From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

Chapter 582 Ignorance is Bliss

Chapter 582 Ignorance is Bliss

The room was silent, just as Grandma said those words.

"Grandma," June quietly said, feeling like his heart dropped to his feet. "This isn't something to joke about."

Grandma continued to smile as she squeezed June's hand.

"The world is already so serious. Let me put some humor in the things that are supposed to make us feel miserable," she said.

June sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"You've known since February, Grandma," June said, gesturing to the piece of paper on the bed. "How come you didn't tell anybody?"

"Because I know that it was already too late when I found out," she responded. Grandma then glanced at Dr. Oh. "Isn't that right, doctor?"

"Well, usually, we can never really say if it's too late," he responded. "However, the cancer is already on stage three, which means that the mass has spread to nearby tissue and lymph nodes. At this point, it still hasn't migrated to other organs, so that's something we should look out for."

"You should get treated, Grandma," June said. "If you're thinking about the expenses, then I'll shoulder it all—"

Grandma slapped his hand.

"Silly child," she said. "My daughter has more than enough money to get me treated. I just know that the prognosis of the disease isn't good at all. So, I don't want to prolong this suffering any longer."

"You're not going to prolong your suffering if you get the right treatment," June insisted. "You're going to prolong your life—where you'll see your friends, your daughter, Minjun..."

"...and me," June vulnerably said.

June knew he hadn't lived this life long enough to be considered as Grandma's real grandson. However, her and Minjun were the people he considered his family in this life.

His heart also broke with the thought of Minjun not being able to be with his Grandma. She was the one who raised him all these years, so he could only imagine the pain Minjun would be in once he found out that she was critically ill.

Grandma's gaze softened as she looked down at her hands.

"Do I really have a chance?" she asked, looking at Dr. Oh.

The doctor pursed his lips. "Again, there isn't a thing such as a hundred percent in the medical field. So, in that sense, yes. However, it still depends on how your body responds to the treatments and such. What I can say is that this hospital has one of the best oncology practices in Korea—thanks to me, of course."

June shook his head since Dr. Oh even managed to boast about himself in such a serious situation.

"Then, is it okay if I try?" Grandma asked, causing June to perk up.

He sat back down on her bed and stroked her hair. "Yes, Grandma. We'll be with you every step of the way."

Dr. Oh nodded. "I'll be speaking with the other doctors about your treatment plan. In the meantime, you still have to stay in the hospital since your condition isn't stable. You might stay here until your first round of treatment," he said.

"That's alright, doctor," June said. "I'll have someone pick up her things. I'm also going to call Lena."

Grandma nodded once she heard her daughter's name.

"Please don't tell this to Minjun," she quickly said, causing June's eyebrows to furrow.

"He also deserves to find out, Grandma," June softly said.

"I know," Grandma responded.

"But the kid just got the light back into his eyes. I don't want to take that away from him. Just have him know that I'll be staying in the hospital for a little longer so I can recover fully."


June was about to argue once more when the door opened, revealing Minjun, who looked much better than before.

"Grandma, I got your favorite snack!" he excitedly said as he made his way to her bed.

Then, he opened the packet and started feeding Grandma himself.

"You should eat more if you want to be strong again. You used to be able to carry me, but now you're so thin," Minjun scolded the old woman.

Grandma endearingly smiled as she ate what Minjun fed her.

"Grandma will, Minjun," she said. "I just have to stay in the hospital for a while so I can come back stronger than ever."

June watched the two of them interact and didn't have the heart to tell Minjun about her diagnosis.

Sometimes, ignorance was truly bliss.

Just then, June's phone rang, causing the two of them to turn toward his way.

"Do you have to go now?" Minjun asked. ViiSit no(v)3lb!n(.)c𝒐m for new 𝒏ov𝒆l𝒔

June sighed as he nodded. "We have another shoot this evening with CHAOS."

"Booked and busy, I see," Minjun said. "Well, it can't be helped. I'll stay with Grandma in the meantime."

June nodded. "I'll have Jay bring you some stuff. Then, I'll try to visit as frequently as possible."

"You don't have to do that, June," Grandma assured. "I'll be fine as long as I'm here. Minjun did put me in the highest, most expensive room for no reason."

Minjun showed a thumbs-up. "Of course, I only want what's best for you! Besides, Mom will pay for it in the end…or maybe even big bro! You've got a lot of money now, don't you?"

June smirked as he ruffled Minjun's hair.

"Let's just say that I can treat you to that ice cream with gold flakes now," he smiled.

"Oh, you're really on another level now," Minjun said.

"Well, go ahead and make more money!" the teenage boy said, pushing June out of the room.

"I'll call a little later!" he called out.

June shook his head in amusement as he walked away from the hospital room. Grandma's diagnosis still weighed heavily on him, but if Dr. Oh was right—then she might really have a chance to survive and live to her fullest capacity.

June entered the elevator and pressed on the underground parking lot, where Jay mentioned he was already waiting.

The elevator stopped on nearly all of the floors, causing June to sigh impatiently. It also opened on the third floor, where the words 'PSYCHIATRIC WARD' were seen. At first, June didn't think much about it.

However, just as the elevators closed, he saw someone familiar—one he thought he would never see again.

The world seemed to slow down as June's gaze followed the person's figure. The world became blurred, and his ears started ringing.

At that moment, he could only see him.

"Lin Zhi."

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