First Immortal of the Sword

Chapter 1337 - When Getting Revenge, What Need Is There to Think Thrice?

Chapter 1337 - When Getting Revenge, What Need Is There to Think Thrice?

The battle at Universal Emptiness Temple told the world’s cultivators just how terrifying Su Yi’s combat prowess was.

It also left the revenants feeling stifled and afraid.

This was because during the battle at Universal Emptiness Temple, Su Yi never drew upon the power of reincarnation, yet he nonetheless defeated four Nascent Divinity Realm revenants in a row. Who wouldn’t have been afraid of him after that?

It was for this reason that, when the six revenants learned who Su Yi was, their expressions shifted, and they were instantly on guard.

Zhou Tianli and the others felt stifled too, and they inwardly celebrated that they hadn’t recklessly rushed to attack. At the same time, they felt unprecedented pressure.

Enemies threatening enough that even an Ancient Guardian Clan of the Dao had to take them seriously were few and far between. ViiSit no(v)3lb!n(.)c𝒐m for new 𝒏ov𝒆l𝒔

But the Temple Master was unquestionably one of them. Moreover, he was the most dangerous of the bunch!

Admittedly, times had changed. The Temple Master was already the common foe of the world’s revenants, and numerous peak factions saw him as an eyesore. But if anything, all of this proved just how terrifying the Temple Master was. Ordinary people couldn’t become enemies with the whole world even if they wanted to!

Now, as Su Yi’s calm voice echoed throughout the dome of heaven, the crowd’s hearts silently clenched, and their expressions filled with uncertainty.

“Did you refine that sword yourself, Fellow Daoist?” Zhu Tong took a deep breath and asked.

Su Yi subtly inclined his head. “That’s right. But you can relax. Go ahead and keep trying to suppress it.”

He really was curious to see whether or not the revenants could suppress the sword he’d just forged with his own two hands.

“...” Silence greeted this declaration.

The corners of Zhu Tong’s lips twitched, and he sighed. “It seems this really was a misunderstanding. Earlier, we thought the one who forged that sword was the revenant who killed the Zhou clansmen. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have tried to seize it. Please don’t take offense, Fellow Daoist.”

He seemed very polite, and he was even apologizing. The distant onlookers couldn’t help but be impressed.

Throughout the stars, more and more ancient factions were re-emerging. The intelligent revenants were all far beyond World Kings, making them like sovereigns of the new age. They didn’t take cultivators of the present day seriously at all.

Yet now, even though the Temple Master was just one person, they viewed him with obvious dread, and they dared not act recklessly.

“That’s indeed the case,” said Zhou Tianli. “Had we known you were the one who’d refined this weapon, we couldn’t have been so brazen.”

There was no doubt about it. Both the revenants of the Southern Flame Pure Lands and the experts of the Zhou Family wanted to smooth things over!

Su Yi swept his gaze across the group. “I owe Wang Pu a favor.”

It was just one light, airy sentence, but their hearts sank.

Zhou Tianli frowned. “What does Wang Pu’s death have to do with us?”

Su Yi didn’t explain. He just raised his hand and beckoned.


A dense, boundless sword hum rang out.

Beneath the distant dome of heaven, the sword Zhu Tong and the other revenants were surrounding disappeared into thin air.

A moment later, it appeared in Su Yi’s grip.

It was three feet, three inches long, and the simple blade was the deep blue of lapis lazuli. The edge was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and it had a subdued yet sharp glint. There were two characters the size of a fly’s head on its hilt, but they didn’t look carved. Rather, it was as if they’d formed naturally.

They read: “The Human Realm!”

However, the new Sword of the Human Realm was nothing like the first. Its shape, presence, and charm were completely different.

When it landed in Su Yi’s hand, chaotic energy silently arose, pulsating around the simple, unadorned blade.


Indescribable, terrifying sword force enveloped the entire area. The formerly bright skies dimmed, and the air trembled and wailed. The distant onlookers felt a prickling pain in their souls, and their expressions shifted.

Zhu Tong, Zhou Tianli, and the others looked solemn, and they were completely on guard.

“Temple Master, do you really plan to cast aside all pretenses of cordiality?” Zhou Tianli said gravely, his eyes flashing with divine light.

Su Yi ignored him. Instead, he stared intently at the new Sword of the Human Realm. It was a strange sensation, almost as if it were connected to him by blood, as if it were a part of his body.

This sword had numerous wonderous abilities. In fact, it had all the capabilities of the divine chaos treasures it had absorbed: the Dark and Gold Fortune Vine, the Thousand Wonders Furnace, and the Nine Purities Dao Flame!

“Fellow Daoist, times have changed, and the world is no longer what it was. We have good intentions, and we have no desire to fight you. Please, reconsider!” said Zhu Tong, his expression frosting over.

Su Yi glanced down at his sword and caressed the flat of the blade. He said softly, “When avenging another, what need is there to think thrice? But you’re right. The Human Realm has changed, and so has the Sword of the Human Realm.”

An ancient poem perfectly described Su Yi's current mood. It read: “I’ve polished this sword for ten years, but the frosty glint of its edge has never been tested. Today, I show it to you and ask, ‘Is there anyone suffering from injustice?’”


As if sensing Su Yi’s righteous fury, the Sword of the Human Realm let out a low hum.

Austere, imposing murderous intent swept outward, filling heaven and earth.

Zhou Tianli, Zhu Tong, and the others’ expressions darkened.

“Fellow Daoist, if you really think we’ll back down or compromise, you’re way out of line!” the woman in yellow, Nie Qiao, said coldly. Su Yi’s attitude made all of them uncomfortable.

They were from the Southern Flame Pure Lands, and they were prominent experts who’d stepped onto the Path of Transcendence way back in ancient times.

The way they saw it, they’d already made enough concessions, and they’d already expressed sufficient good intentions.

Who’d have thought this would only make Su Yi all the more domineering? He was trying to walk all over them!

Su Yi laughed. “I know what you’re afraid of. Relax. Killing you... won’t require the power of reincarnation.”

As this casual statement left his mouth, the atmosphere grew as tense as could possibly be. The distant onlookers had long since fled further away.

“Attack!” Zhu Tong suddenly bellowed and drew a jade scepter. Unearthly yao light shot out of it, bearing down on the distant Su Yi.

Meanwhile, the other five revenants attacked without reservation. None of them held back in the slightest. All fought with everything they had.


All manner of Transcendent treasures soared into the air, mixed with firelight. The power emanating from them combined, seemingly intent on destroying both heaven and earth.

Their power was far beyond the bounds of the World King Realm. How could it possibly be ordinary?

Heaven and earth trembled. The air was thrown into disarray, and the entirety of Violet River City shook. Throughout the city, cultivators paled. It was as if they were witnessing the descent of the apocalypse!

Meanwhile, Zhou Tianli and his companions turned and fled. Although they were from the ancient Zhou Family, and although they had Transcendent treasures, their cultivations had not yet reached the Path of Transcendence. How could they dare to clash with Su Yi head-on?

Su Yi took this in, but all he did was subtly shake his head. Do you really think you can escape?

His robes billowed around him as he swung his sword and attacked.


A streak of dazzlingly radiant golden sword intent rose into the air. Sword intent connected heaven and earth, and it was full of chaotic and grand immortal light.

When this slash descended, it was as if the sun had fallen down to earth, burning the skies in its wake.


The resulting impact shook both heaven and earth.

Zhu Tong and the other revenants’ joint attack exploded beneath the pressure!

Six types of Transcendent treasures broke beneath that glittering, resplendent sword intent, as if they were made of paper. They shattered into pieces, scattering countless fragments.

Zhu Tong and the others all suffered a backlash. They staggered back, their expressions shifting dramatically.

Su Yi really hadn’t used the power of reincarnation, but his strength was nonetheless so terrifying as to make their hair stand on end. They even found it difficult to breathe!

This was despite them having researched and pondered every last detail of the battle at Universal Emptiness Temple. They’d already known that Su Yi’s strength was comparable to the strongest of early-stage Nascent Divinity Transcendents.

But it was only now that they clashed with him themselves that they understood on a visceral level just how terrifying this twenty-something-year-old was!

They couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if Su Yi were to use the power of reincarnation. Would he be truly invincible and truly unstoppable?


Before Zhu Tong and the others could respond, Su Yi launched his second attack.

However, this one was aimed at the fleeing Zhou clansmen. It drew upon the wonders of the Laws of Flying Light, reaching unbelievable speeds.

All the onlookers saw was a blur of deep blue light.

A moment later, the seven Zhou Family World Kings popped like soap bubbles.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They burst like fireworks, blooming in the skies above Violet River City. They were bright red, beautiful, and bleak.

It was unquestionably intimidating.

After all, the fallen were all ancient World Kings of the Zhou Family. They’d stood at the pinnacle of the stars for a long, long time.

Yet now, they were mowed down like grass. A single slash executed them all!

This tyrannical scene filled countless onlookers with astonishment. Their entire bodies quivered.

It was enough to make even revenants like Zhu Tong panic! They scattered, using secret evasive arts to flee into the distance.


The edge of Su Yi’s sword turned, then bore down on the air.

Sword intent full of the Laws of Restricting the Profound spread outward, and soon, the surrounding eighty thousand feet of sky were completely sealed off

The six revenants felt as if they’d sunk into a swamp, or as if a divine mountain were weighing down their heads. They staggered as if intoxicated, no longer able to flee quickly.

Even though they were revenants, and even though they weren’t as strong as they’d been in life, they were still comparable to experts of the Nascent Divinity Realm.

But now, even when they fled with all their might, sword intent alone was enough to restrict them. This was unquestionably terrifying, to the point that they almost broke down. The Temple Master is obviously only in the Oneness Realm, so why is he so astonishingly powerful?

“Su Yi! If you dare strike the killing blow, the Southern Flame Pure Lands won’t rest until you’re dead!” bellowed Zhu Tong.

But the only answer he got was yet another slash of sword qi. It was as radiant as the light of a new dawn, and nothing could stand in its way as it cleaved the heavens asunder.

As this streak of sword qi swept forth, all six revenants of the Southern Flame Pure Lands perished, including Zhu Tong. It was as easy as slaughtering a flock of chickens.

Only Zhu Tong’s final roar remained, still echoing throughout heaven and earth.

Without exception, the distant onlookers were wide-eyed and tongue-tied. They were completely dazed. Barely any time had passed since the start of the battle, but it was already over.

Neither the revenants nor the Zhou Family experts could take even a single hit. All of them shattered like clay chickens and porcelain dogs!

This completely overturned their perception, and even their imagination. It came as an unprecedented shock!

Su Yi put away the Sword of the Human Realm, turned, and glanced at the Divine Forge.

He then took out a jug of wine and toasted the place in which he’d reforged his weapon. He whispered, “If they won’t rest until I’m dead, I’ll help you avenge this grudge completely. After all, I did take your Thousand Wonders Furnace and Nine Purities Dao Flame, didn’t I?”

With that, Su Yi threw back his head, took a deep swing of wine, and drifted off.

It had been a month since he’d arrived at the Divine Forge. During that time, he reforged an unparalleled weapon, slew six revenants of the Southern Flame Pure Lands, and killed seven members of the Zhou Family of the Ancient Guardians of the Dao.

When word spread, it shook the entire Divine Capital Star Realm!

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