From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

Chapter 568 What the Briefcase Means

Chapter 568 What the Briefcase Means

Bo: It's here.

June smirked as soon as he saw those words.

June: Send it my way.

Bo: You better keep your promise.

June: I will.

Bo: *sent an encrypted file*

"You're done eating?" Jisung asked as June stood from the dinner table.

"Yeah," June said. "I'll wash the dishes tomorrow. I have something to do tonight."

Akira looked at June with raised eyebrows.?"I know we have our needs, but don't make too much noise now. These walls aren't soundproofed."

June clicked his tongue and smacked the back of his head.

"Idiot," he muttered before leaving the dining area and locking himself inside the room.

For a moment, he merely stared at the file that Bowen had sent. At first, he thought that the baldie wouldn't cooperate and merely thought he had gone crazy. However, it seemed like he was just as desperate to know the whereabouts of his family.

After a while, June finally opened the file…expecting the worst.

His eyebrows raised in surprise when he saw plenty of evidence hidden within the zip file.

There were audio clips, transcriptions, and text messages. How Bo Wen was able to find such information was a wonder, but June thought it wasn't any of his business to meddle with his means of getting information.

He played the first audio file.

"The briefcase. Did our counterpart manage to get it?" a man with a low voice asked.

"Yes," another man said.

June's eyebrows furrowed as he turned the volume up. He didn't find these people familiar at all; however, they seemed to be talking about the briefcase that he was instructed to seize that night.

Up until now, Laohu's objectives were unclear as to why he asked for the briefcase. However, he said it was 'important' and 'direly needed.' In the end, June led the raid to seize the briefcase himself. However, thinking that it was 'important,' he decided to keep it as collateral for his delayed pay.

Who knew that the incident would have led to his tragic death?

"However," the second man continued. "There had been some trouble with the person who managed to seize it from the Dragons."

"What do you mean?"

"You see, it wasn't Laohu himself who stole the briefcase, but one of his lackeys," he responded.

June's frown deepened. That pretty much confirmed that the White Tiger Gang had something to do with Phoenix.

"What a dirty player," the first man scoffed. "He knew that the first person who delivers the briefcase would get the promotion. I thought he was a brave man. In the end, he decided to use his lackeys, huh?"

June's eyebrows raised in surprise. A promotion? For all this time, he thought that Laohu held the highest position in their gang.

"Well, I guess this is good news for us," the first man sighed. "This means that we'll have an easier time stealing the briefcase from his lackey."

As the conversation progressed, June felt even more confused.

"Did you send those boys to China like I told you to, then?" he asked.

June paid greater attention this part since it linked his past identity to his current identity.

"I did," the second man responded.

"Good. I'm sure they'll be able to get it. Their desperation would lead them to steal the briefcase in no time. Not only that, but we won't even be responsible if they get caught since they're just trainees."

June scoffed after the first man finished his statement.

"Trash," he muttered.

"Weren't they set to go home today?" the first man asked.

"They are," the second man responded, a hint of nervousness heard in his voice. "However, there seemed to have been a…



"They're still looking for the briefcase."

"Looking? You only look for what is lost."

There was a long silence before the second man finally responded.

"It is lost," he concluded.

"WHAT?" the first man exclaimed.

June clicked his tongue and shook his head. "Took him long enough to figure it out."

"The man was killed by Laohu out of his own aggression," the second man explained. "Now, nobody knows where the briefcase is or where it was hidden."

A sigh of frustration was heard.

"Well, did they manage to locate his significant others?"

"As of now, there are no traces of his significant others."

"Then, how are we supposed to find the goddamn briefcase! You know that its contents are the key to bringing down the Dragons," the first man exploded.

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Their conversation painted a vague picture for June. Now, he knew that the briefcase held importance as it could have led to the downfall of the Dragons. However, the contents of the briefcase were still unclear.

"Then, find it—at all costs. We can't afford anyone else to get a hold of it."

With that, the first audio clip ended. June went through the other files and found that everything aligned with the first audio clip he listened to.

The briefcase, whose contents were still unknown, had led directly to his death and, in a way, contributed to Choi Joon-

ho's. They had used the trainees' desperation to get the briefcase.

Meanwhile, Jun-hao hid the briefcase in their house—the house that nobody in the gang knew of.

However, when he looked for it on the day he died, he couldn't find it in the original place—like it had disappeared.

Based on his memories, Joon-ho managed to get the briefcase just before Jun-hao died. He never told anyone about it—not even Haruto.

That meant only one thing.

He was the only person in this world who knew of the whereabouts of the briefcase.

"Shit," he cursed, trying to recall his memories for any clues.

However, no matter how hard he closed his eyes and concentrated, nothing seemed to pop up inside his mind.

He still didn't know what the briefcase really contained, but if the most influential people in Phoenix and the White Tiger gang were looking for it, then it might be the tool to finally give justice not only to his death but also to Choi Joon-ho's.

However, there was a huge problem.

"Joon-ho, this bastard," June muttered. "Where did you hide the briefcase?"

He didn't know where the briefcase was even if he, himself, was the one who hid it.

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