Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 2019 Jane Jr Austen

Chapter 2019  Jane Jr Austen

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 15:44

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Air Space

Jaya grabbing Gloria's left wrist was a spontaneous act, that surprised Jata herself. With her shadow fang stuck between Jaya's muscles Gloria was unable to make a decisive decision to ditch her weapon but she did use her illusion card to hide her presence. So the chances of Jaya grabbing invisible Gloria's wrist with her free hand was like one in a thousand. This can only explained as a coincidence. However, Jaya's action was not a coincidence but an intuitive response unconscious to herself. In a fraction of a second in which Jaya saw and felt Gloria's figure stabbed her, her mind registered and reacted to it. Jaya herself was surprised by the outcome. She did not know how her body responded so precisely. She would understand if she had punched Gloria but to grab her wrist now this was beyond her and her training. Jaya did not overthink about it and just went with it. With her opponent in her grasp, she would hate to lose because of indecisiveness. Viltronians were a race born to fight. They had strong fighting instincts. It was an innate, natural impulse that guided their behavior and decision-making. Hence they were one of the most violent races in the Myriad realms. These instincts of the Viltronian race were subconscious and evolved responses to stimuli, shaped by genetics and past experiences. Jaya in the heat of the battle, when she stopped thinking and began using her body, unknowingly awakened her dormant innate fighting instincts. As soon as Jaya came in contact with Gloria, her illusion was undone. Locking eyes with Gloria, Jaya had a fiendish grin on her face as she uttered, "Got you bitch." "Let go of me, you cow," Gloria struggled to free her hand and shadow fang, she regretted not decisively ditching her shadow fang. She could have retrieved it once Jaya unwittingly dislodged it from her body and discarded it, just like how she recalled it after it bounced off Jaya's breasts previously. Though shadow fang was the only weapon in her arsenal that could deal with Jaya's dense defense it was not a throwing knife so it did not manage to penetrate Jaya's defense when thrown at her instead it bounced off her.

Seeing Gloria struggle to free herself, Jaya's grin grew wider. Then, she ruthlessly utilized her superhuman strength to tighten her grip on Gloria's left wrist and crush it. Jaya was decisive and unforgiving in her actions. "Aaaah!" Getting her left wrist crushed Gloria screamed at the top of her lungs in pain. This was the first cry of pain since the battle started. Gloria had stabbed Jaya numerous times targeting her vital points but not one scream or cry escaped from Jaya's mouth except for occasional grunts and groans. Only when Gloria cried in pain did the onlookers notice this. Even now Gloria's shadow fang was lodged in Jaya's upper left arm, in her struggle to free it Gloria twisted it but Jaya never screamed in pain but endured. This small detail gave birth to a newfound respect for Jaya in the eyes of onlookers. Many did not believe they would be capable of enduring pain as Jaya did. As Gloria's scream echoed on the edge of the void, two separate commotions unfolded in the crowd: one was caused by the abrupt appearance of Corey in front of the crowd out of thin air and the other was caused by Cervos and his followers.

While a part of the crowd tried to confirm Corey's identity, Cervos and his followers prepared to help Gloria however before they could rush to her rescue one guy blocked all their paths, Jane Jr Austen aka JJ. His presence alone was enough to cause Cervos and his followers to think twice before taking a step forward. However, JJ was not alone Adriene stood beside him exerting an intimidating aura targeting Cervos and his followers as she announced, "Standard street rules, no one, I mean no one is allowed to interpret a street fight, especially a girl fight." Though Adriene hated this filthy logic she wasn't above using it to her advantage. Cervos was about to retort to Adriene and force his way to rescue Gloria but was interrupted by JJ's words backing Adriene, "You heard her. Everyone is equal on the streets." "I don't care, move!" Cervos yelled in urgency. Listening to the commotion that had unfolded in the crowd behind her, Jaya who wanted to enjoy Gloria's cries and wailing a little more decisively decided to end it saying, "It was fun while it lasted." With a knife lodged deep in her left arm and right arm grabbing Gloria's left wrist, Jaya found that she did not have enough limbs to land the finishing blow, so she raised her head high and bashed it into Gloria's face. The impact broke Gloria's nose, loosed Gloria's molars, dislocated Gloria's jaw, and dyed Jaya's tiara with Gloria's blood. Gloria's brain was too disoriented from the blow so she had yet to feel the pain. Finding that the force in her head butt was not strong enough, Gloria slowly elevated her height with her viltronian flight and then gathering all her might in her head she prepared for a second round of head butt, however, as she thought to bash Gloria's face with her head summoning all her might, an bright golden energy beam shot out from the neon gold eight pointing star in the center of her tiara and vapourised Gloria's entire head and everything in its path. "Holy shit!" the onlookers whom the energy beam grazed by screamed in panic as they all not only witnessed but almost experienced the terror of the energy beam. "Gloria's dead!" "The country chick killed Gloria!" With Gloria's death, the crowd no longer had the time to bother with Corey's identity, they all exclaimed the obvious in astonishment as they witnessed blood-covered Jaya finally let go of the wrist in her grasp causing the headless corpse of Gloria to fall to free fall to the ground below. However, she did not forget to collect Gloria's golden grimoire. Findd new 𝒔tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

With Gloria's death, the shadow fang jammed in Jaya's arm was recalled into its card. As a result, Jaya's wounds were now free of their bleeding effect and began to close at a speed visible to the naked eye. With Viltronian's super recovery and stamina working hand in hand, Jaya glanced over the crowd and challenged, "Which one of you bitches is next?" 

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