Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Chapter 301

Chapter 301

In the sky above Beijing Base City, Ayaka received news from Judge Lu that Beijing Base City was facing a huge disaster, so she rushed here first.

From tens of thousands of meters high, she looked down at the billions of zombies surrounding the attack that was obviously artificially built. The vast scale was really exciting.

Beijing Base City, headquarters.

Several leaders were in the command hall, watching the flight scenes captured by the reconnaissance aircraft with a serious face.

"The scale this time is really too huge."

Yi Hao was filled with unwillingness. Could it be that he really couldn't resist this time? Tens of thousands of people. How much effort had it taken to gather all of them? Yi Hao was originally ranked 15th among the ranks. In just a few years, he was fortunate enough to rise to this position.

At this moment, a satellite image was transmitted over. The entire command hall immediately became noisy. There was nothing but a person floating in the air in the photo.

The person was actually floating in midair!

Immortals? Gods?

This kind of thing that could not be explained with scientific means caused everyone to discuss it.

In the picture, the girl moved. She stretched out her hand and a huge fluctuation spread in all directions. A few seconds later, the underground base felt a vibration.

In the video, all the zombies that were attacking the city suddenly stopped and let out shrill cries that seemed to be trembling.

"What is she doing?" Yi Hao looked at Ayaka in the air and a faint hope rose.

The young girl opened her hand and a small silver-blue ball ki suddenly appeared in front of her. Suddenly, the ki ball expanded and smashed towards the ground.

Thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of silver-blue ki balls appeared in the air, bombarding the ground like missiles.

Each ball covered an area of about a hundred square kilometers. The aftermath of the explosion caused the ground to tremble violently. However, the strange thing was that every blade of grass and tree was damaged, while those zombies were reduced to ashes in the light.

In the video, the area below the girl was already empty, and there were no zombies!

"Goddess!" A word rose in everyone's hearts at the same time.

After a bit of effort, Ayaka wiped out all the zombies around Beijing Base City and then flew to other bases in the country.

Half a day later, all the zombies were cleared, and three days later, there were no more traces of zombies in the world.

From then on, there were legends of the Goddess all over the world, and there were many believers.

The Goddess Sect was founded by a man named Lin Wen. His father was the commander of Donghai Base City, Lin Hai.

Ayaka later found the people of the Lin family and met them, but she did not say that she was " Ayaba". She just said that she had a deep relationship with the Lin family.

Lin Wen had a lot of opinions about his "great-grandmother", which was bare love.

However, thinking that the other party was his ancestor, he reluctantly gave up this idea. However, he immediately created the Goddess Sect through the network. There were many believers. Finally, under the push of the central government, the network extended to reality and became another popular sect after Taoism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

And because of the zombie incident, it was quite popular.

On a dark and windy night, after Ayaka learned about the Goddess Sect, she could not help but think, the God of Virtue, the God of Origin, and the God of Spiritual Treasure became saints because they founded the Law, the Hierarchy, and the Intercepted Sect.

The former teaches the people, the latter persuades people to be good, that Lin Wen established the Goddess Sect, let people regain the power of faith, does not it also have a chance?

For the time being, she could only think about it.

33 Heavens, Purple Firmament Palace.

Ancestor Hongjun had not opened it ever since his merging of the Law. Ancestor Hongjun had once said that if not for a major event, the Sage would not appear. If not for a quantitative calamity, Hongjun would not appear.

The sages also followed his teachings.

On this day, Ancestor Hongjun summoned God of Virtue, the God of Origin, and the God of Spiritual Treasure, Quasi-Daoist Priest, and Daoist Priest Yin. He informed them that an honored guest had arrived.

The master and disciple waited at the entrance of Purple Firmament Palace for the time it took for an incense stick to burn before Ayaka arrived.

After bringing the disciples to see Ayaka, Hongjun let the disciples leave.

Today, the main reason was to let the disciples take a look at Ayaka, so as to avoid misunderstandings with her in the future.

Ancestor Hongjun was an innate god that existed before Ancient Emperor split open the skies. The heavenly path under Honjun is the path of ruthlessness, where the world views all things as equal, and the opposite is Luo Shu, the main is the path of killing, to kill life to sense the heavenly path. Of course, Luo this person is the evil way, has died out in the world.

Dao teachings under the heavens all produced Ancestor Hongjun.

"Fellow has come from afar, please take a seat!" Ancestor Hongjun was a simple person, and his eyes were bright as he ordered the child to serve Ayaka a cup of tea.

The murals in the room were simple and unadorned. The yellow curtains were elegant and the sandalwood fragrance rose in spirals. Not long after, Hongjun came in with a big man.

Her manner was actually not at all inferior to Hongjun.

Ayaka could not help but feel deep veneration for her. Hongjun was the first person under the Heavenly Dao to begin with. All the orthodoxies in the world were passed down by him. After the Law merge, he made up for the number of days. He also represented the Heavenly Dao and no one was above him.

As for the big man in front of him, he was rough and slovenly. He was carefree and carefree, but Hongjun did not care at all. It could be seen that this big man was also extraordinary.

Ayaka looked again and saw that the big man was holding a small axe in his hand.

It was the cute kind of sleeve.

"Could it be" She was suddenly startled and thought of a possibility.

"Haha, looks like fellow has already thought of it!" The burly man laughed loudly at her, causing Ayaka's eardrums to hurt.

Ancestor Hongjun smiled and introduced Ayaka, "This is the King of the First Heaven, the Great God." He looked at Ayaka and continued, "He is also the first person to break through to the Void and Reality Realm."

Ayaka was confused. "Didn't the Ancient Emperor die after the creation of the world?"

Sage San Qing, the Twelve Ancestral Witches, and all things in the world were all transformed from Ancient Emperor.

Thinking of what Hongjun said, "He is the first person to break through the Virtual and Reality Realm", Ayaka seemed to have grasped the key.

The Ancient Emperor smiled and said, "At that time, the original body was also dead for sure. After all, it was the most dangerous way to prove the Tao with force. Who would have thought that after splitting open the sky, the soul of the original body was not completely annihilated, and there was still a trace of entering the illusory world. There, the original body was able to break through and break through the Virtual and Reality Realm to return to reality."

The Law of Heaven has formed, to dissatisfaction for the full, the Path fifty, the Heavenly Derivative forty-nine, hiding away one of them, so that everything is still a ray of life. In fact, the Great God long before the merging of the Law, the Great God disappeared back to reality, otherwise the complete Heavenly Law is bound to be easy to break."

"The Heavenly Dao at that time was not complete, so it was relatively easy to break through." The Great God nodded.

At this moment, Ayaka understood.

It turned out that it was much more difficult for him to break through the realm of Virtual and Reality than when he was the Great God!

"The Great God created the world to prove his Law with strength. He proved the Ultimate Chaos Sage. Although he failed and died, he made a circle after breaking through the realm of Virtual and Reality. He also achieved the requirement of proving his Law with strength. He also proved the Ultimate Chaos Sage, which was also considered a great achievement."

"Fellow Ayaka, congratulations on reaching the Ultimate Chaos Sage."Visit nov𝒆lbin(.)c𝒐m for the l𝒂test updates

Hongjun smiled and said.

Hongjun himself was the Primordial Chaos Sage, and after the Law merge, he was also the Ultimate Chaos Sage. It could be said that the three of them were already the strongest experts in the real world.

Many years later, the negative effects caused by the zombie virus had gradually faded.

East Base City had become a term in history, and on the streets of the former East Base City, a bustling pedestrian street was being built in full swing.

After many years of chaos, people's culture and entertainment were unprecedentedly scarce.

In a corner of a street.

"Mom, I want to see Son Goku fight against Demon King Piccolo!" An eight or nine-year-old boy pulled his mother and stopped in front of a music product shop.

"Isn't there a full set of DVD at home?" The young mother was troubled.

"No, I heard from my classmates that there is an even more exciting plot behind the Demon King Piccolo. Let's go in and take a look!"

The young mother had no choice but to be pulled into the sound products shop by her son.

The shop owner was a tall middle-aged man. When he saw the business, he had a harmless smile on his face. "Welcome, welcome. Pick whatever you want. Our shop guarantees that there are no pirated versions!"

The young mother couldn't help but give the shop owner a look of contempt, thinking that the works released before the zombie virus, what pirated versions were there?

The young mother picked a few follow-up DVD, paid the bill, and left with her son.

"Daddy, I want this cute axe!" The shop owner was watching TV when he suddenly heard a little loli point at the pocket-sized axe pressed on the newspaper and say to her father.

"Boss, are you selling this small axe?"

The shop owner smiled and said, "This is not for sale." He pointed to a shop around an anime and said, "If you want to buy some cute things for your daughter, you can go to the other side to take a look. There might be something you are satisfied with there."

The father looked at it and then took his daughter to the shop around the anime.

"Welcome, please choose what you need to buy." The young and pleasant voice came.

"Great-Grandma" The young father looked at the female boss of the shop with his mouth slightly open.

The female boss' bright eyes narrowed slightly. The young father understood and whispered to her, "My father asked me to tell you. If you have time, come to my house and have a chat."

"Don't worry, I will go back for a visit during the New Year this year."

"Dad, do you think this looks good? Let's buy it and give it to Mom!" The little loli grabbed a four-star ball from the "basket" and said to her father.

(The End)

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