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Chapter 135 - 135: The Hidden Door

Chapter 135: Chapter 135: The Hidden Door

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The purchasing power of players now is too low. Ordinary items can still be afforded, but very few people can afford items of higher quality than green. Most players are currently at a stage where they barter with items, as no one wants to lose out.

“But none of us three need this weapon, what should we do?” Song Jian opened his hands and asked helplessly.

“We can sell it, but it must be for at least 300 Doomsday Coins! Otherwise, we’d rather let it rot and mold in the warehouse.” Lin Sheng clenched his teeth and said.

“That’s right, with 300 Doomsday Coins, the three of us can each have 100. At least this won’t hurt as much, considering it’s a set!” Gao Da Nian lamented.

In reality, selling this pair of gloves for 300 Doomsday Coins is quite cheap. But who can blame the current players for being poor? The number of players who can take 300 Doomsday Coins out of their pockets could probably be counted on one hand. Even Lin Sheng and Gao Da Nian probably only have about 100 to 200 Doomsday Coins in their possession at most.

“Leave it to me. I’ll definitely sell it for higher than 300 Doomsday Coins!” Song Jian said while putting the gloves into his bag. At the same time, the three of them signed an agreement. No matter how much Song Jian sells it for, they will divide the money equally among them, and the price cannot be lower than 300. If it’s lower than 300, Song Jian will have to make up the difference for the other two.

“Players may not have money, but the game’s NPCs have plenty of rich ones. As long as I shout on the radio, I’ll definitely be able to sell it at a high price!” Song Jian thought to himself.

Upon seeing Song Jian putting the gloves in his bag, Lin Sheng curled his lips. Lin Sheng didn’t believe that Song Jian could sell it for much, as players barely had any Doomsday Coins in their pockets right now.

“Wow, this little monster dropped quite a few items.” Gao Da Nian’s eyes fell on the shiny white items in front of him, dropped by the 18 elite boxing disciples that Song Jian had just killed.

The 18 elite boxing disciples dropped more than 20 items in total. Although the tiers aren’t high, the sheer amount of items laid out over a large area gives off an impressive feeling.

“The drop rate of this instance is indeed higher than outside, but most of the drops are materials and not worth much.” Lin Sheng picked up an item and looked at it, shaking his head.

“So many items, even if sold to shops, would be worth quite a bit of money!” Gao Da Nian laughed.

“Ordinary linen cloth, if any of us learned tailoring, we’d make a fortune. With so many materials, we could level up tailoring by one level.” Lin Sheng said with a smile.

After dividing the rest of the items, they began to search for the next section in the instance.

From the outside, this boxing building had three floors. If it was divided by the floors, there should be three stages and three bosses, which is also one of the reasons why Song Jian and the others weren’t willing to choose the gloves.

After all, there were still two bosses who might drop items they needed.

The first-floor hall was very spacious, and they could easily see the surroundings at a glance. The three of them didn’t find any stairs leading to the second floor and began searching separately.

Soon, Lin Sheng shouted, “Here, it’s over here!”

Gao Da Nian and Song Jian came over to see that indeed, there was a closed elevator-like door on one of the walls, with a small LCD screen next to it displaying two red words, “Locked.”

“Hey, aren’t you a thief class player? Come on, unlock it!” Gao Da Nian patted Lin Sheng’s shoulder and said.

“Is this even a lock?” Lin Sheng rolled his eyes and said helplessly.

“An electronic lock is still a lock!” Gao Da Nian insisted with a righteous expression.

“I really can’t talk to people like you.” Lin Sheng said helplessly.

“Look for it, they wouldn’t simply not let us go up.” Song Jian said as he began searching. ALL new 𝒄hapters 𝒐n nov(𝒆)lbin(.)com

Song Jian took a quick glance and saw Lin Sheng staring intently at the small LCD screen, with a faint milky-white light in his pupils. But the light was very subtle, so it was difficult to notice unless one looked carefully.

“Is this… a skill?” Song Jian was shocked.

“That’s enough, stop searching.” Lin Sheng said loudly, “I’ve already found a clue.”

Song Jian noticed a hint of exhaustion in Lin Sheng’s eyes. It seemed that the skill Lin Sheng just used took a great toll on his Mental Strength.

Lin Sheng turned his head and walked directly towards a wooden pillar.

There were five or six wooden pillars in the first-floor hall of the boxing building, which supported the entire structure of the building. Each pillar was about the thickness of a person’s embrace. Lin Sheng walked to one of the pillars, inserted his dagger into it, then pried it open with force. Suddenly, a secret door appeared in front of the three of them.

“Heh, there’s even a hidden mechanism here.” Gao Da Nian looked at Lin Sheng fumbling with the hole and couldn’t help but glance at the other pillars. “Do you think the other pillars also have similar secret doors, hiding good stuff?” “You can give it a try!” Lin Sheng shrugged, not believing that all the pillars in the boxing building would have similar secret doors. Having one was already quite good.

Gao Da Nian, unwilling to give up, ran to another pillar and started knocking and tapping it…

At that moment, Lin Sheng’s eyes lit up, and he pulled out a card. Waving it, he said, “I’ve found it.”

“Hehe, I’ve also found something good.” Gao Da Nian’s excited voice came from afar.

Lin Sheng looked at Gao Da Nian in surprise; indeed, Gao Da Nian was waving a Skill Book with a triumphant grin.

“Damn, lucky dog!” Lin Sheng cursed but immediately moved toward another pillar.

Song Jian also rushed to a pillar and started banging its surface with the Tusk Fang Stinger, listening to see if there was a hollow sound.

Sure enough, behind each pillar, there was a secret door, with some valuable items hidden inside.

Song Jian found 200 Doomsday Coins, while Gao Da Nian’s Skill Book was a basic boxing technique that could be learned upon use. If someone had already comprehended a similar skill, such as Song Jian’s [Unarmed Combat (Fist/Palm) (Basic)] skill, this book could increase the learned skill by one level..

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