Cursed Immortality

Chapter 612 Road to Legendary Rank

Chapter 612  Road to Legendary Rank

Jacob's eyes shimmered when Flame Calamity agreed to reveal the information about the Path of Legend. Although they were still amidst the battle, there were no time limits or restrictions there, so they could speak as long as they wanted. He had already gotten the crucial information about the importance of the key that he had yet to retrieve, so all that was left was the knowledge of the path of legend. Flame Calamity spoke, "Since you are a Mortal Giant, you probably know that the rank above unique is Legendary Rank. But no one told anyone that there are three steps of the legend between the two ranks. "However, even these three steps of legend merely gave others the qualification to content for the Legendary Rank. In the Lesser Plains or Lesser Galaxies, no one can achieve Legendary Rank no matter how much talent or what bloodline they have; it is one of the absolute laws of the Zodiac Plains' lesser galaxies. "Because to become a legendary rank, one needed something called a Legendary Vestige. So, there are only two ways to achieve the Legendary Rank. The first and simplest is to ascend to the Middle Galaxies and find a Legendary Vestige. "But for those who are born in the lesser galaxies, it is nigh impossible since ascending from lesser to middle galaxies for one needed to cross the Star Ocean's Universal Void, which is filled with terrifying existences that even legendary ranks would perish if they tried to cross it. "So, this left us all with only one route, the Path of Legend. But the Path of Legend only appeared once in a blue moon in a Unique Plains Trial, and even then, we all need to rely on ourselves to find its existence, as the SAAI never announced it until someone finally triggered it. Not to mention, when someone triggers it, the time period will start for everyone. "What I know is whenever a Path of Legend appears in a lesser galaxy, the other galaxies will have the path of legend hidden in their trials. But if someone triggered it, the time limit for the Path of Legend will start for all the lesser galaxies. "So, by the time the path of legend opens and if some lesser galaxy has still yet to discover it, they will miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance. That's why you're revealing this information to me is a huge favor, or I might've had rotten away in the lesser galaxy." Flame Calamity's eyes shimmered with complicated emotions as he looked at the giant who was extremely disdainful a few minutes ago. If not for Jacob's lack of information, he might've died from regret. Flame Calamity continued, "Anyhow, as I said before, the Path of Legend opened for every lesser galaxy, which means in this place, all the natives of the twelve lesser galaxies gathered together and contended for Twelve Legendary Galaxy Vestige!" Jacob's eyes narrowed, "Twelve? Do you mean to say that there are only twelve legendary vestiges to go around? Furthermore, you said Legendary 'Galaxy' Vestige. Are these vestiges different from the middle galaxies?" Flame Calamity nodded, "Indeed, for twelve galaxies, there are just twelve legendary galaxy vestiges, and you are right. These vestiges are indeed different. I happened to stumbled upon a terrifying being's records related to the Path of Legend in the past, so I know about this. "According to that being, the vestiges of the twelve galaxies are somewhat special and far more powerful than the vestiges that exist in the middle galaxies. There were no more details about it, but from what I found, a legendary rank being born from a legendary galaxy vestige should be ten times or even more powerful than a legendary being born from a middle galaxy legendary vestige!

"That's why the rulers of the Middle Galaxies always somehow sent their own descends to content against the people of the lesser galaxies for those twelve galaxy vestiges!

"That person described the Path of Legend as the Path of Carnage where even the strong would die, and they are the playground for the Middle Galaxies people!" Flame Calamity's eyes were filled with viciousness when he spoke about this. How could a noble existence like himself accept being the plaything and stepping stones for others? Jacob was also shocked as this discovery was really startling and terrifying at the same time. 'It seemed those twelve vestiges are really precious. Only this could move the people of the middle galaxies. I need to complete the first phase somehow before the path of legend will open!' Jacob clenched the hits of his swords. Although this was dangerous, Jacob knew he might only have this chance to enter the middle galaxies, or who knows how long it would take for the next path of legend to appear. "The Path of Legend can appear anywhere in the lesser galaxies; it is not fixed, and the only way to track it down is the Legendary Key. Without it, even if someone finds the Path of Legend, they will never be able to enter it because the Legendary Key is the only way to open it! "Not only that but whoever had the Legendary Key would have some huge advantage over everyone else who could enter with an entrance token known as the Star Ocean Medallion. "But the important thing is, whoever had the legendary key will also become the target of everyone, especially those outsiders from the middle galaxies. The Legendary Key is very strange as its location can be tracked down, so whoever holds it becomes everyone's enemy. "So, I suggest you find it and then hide its existence from those with the medallions since they can't use it without knowing the location of the path of legend. So, the fewer people enter, the better. Or you can always snatch all the medallions from others. Visit nov𝒆lbin(.)c𝒐m for the l𝒂test updates

"The Star Ocean Medallions are scattered all over the Unique Plains' Star Ocean and can only be found with some luck. The other way is to complete the Epic Plains Trail solo, which is almost impossible. But the medallion of the epic trails also seemed to have some advantage over the other medallions found in the unique plains' star ocean. "This is all I know about the Path of Legend. Now, let's finish our fight; I need to enter the Unique Plains Trial to search for the Legendary Key. We might meet in the Path of Legend next time, and if you can defeat me, I'm willing to team up with you to take care of those goddam outsiders who think of us as livestock to slaughter!" Flame Calamity sincerely stated. Jacob finally got all the information that they wanted, albeit still somewhat incomplete, especially the part about the advantage over others with the legendary key or the medallion. But this was enough for him to prepare. Looking at Flame Calamity, he couldn't help but sigh, 'You might not be alive until the path of legend opens, but I'm grateful for this information, so this information I gave you can be considered the payment. With this, I have one less powerful opponent to worry about…' Jacob suddenly smiled faintly as it was icy and cruel, "Alright, let's get on with it!"

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