Dual Cultivation God Returns

Chapter 470 My Turn

Chapter 470 My Turn

The group led by Wu Long, Hua Ziyan and Xue Bing moved forward, cutting through the horde of the Demonic Beasts, though Hua Ziyan did most of the heavy lifting by exterminating any 5th or 6th tier Demonic Beast on sight.

"Great Wall Palm"

She then sent her palm forward, and three human-sized one appeared in front of her side by side, launching forward, crushing the beasts in front of them, and pushing back the ones behind into a small pile.

"Haha, well done Ziyan, you have indeed learned it well. Want to try a combination move now?"

Wu Long chuckled and a glint of excitement appeared in her eyes as she wanted to try this ever since the moment he told her that two or more users of this technique could use a very powerful combination.

She nodded and they both put forward their right palms.

""The Great Wall Palm!""

As their Spiritual Qi entangled with each other during the technique's activation, and amplified by their status as Dual Cultivators, ten double-sized palms appeared in a row, the eyes of the others widening at the sight.

And then the wall of big palms moved forward with terrifying force, crushing every beast and even the ones piled up behind which should have received a softer impact crushed into bloody pulp from the sheer speed and force.

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Hua Ziyan exclaimed in wonder as Wu Long's eyes glinted with amusement and endearment at that child-like excitement.

"Haha, I told you, the power of numbers cannot be underestimated.

Didn't you see the disciples of Brilliant Sun Temple all using the same technique before?

Their wall of literal muscles was impenetrable to even the sharpest blades of the Cloud Piercing Sect, not only due to their individual strengths, but because their techniques resonated.

Dual Cultivators excel at this as they create an even more powerful connection than others with the right techniques, but confined to cultivation partners"

He explained once more as she nodded, feeling the power they could use together for the first time.

"Though I do feel like we have a synergetic effect when we fight together with our Dao Family even if we use different techniques and weapons... Mingyu said she was going to attempt comprehending how it works but has not been able to yet... but now..."

Hua Ziyan seemed to feel something when their techniques resonated, that could be a clue.

"Hoh? That is surely interesting, ah yes, I did feel something like that in your movements when we were hunting that 8th tier serpent behind the Clear Water Pavilion"

Wu Long touched his chin in thought.

But his thoughts then shifted as they reached the 7th-tier Demonic Beast.

"He's all yours, Ziyan"

"That's reckless! Daoist Wu, we must..."

As one of the core disciples of the Frozen Garden Palace began objecting Hua Ziyan's Spiritual Qi fists grew in size, shedding numbers down to only 20 from the original 30, but the feeling of weight and power they gave off caused that disciple's words to trail off as her eyes widened looking up at them.

"Suu~ haa~"

Hua Ziyan took a deep breath and sprang into action, the first two fists straightforwardly going for the beast which dodged to the side, and another one turning and moving upside down to the ground and then from there to the head of the beast, hitting it squarely on the chin.

The massive body of the Demonic Beast rose into the air as it was forced to stand on its hind legs, even slightly lifting them off the ground and then the remaining fists circled to strike it from both sides, bone crushing sounds resounding with a loud cry of the beast which then fell on it's back after being struck with two additional fists from the front, still alive but already badly hurt.

"Sky Dome Palm!"

Hua Ziyan made a hand seal with her left hand and put her right hand up and slightly tilted forward with a spread palm.

An image of her palm appeared above, its center as big as the Demonic Beast itself.

And as she pushed her right hand down, the palm plummeted to the ground, crushing the beast that tried to stand up at the same time as her hand reached the height of her chest, her arm stretched out in front of her.

It took some time for the Spiritual Qi to dissipate due to the unique quality her Qi had, but eventually, a big palm imprint was revealed on the ground, with the Demonic Beast flattened beneath it.

"I did it!"

Hua Ziyan then turned to Wu Long with cheers as he chuckled and took her jumping into his embrace, patting the back of her head.

"Well done, Ziyan"


The others looked at this scene with round eyes as the petite lady who looked so delicate and soft in his arms, with a smile of pure joy from being pampered just displayed a terrifying level of brutal strength.



But they did not have much time to celebrate the 7th tier beast being slain as another similar roar and several others soon resounded from the depths of the crevasse, and then as they ran out to terrify the onlookers, a deeper, louder roar followed.


*Boom!* *Crash!*

An explosion rang out as one side of the crevasse broke off and fell with large and small debris flying high into the air and falling in the distance.

A creature of far bigger proportions broke through expanding the size of the crack as the Elders in the distance became ashen while the disciples nearly passed out.

"N-ninth tier...?!"

"What is this thing doing here...!?"

"It's over..."

The voices resounded from different sides as even the Elders and Sect Protectors fighting on the wall stopped, looking at the creature.

A ninth tier Demonic Beast. Something at the level of Mortal Transcendence Realm practitioners.

It was a thing, in front of which even the Palace Master of the Frozen Garden Palace could only fall to her knees in helplessness.

Even the emotionless Xue Bing had a tinge of despair appear in her eyes, but then as she turned to the side she saw a strange scene, since Hua Ziyan continued to blissfully smile in Wu Long's embrace as if oblivious to the beast that terrified all the others.

"Mm, I guess it's my turn now"

Wu Long nodded, and she reluctantly let go, giving him a quick kiss to at least somehow compensate for parting with his warmth.

A spear appeared in his hand and as he stepped forward, his figure disappeared, as those who could keep up saw him appear high above the beast's head.


He lightly spoke while his body was still climbing in height due to the residual force of his step technique, and six talismans he released created a circle around the beast's head, lit up and created six spheres of bluish light, connecting to each other with rays in the next moment as symbols and patterns started appearing in a beautiful display.

The beast's head which was raised up while it broke out of the crevasse suddenly ceased all movement, as it's four eyes on both sides widened and then filled with puzzlement, while its body started moving erratically instead, as if its head was suddenly stuck.

A distant sound of thunder reverberated in the surroundings, rumbling and continuing to become louder as it repeated and overlayed itself over and over.

And then, as Wu Long's body reached peak height and turned in the air to move down, while he turned with the spear in his hand pointing down at the center of the creature's head, a bright flash of light blinded the spectators.

The next moment as their eyes adjusted they saw a massive bolt of lightning with enormous roots throughout the sky visible even in the blizzard, going through the head of the creature and connecting to the spear in Wu Long's hand that was already piercing the ground.


The surroundings shook from a deafening explosive sound of thunder followed by loud rambling reverberations of echo, as the skies opened up, the blizzard momentarily cleared out by the massive formless wave of wind, showing everyone clearly the picture of a man standing with a spear in the ground as arcs of lightning were dancing all around the ground crushed into the concentric circles of boulders and icy rubble.

The creature's head had a massive hole going through it's center, while Wu Long picked up his spear, and turned to the spectators with a smile, the lock around the head moving and then disappearing with the flick of his free hand.

The round eyes of everyone around reflected a massive body falling behind him with a loud thud which did not seem that loud to the slightly numb to sounds people, creating a cloud of dust and making people that were closer to it jump from the residual shockwave.

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