Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation World]

Chapter 904 Sticking to ass[R18]

Chapter 904  Sticking to ass[R18]

"yes i am going to put in a different hole"Yohan responded while rubbing his cock between her asscheeks.


Alma's face turned red in embarrassment the moment those words reached to her ears,

Yohan was indeed intended to impale her from behind,alma was scared as she never experienced anything like this before,but at the same time she was feeling extremely aroused as Yohan's cock was moving up and down between her asscheeks,the curiosity of being fucked behind was making her pussy drool.

"Is it going to hurt?"Alma asked in a sheepish manner after all Yohan's cock was pretty huge.

"Just trust me,I'll make sure you don't feel any discomfort while taking it from behind!"Yohan said and with those words he moved his cock downward and started rubbing it against alma's vagina, alma's pussy was pretty wet due to arousal and Yohan intended to use that fluid to cover his cock before putting it inside her ass,he knew that he needed some type of lubricant and this is one of the best lubricant that he could have at this very moment.

Yohan started teasing Alma pussy with his cock,he rubbed his cock against her pussy lips,at the same time alma Clenched the bedsheet with both of her hands,her upper body were resting over the bed sheet while her bottom part sticking to air few inches away from the bed,light muffled moaned can be heard from her mouth as Yohan moved his cock up and down.

Sometimes later Yohan's entire cock was entirely covered with alma's fluid,he moved his cock away from her pussy before positioning against her asshole,he also used some of fluid to cover the entrance of alma's asscheek, alma's heart thumped when she felt the tip of yohan's cock against the entrance of her asshole.

"Alma leave your body lose,this way it will be easier for you take inside your body!"Yohan confronted Alma as he felt that she was tightening her asscheeks due to nervousness,after hearing Yohan's advice Alma exhaled deeply and then she started loosening her lower body and waited patiently for him to put that massive monster into her asshole.

"I am going to move now!"A moment later Yohan started pushing the tip of his cock inside alma's asshole, Alma's eyes widened when she felt yohan's hot rod making its way inside her ass,it was indeed painful...more painful than losing her virginity but alas she gritted her teeth and insured the pain,she intended to take Yohan's cock deep inside her body just the way she did with her front,she still remember the sweet pleasure that came after the pain,she wanted to experience same pleasure.

At the same time Yohan grunted as he was already in a half way inside her asshole,half of his cock was sticking to Alma's Ass but he felt problem while moving further, the inside meat of her ass were wrapping around Yohan's cock,the tunnel was pretty tight compare to Alma's vagina,his movement was restricted but at the same time he felt great,this kind of feeling was something else,.

Yohan groaned as he took Alma's waist in his hand and then he pushed his hips, thrusting his cock all the way inside her asshole.

"Ahhhhhhh...."Alma cried out loud feeling Yohan's cock making its way inside her narrow tunnel,she never felt this kind of weird sensation before.Saliva was sticking out from her mouth and she felt like the inside of her pussy was going to melt.

Meanwhile after shoving his cock all the way inside her ass,Yohan thrusted one of his finger inside her pussy to divert alma's mind,after all he knew it is not easy to get that massive thing inside one's body from the backdoor,he wanted to give her some time to adjust.

"Mmmm..."Alma gasped and she moaned as Yohan moved his finger inside her vagina,he could feel that Alma was pretty wet from inside,he could feel the stickiness around his finger.

Nevertheless Yohan kept moving his finger back and forth fucking Alma's pussy,over the time he added one more finger.



Alma moaned in seductive manner feeling extremely good the way yohan's finger were moving,she almost forgot that his cock was resting inside her asshole,the pain she felt earlier was magically disappeared,her body accepted the existence of yohan's cock, sometimes later after seeing that alma is not showing any type of discomfort Yohan started moving his hips in slow and steady manner.

"Ahhhhhhh" "ahhhhhhhhh" "ahhhhhhhh"

The entire bed started shaking as Yohan shoved his cock back and forth inside Alma's asshole impaling her narrow tunnel.

Alma's boobs were dangling as she moved against Yohan's movement,her body were dancing in escacity,Alma started enjoying herself,the pain that she felt earlier is completely replaced by the extreme pleasure.

"Yohan it feels great,you were indeed right,i never thought doing from behind give such kind of pleasure,my entire body...it feels so different...so hot..."Alma muttered those words in a trembling voice, hearing Alma's alluring voice an excited look appeared on Yohan's face.

"It feels great inside you alma!"Yohan exclaimed while spanking her buttocks,Alma's face turned red when she felt that spanking,she liked that weird yet satisfying sensation. Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

"Harder...hit me harder..."she exclaimed in loud voice, hearing her alluring voice filled with extreme lust Yohan started spanking her buttocks while moving his hips back and forth punishing Alma's asshole with his cock,alma gasped and grunted as she feels like that million bolts current is running through her body,she moved her left hand and reached all the way to her pussy,she started teasing her pussy lips with her fingers as Yohan spanked and punished the inside meat of her ass.

With every single thrust his cock was reaching the deepest part of her narrow tunnel and sending the waves of pleasure inside her body,soon the inside of Alma's body became so hot and her body trembled indicating that she was about to cum.

"Yohan....i can't take it anymore....''Alma exclaimed in a trembling voice, hearing Alma's words Yohan took out his cock from her butt and without wasting any time he impaled Alma's vagina spreading her pussy walls and reaching all the way in.

Alma's entire body trembled with pleasure feeling Yohan's cock all the way inside her pussy,she was not expecting him to make such move,her entire body jolted with the experience of his cock.

at the same time Yohan started thrusting his rod with no sign of stopping inside alma's hot cave,she was very close to her organs and Yohan also reached the threshold and wanted to release his yang Qi along with alma's yin Qi,he relentlessly shoved his cock in and out inside her pussy hole.

Soon enough alma's entire body trembled and she released her Yin Qi as she couldn't able to withstand against that kind of pounding, Yohan's cock also twiched feeling the intense hotness of Alma's vagina,he also released his yang Qi inside her body filling her pussy with his fluid.

Both Yohan and alma grunted as their body  fell to the bed,alma was facing the bed with her front and Yohan was laying on top of her,his cock was intact to her pussy dumping his precious milk inside her hole.


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