I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 842: Cruel and heartless girl, who are you?

Chapter 842: Cruel and heartless girl, who are you?

An arrogant and wonderful young woman wielding a silver whip led a group of servants toward this place. She used the whip to smash nearby bricks, tiles, pots, and even medicinal herbs along the way.

What do you want, Song Qing’er?

Observing the destroyed medicinal fields in the distance, Barbara asked gloomily. These fields represented her mentor’s hard work; if Song Qing’er’s actions were discovered, it would undoubtedly lead to severe consequences. Barbara couldn’t afford to anger her mentor if she wished to continue practicing in the Barbarian God Peak.

Hehe, just some annoying things in the way. Why are you so nervous?” Song Qing’er, the girl with the whip, sneered dismissively, showing no concern for the destruction around her.

Ah, Man gazed at her without expression. Behind Song Qing’er was a peak master, a well-known second-generation figure in the Barbarian God Sect, who was notorious for being arrogant and domineering. Moreover, Song Qing’er and Zhao Xuan, who had been pursuing her, were childhood friends.

Ah, Man only had her mind set on cultivation and reviving the barbarian tribe, paying no attention to Zhao Xuan. However, he pursued her relentlessly, leading to Song Qing’er causing trouble for her.

Using your somewhat attractive appearance to seduce Brother Zhao Xuan. I must admit your face is quite pretty. If I have to cut you a few times today, I’ll reluctantly forgive your offense…

Song Qing’er’s gaze lingered on Barbara’s delicate features, and a hint of jealousy flashed across her finely crafted facial features. She then shifted her attention to Barbara’s exceptionally slender legs, struggling to conceal her envy.

Zhao Xuan indeed had good taste; compared to ordinary human females, Barbara’s appearance and figure stood out like a crane among chickens.

Never mind, I might as well break your legs too. Otherwise, I won’t be able to ease the hatred in my heart. Song Qing’er sneered coldly.

Ah, Man continued to stare at her expressionlessly, her eyes assessing the several servants behind her. She contemplated how to deal with this trouble today. She would have found a way to eliminate Song Qing’er if it were outside the Barbarian God Sect. However, even if her mentor were present within the sect, she couldn’t harm Song Qing’er.

“Hehe, stop looking. I know your mentor left the Barbarian God Sect this morning to search for medicinal ingredients in the outside world. At the latest, she won’t be back for ten days or half a month. Now, who can shelter you?”

“You’re just at the third realm, while the two servants behind me are both at the fourth realm. If you’re smart, don’t resist. Otherwise, I’ll make you wish you were dead. These servants of mine haven’t had the pleasure of a taste of a barbarian princess yet.”

Song Qing’er, unable to detect any panic or fear on Barbar’s face, felt increasingly annoyed. She couldn’t help but taunt with a threatening tone.

Barbara stared at her expressionlessly, contemplating a course of action. If it were an ordinary person, they might have already panicked, but not her. Regardless, Song Qing’er could, at most, humiliate her. Openly harming her within the Barbarian God Sect was not something Song Qing’er would dare to do.

However, Song Qing’er’s father was a powerful cultivator in the seventh realm. The Barbarian God Sect was one of the most terrible immortal forces on the continent, with enigmatic figures such as peak masters, sect leaders, and elders.

There were rumors of super-strong individuals close to reaching the ninth realm, comparable to the Barbarian God himself. Therefore, Barbara needed to find out if Song Qing’er possessed any powerful treasures. To be cautious, she didn’t plan to confront her directly.

“If you truly have the ability, then kill me. I don’t believe your father can dominate the entire Barbarian God Sect single-handedly,” Barbara finally spoke, her tone icy, like a refreshing spring dropping onto a jade plate, carrying a chilling aura.

“Hehe, I indeed dare not kill you, but I have ways to ruin you. The current situation of the barbarian tribe isn’t great, and you know it too. My father is a peak master of the Barbarian God Sect, with numerous influential friends. A few words from him, and he can effortlessly destroy several barbarian tribes. If you’re smart, just cooperate. You can’t match my strength,” Song Qing’er continued to smirk, witnessing the anger flickering on Barbara’s face, feeling even more satisfied.

Song Qing’er, you are truly despicable…

Barbara’s face showed a trace of anger, her small hands clenched tightly, seemingly harboring intense hatred.

Who allowed you to have such a beautiful face, attracting the admiration of my beloved? Can you blame me for that?

Song Qing’er still wore a cold smile, observing the fury that crossed Barbara’s face, finding it thoroughly enjoyable.

“Smart ones should behave. Maybe you’ll have an easier time later…” she added, still carrying that condescending smile.

“Is that so?” Before she could finish her sentence, Barbara interrupted her, the anger on her face disappearing, replaced by indifference.


Song Qing’er’s expression changed suddenly. She realized something was wrong as her throat became incredibly itchy, like a heavens and earth of centipedes crawling within. She grabbed her neck, attempting to vomit, but the sensation only worsened. She even resorted to using her nails to scratch her throat, tearing her skin apart.

Her eyes bulged, resembling a vengeful spirit. The same torment befell the servants beside her, writhing in agony on the ground.

This is a poison I developed, called Throat-Severing Fragrance. When you spoke just now, you inhaled it. Without my antidote, you’ll keep tearing at your own throat until it snaps. You can try finding your father, see if he has a solution…

“But you must guarantee that you’ll leave alive.”

Barbara’s voice remained cold and unfeeling. Her calm and indifferent words echoed, carrying a sense of detachment on her exquisitely beautiful face.

In reality, she was gambling, betting that Song Qing’er valued her life too much to play games with it. While speaking, she tossed a white porcelain bottle directly before Song Qing’er.

With a contorted and agonized expression, Song Qing’er, fearing for her life, hastily poured out a small pill and swallowed it. Only then did the unbearable itchiness subside. She felt as if she had survived a calamity.

Don’t blame me for being ruthless. You wanted to ruin me, so should I await my doom? You can go find your father later to deal with me, but rest assured, you’ll end up looking worse than me. You won’t get a second antidote. I only want to cultivate peacefully, and you repeatedly disturbed me. If you truly want to die, I have a hundred ways to make it happen.

Barbara declared as she observed Song Qing’er, who was now lying on the ground, pale and gasping for air.

Watching Song Qing’er, now in a state of terror and panting heavily, Barbara approached her, crouched down, and then grabbed her hair. On her calm face, there was a bone-chilling coldness and indifference.

You… spare me. I won’t dare anymore…won’t dare…

Song Qing’er, having grown up in a sheltered environment, had never experienced anything like this before. Her expression was full of fear as she hastily promised, afraid of being too slow.

“Leave with your people,” Ah Man said, releasing her hair. “And make sure to fix the destroyed medicinal fields for me.”

Barbara let out a sigh of relief only after Song Qing’er and her entourage hurriedly left. However, looking at the wrecked pottery and herbs around her, she couldn’t help but furrowed her brows with a hint of helplessness.

She could only use this method to intimidate Song Qing’er. Thanks to the knowledge passed down by her tribe’s elder, who was well-versed in various medicinal principles, Barbara excelled in understanding different herbs’ properties and had remarkable poison-crafting skills.

Who’s there?

However, as Barbara returned to her courtyard, her expression suddenly became alert, staring at the closed door.

Indeed, not bad.

The next moment, accompanied by a clear and warm male voice, the courtyard seemed to enter a peculiar state. Wind, time, and space appeared to freeze.

The door opened independently, revealing a young man wearing a simple, azure silk garment. At this moment, everything seemed to come to a standstill in the presence of this man, as if the world itself paused in acknowledgment of his existence.GEttt the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐v𝒆ls at 𝒏o/(v)/elbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

The young man in the simple green silk clothes smiled gently, his eyes profound. He looked at Barbara and said, “I am just a passerby. You don’t need to be alarmed. I sensed a commotion and came to see if anyone needed help.”

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