Flower Stealing Master

Chapter 453: Little Monk and Southern Murong

Chapter 453: Little Monk and Southern Murong

Whatever you want to bet on, I will accompany you. Seeing that Song Qingshu didnt speak, Guo Fu thought he was shrinking and couldnt help laughing proudly.

Song Qingshu quickly waved his hand, Lets forget it, Im afraid you wont accept it if you lose.

How could I do that? Guo Fu was furious, Hmph, I wont lose!

Song Qingshu said, Theres no guarantee that you wont.

In fact, Guo Fu thought the same thing. However, she was already sure of winning. Song Qingshu, this ba*tard, is so annoying. Hmphif I dont give him a piece of cake, he wont be willing to bet.

Just say it. The slightly raised corner of Guo Fus lips showed that she was full of confidence.

Song Qingshu glanced at Huang Rong, pondered for a moment and then stretched out a finger in front of Guo Fu, Hmmthe loser will have to agree to one of the winners requests.

Huang Rong frowned. How can a woman casually agree to such a condition? But, just when she was about to stop her, Guo Fu had already agreed, Okay, so be it. When the time comes, I will make you lie on the ground and bark like a dog in front of the heroes of the world.

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, It may not be me who loses.

Guo Fu She snorted, I wont lose anyway.

Huang Rong wanted to stop her, but the fight on the arena was over, and she had to go on stage to preside over the overall situation, so she didnt have time to waste it here. Although her confidence was somewhat shaken when she saw Song Qingshus expression, but with her eyesight, she really couldnt imagine that Song Qingshu had any possibility of winning. 

So she could only give Song Qingshu a look, and then gracefully walked to the ring. Clearing her throat, she summarized the previous fight while introducing the two contestants for the next one, Shaolin Temple disciple Xu Zhu and Murong Fu from Gusu.

Zhou Zhiruo looked annoyed and secretly pinched Song Qingshus waist, You must be plotting against Huang Rong.

You have no conscience, I didnt even say anything to her! Song Qingshu shouted as if he was being wronged.

Dont think that I dont know what your dirty intentions are, that condition Zhou Zhiruo bit her lips lightly, and a trace of frost appeared on her face.

Guo Jing and Huang Rong are heroes admired by the Han people all over the world, and they are also recognized by everyone as a heavenly couple. She is not a woman you can touch. Ah Jiu also looked worried. 

Apparently she and Zhou Zhiruo had the same opinion. The two women were worried that Guo Fu would overhear the conversation, and whispered in Song Qingshus ears to convey the message.

To outsiders, the three of them seemed extremely affectionate, and many men in the distance had looks of envy in their eyes. 

Guo Fu felt angry for no reason, and turned her head to the other side with a snort.

Uh, am I just a lust*ful devil in your hearts? Seeing the two women nodding in unison, Song Qingshu was speechless.

Fortunately, the two womens attention was quickly attracted by the two people on the arena, and they did not continue to argue about the issue.

This young monk has a very ordinary appearance. Although he is a disciple of the Shaolin Temple, he doesnt seem like a master at all. Ah Jiu observed for a moment and quietly commented.

This is a competition, not a beauty pageant. Why do you care about other peoples looks? Song Qingshu looked surprised.

Youre talking nonsense again! Ah Jius face turned red. Although she had experienced a lot in these years, she was still a young girl at heart and subconsciously liked beautiful things.

Just ignore him Zhou Zhiruo grabbed Ah Jiu and discussed, But although this little monk is ordinary in appearance, judging from the experience of previous competitions, I am afraid he might also have amazing skills. Apparently Zhou Zhiruo and Wang Yuyan thought of the same thing.

Song Qingshu didnt get involved in the comments between them, but instead thought to himself, I didnt hear any rumors about the Zhenlong Chess Game happening in the world. It seems that Xu Zhu has not yet experienced that event, so how could he have the confidence to participate in this conference? I wonder how strong Xu Zhus martial arts is now. If he doesnt have the Xiaoyao Sects martial arts, how can he become famous by practicing Shaolin martial arts at this age? (G: I am still debating whether I should call it the Xiaoyao Sect, or the Carefree Sect.)

Song Qingshu suddenly thought of another question, Why didnt I hear anything about the Xiaoyao Sect in the world? According to what Dongfang Muxue mentioned last time, her brother once went to the Xiaoyao Sect and fought its elders for the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture. Could it be that they are still recovering in secret?Find new š¯’”tories on novelbin(.)com

During the time Song Qingshu was lost in his thought, the two people on the stage had already started their fight. 

One was a young master who had been famous for many years, and the other was an unknown Shaolin disciple. 

Many thought it would be a one-sided situation, but the battle situation showed that Murong Fu wasnt able to take any advantage at all!

Flower Pinching Finger? I didnt expect that this monk actually understood the essence of the Flower Pinching Finger created by Venerable Kassapa at such a young age, and he even practiced it to such an extent!

Yes, as expected of the Shaolin, he uses the Flower Pinching Finger with such mastery. This kind of gentle martial arts does not seek to hurt people, but only uses gentle Qi to seal the opponents acupuncture points.

This event was a gathering of martial artists, and there was obviously no lack of experienced and skilled practitioners in the spectators seats. Some people immediately recognized Xu Zhus moves and were amazed.

In my opinion, this young monk is not as innocent and honest as he looks. He actually used the Animitta Kalpa Finger to silently attack Murong Fu at the start! Fortunately, Young Master Murong has experienced many battles and managed to dodge it.

The Animitta Kalpa Finger is a hidden move. It doesnt requite one to raise ones hands, ones sleeves doesnt move, and it leaves no traces when used. It is really the best method for sneak attacks. Since there are no traces, how can you tell that he used Flower Pinching Finger?

You didnt see it? At the beginning just now, didnt Murong Fu look like he was facing danger, and suddenly dodge to the side?

Now that you say it, thats exactly what happened. This little monk looks innocent and honest, but I didnt expect him to be so sinister!

Bao Butong secretly broke into a cold sweat as he looked at Wang Yuyan with fear and asked, Miss Wang, how did you know that young monk could use the Animitta Kalpa Finger?

All the previous unknown contestants performed brilliantly. So I reminded my cousin that this time he must be very alert and pay attention to his opponent. Wang Yuyan explained while observing the fight between the two on the stage, The Shaolin Temples Animitta Kalpa Finger refers to the intangible and formless calamity. It is the most difficult thing to guard against, so I specifically warned my cousin.

After Master Xuanbei passed away, I always thought that only Jiumozhi, the Tibetan monk, knew this technique. I didnt expect that this honest little monk could actually master this vicious martial arts technique. 

Seeing that Murong Fu was no longer with Wang Yuyan, Duan Yu quietly came over, and just happened to hear Wang Yuyans comment, so he couldnt help but remark, Yes, yes, it is indeed quite vicious.

Seeing that Duan Yu was shamelessly approaching their Miss again, Bao Butong felt disgusted on behalf of his young master, and retorted, No, no! Martial arts is neither good nor evil, it just depends on whether the person who performs it is righteous or evil. Miss Wangs comment just now paints an authentic Buddhist martial arts like Animitta Kalpa Finger as sinister. It really shouldnt be done! 

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