tight grip around his body seemed to grasp him harder. His eyes opened and he gasped.

"If you go untrained, you could destroy more than a locker room." Mr. Hodgers stated. Mr. Hodgers didn't like Lee Seng well and everyone knew that, but Mr. Hodgers seemed serious about the matter. Lee Seng could see the destruction in his head and he let out a sigh. The tightening grip loosened, again. Lee Seng barely could move his arms and legs. He struggled to grab the canister and stand, almost falling.

"It seems whatever negative effects were put on yourself is almost over. We should call your father. He'll wanna know." Mr. Smith said. Lee Seng sighed and nodded. He let the weight plant his butt back into the bench, sucking in another breath of oxygen.

- - - -

A tan skinned doctor typed away in from of the holographic screen. His brown eyes quickly following the words appearing on the screen. He wore scrubs with his lab coat over it. He silently tapped away as a knock was heard.

"Come in." The doctor said. A female nurse opened the door and closed it behind her. She held a phone in her hand and pointed at it.

"Doctor Chang, it seems your son has caused some issues at school, again." The nurse said. Doctor Chang stopped typing and adjusted his glasses. He looked at the nurse. "A-also, the school is saying his powers manifested, sir."

"Manifested?" Doctor Chang asked, surprised. "What happened?" The nurse walked over and handed the phone to him.Th/e most uptodat𝓮 n𝒐vels are published on n0velbj)n(.)co/m

"They didn't explain much more than that to me, sir. They're waiting for you." The nurse answered. The doctor nodded and the nurse stepped away towards the door, not going out. Doctor Chang held the phone up to his ear.

"Hello, Doctor Chang here." He said.

"Hello, Doctor Chang. It's Mr. Smith, Lee Seng's third period gym teacher. Lee Seng got into a fight in the locker room and it caused Lee Seng's manifestation event to occur. The school has been notified of the damages and would like to know if you would like to run tests, again, sir." Mr. Smith explained. Doctor Chang let out a sigh and nodded. He spun in his chair, tilting his head back.

"I will have it arranged. I'll come grab my son from school myself."

"Oh, you don't need to do that, sir. We can arrange an officer to escort him."

"No, it's fine. There's much to discuss with him. I'll be there soon."

"Alright, Doctor. see you soon."


Doctor Chang handed the phone back to the nurse.

"Set up an appointment for today with the Test Facility. Tell them it's an order from the Creator. I must go grab my son from school." He said.

"Y-yes, Doctor." The nurse bowed. She fled the room, closing the door behind her. Doctor Chang sighed and soun himself back towards the holographic screen. He reached for his phone on the desk and unlocked it. He dialed a number into the phone and pressed call.


"Hey, it's me. It seems my son has manifested powers. Could I ask a favor?" Doctor Chang asked.

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