Chapter 5 Creator's "Image"

Tap. Tap. Tap

Lee Seng slumped in his chair as he drummed to an unknown beat in his head. The principal, Mrs. Yang, sat behind the mahogany desk. She wore a stern face and was shaking her head.

"It's only been a couple months since school started and you're already racking so much problems, Lee Seng. Don't you want to get out of this place?" Principal Yang asked. She tapped on the papers in front of her. "You've been getting into too many fights. Now you've wrecked the men's locker room and it's unusable. Where are you going to get that money, huh?" She grabbed the papers and stood up. She slammed them and slid them across the desk. Lee Seng ignored the papers and continued drumming to his beat.

"You're going to blame me because I don't know how to control my powers or something?" Lee Seng asked. His eyes raised to look at Principal Yang's eyes. "Whatever you excuse is, I know you're scared of what's coming." He stood up and grabbed the papers. "Whatever money you need, my father can provide. He's probably already put a lot into motion after hearing I awakened." Lee Seng set the papers down in front of Principal Yang.

"You don't feel an ounce sorry for what you did?" Principal Yang asked. "The school could sue you and put you behind bars! You aren't worried?"Principal Yang raised her voice. She was obviously mad and Lee Seng sat down.

"Whatever you do to me, it would honestly be heaven compared to what my father's going to --"

The door burst open and four men in suits entered the office. They spread out in the room as Doctor Chang walked in. He was in a suit and pulled his sunglasses off and handed it to one of the men. Two more men stood posted outside. Principal Yang immediately switched her demeanor and made her way towards Doctor Chang.

"Dr. Chang, I wish you could've come under better circumstances. Please, have a seat." Principal Yang motioned towards the chair next to Lee Seng. Lee Seng scooted over as his father sat next to him. Lee Seng looked at his father, but was was met with no acknowledgement. Lee Seng turned to look at Principal Yang, who was rounding the desk and back to her seat.

"It seems my son has caused more problems for you, Principal Yang. I am sorry to hear about the destruction of the men's locker room. I am willing to compensate for the damages." Doctor Chang said. Lee Seng rolled his eyes.

'Of course he would. He had to make sure his reputation was outstanding to the public.' Lee Seng thought. Principal Yang made it very obvious she was putting on a show. She shielded her shocked face from Doctor Chang's statement while Lee Seng felt his stomach crawling up his throat.

"Oh, no, Doctor, I couldn't ask that of you." Principal Yang said.Folll0w current novÊls on n/o/v/3l/b((in).(co/m)

"No, it's fine. I'm sorry my son has awakened with such an outburst. Please, let me know the compensation and it'll be dealt with."

Principal Yang handed the sheets of paper to Doctor Chang and he quickly glanced over it and then nodded. He lifted the papers above his shoulders and one of the men grabbed it.

"Please give full compensation to the school at once." Doctor Chang said.

"Yes, sir." The bodyguard said and saluted. They began to walk out of the room, pulling out their phone.

"Now that the compensation is being dealt with, I would like to resign my son from this school." Doctor Chang said. Principal Yang's shocked face showed back up. She looked at Lee Seng and back at the Doctor.


The Doctor nodded. He shifted his position, crossing his leg, fixing his suit jacket.

"My son has had loads of problems since school has started. Seeing he cannot fix it, he will be enrolling in the Numbers Academy." Doctor Chang explained. "I have all the paperwork for his resignation. I will deal with whatever I need to deal with you while my son leaves for a Biohuman ability test appointment." A bodyguard on the left of Lee Seng moved over and tapped Lee Seng.

"Time to go." The guard said. Lee Seng nodded and stood up. He slightly turned himself to look at his father. His father looked up at him and motioned him.

"You and I will talk later in private about what happened today. Do as your told."

Lee Seng sighed and turned to follow the guard out. Lee Seng followed the guard through the hallway back to the main reception office where he signed into school. They walked out to the lobby where three more bodyguards were waiting. They began to swarm around Lee Seng as they all walked out.

"Where are we going exactly?" Lee Seng asked. None of the guards answered. They all walked down the steps and three cars were out front. A chauffeur was standing next to the middle car. As the middle car grew closer, Lee Seng noticed the security had grown a lot. Reporters were standing around. As they began to see Lee Seng they began to take pictures as guards stopped them from coming closer. The chauffeur near back passenger side of the car, opened the door and Lee Seng stepped in.

- A Couple Hours Later -

A huge forest surrounded the three cars as they drove down a neatly paved road. Lee Seng smiled at the view out from his right. The forest opened up and a huge set of buildings were coming into view. These buildings were where his father worked. Lee Seng assumed the test would be here with some officials his father knew and simply shrugged it off.

The cars pulled into a blocked gate that was opening in front of them. They slowly made their way past the first couple of buildings. All of the buildings looked the same. Modern, sleek designs with lots of windows that seemed to be useless. A memory crept up in Lee Seng's head. He remembered throwing a rock at the window and it didn't even crack. He tried everything he could to break a window, but nothing worked.

Each building was labeled. They drove towards the back of the building and Lee Seng's eyes went from the right to the front of the car. He leaned to his left to look.

"Still the same." He mumbled. This building in particular was about four times larger than all of the other buildings. It could honestly be mistaken for a mansion or a community college. The cars all turned right and followed the roundabout to the front of the entrance. The cars stopped and Lee Seng unbuckled himself. A group of people were coming down the steps and a Japanese young man rushed down the steps and opened the door.

He grinned at Lee Seng and Lee Seng grinned back at him.

"Ah, it's been a long time!" The Japanese young man said. Lee Seng stepped out and hugged him.

"Ugh, I know. I wish I could've seen you sooner." Lee Seng said. The Japanese young man had black hair, brown eyes and fair skin. His smile could take hearts of all of the young women and men in Lee Seng's high school. He wore black everything. A black cardigan, black shirt, a black bead necklace, black watch, black pants and black shoes. The only thing that popped out from him was the silver ring on his right index finger.

Lee Seng and the Japanese man started up the steps, bodyguards swarming around them. The Japanese man turned with a smile still on his face.

"So, I heard your caused a lot of trouble this time." He said.

"It's a long story, but yes." Lee Seng agreed. "My power activated and the locker room became..." Lee Seng made a bomb noise followed by his hands rippling away. The Japanese man nodded and chuckled.

"Don't worry, when my power activated I literally blacked out lit rooms and the shadows were grabbing people." He chuckled.

"Akio, you make it sound cooler than what actually happen." Lee Seng remarked. Akio smiled as they walked inside the building. Akio scratched his head and grabbed onto Lee Seng and pulled them through the crowd of bodyguards.

"Alright, everyone. I only need two with me and him. The rest of you can post yourselves elsewhere." Akio said. The bodyguards saluted and all but two broke off. Akio looked at Lee Seng and smiled. "You even gonna ask who's doing your examination?"

Lee Seng shook his head. "You want me to ask 'who is it'?" Lee Seng chuckled as the two walked down the right wing. "Father probably got one of the other Numbers to do it. You probably heard I was coming and came to meet me huh, Number 10?"

Akio smiled and nodded. "You got me there, Lee. Number 5 and 6 are going to watch over your examination. Dr. Valentin said the Creator asked for a favor from him directly, so Zoe and him are going to be doing your examination." Lee Seng rolled his eyes. His father was always pulling strings for him. Even though he did all of this, Lee Seng still didn't like the fact his father just used him as a publicity stunt. He knew his father was ashamed of him.

The two made it to the other end of the hallway with two guards in tow. Akio stopped at a huge door with glass slits. Lee Seng peeked in and an older man and a young girl about his age were talking. The huge room was a gym room. Lee Seng remembered the times he spent in here, doing training. Akio turned to look at Lee Seng and gave a reassuring nod.

"Just follow the steps like you did the first time and hopefully everything comes out differently. If you aren't swamped with anything later, we'll chat again, 'kay?" Akio said. Lee Seng nodded with a smile across his face.

"Mmmhm. See if Akali wants to join, too." Lee Seng replied. Akio nodded and turned to look at the two guards. He nodded at them and walked back the way they came. He turned to look at Lee Seng and waved.

"Good luck!"

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