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Chapter 136 - 136: 136: Goblin Repairman

Chapter 136 - 136: 136: Goblin Repairman

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The trio quickly arrived on the second floor, and as soon as the elevator doors opened, a pungent smell of machine oil wafted over. To their surprise, the second floor was the same as the first, a large hall, only this time the hall was littered with countless broken humanoid models, similar to the ones in other martial arts dojos used for hand-to-hand combat practice.

However, the human models here were much more worn, seeming like a junkyard of discarded humanoid models.

“Damn it, you guys go through these humanoid models way too quickly. I can’t keep up with the repairs,” said a small goblin. Wearing an embedded magnifying glass over his right eye and brandishing repairing pliers in hand, he was fixing the arm of a humanoid model.

The goblin was engrossed and didn’t raise his head. Noticing the arrival of Song Jian and the others, he indicated a corner with an impatient gesture, “Just drop the stuff there, and leave quickly. Don’t touch anything around here.”

Song Jian squinted at the Goblin whose attributes quickly appeared above his head.

“LV8 Goblin Repairer (Elite), Vitality Points: 680/680, Spirit Points: 300/300, Traits: Engineering Repair, Puppet Control, Super Wood Resistance, Ground Dragon Stake”

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a magical type BOSS. Whoever’s attacks are Wood Elements, try not to engage!” Gao Da Nian scratched his head.

After stepping onto the second floor, Lin Sheng silently retreated into stealth mode, gradually approaching the BOSS.

Gao Da Nian also held his axe and slowly advanced towards the BOSS, carelessly stepping on the humanoid model parts underfoot, causing them to crackle and break.

After a while, the BOSS finally noticed that the intruders were not dojo disciples. Looking up and noticing the shattered parts beneath Gao Da Nian’s feet, it let out a screech.

“Alih, who dare to dismantle my puppets, unforgivable!”


From the small body of the BOSS, a powerful energy seemed to burst out, green vigor spiraling around him.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh-

A few repairing pliers and grinders were flung out by the BOSS, carving arcs through the air and flying towards Gao Da Nian.

Gao Da Nian quickly raised his axe to block the BOSS’S onslaught.

“Damn, wasn’t it supposed to be a magus type. Why’s it throwing knives now?” Song Jian exclaimed, startled. He had been standing behind Gao Da Nian all this while and the BOSS’S attacks now enclosed him as well.


Lin Sheng had creeped up behind the BOSS, violently thrusting his dagger into its neck. After his strike found its mark, Lin Sheng didn’t linger, swiftly dodging to the side.

“All, invaders! How dare you invade this place! Children, rise! Kill the intruders!” The BOSS had been wounded, enraged, flailing its arms and letting out a stream of pale white threads from its hand that extended to the surrounding humanoid models.

Suddenly, the formerly inanimate humanoid models began to move with a “click- clack” sound. Like puppets, they were controlled by the BOSS, rushing towards the group.

Song Jian lifted up his rocket launcher, trained it on the BOSS, and pulled the trigger. A rocket screamed out, flying towards the BOSS.

“Come here!” The goblin BOSS smirked, its hands pulling towards the center, the bright threads pulling more than a dozen humanoid models to shield the BOSS. These humanoid models continuously shifted, their edges revealing gear-like notches, and were joined together to form a giant shield.


The explosion echoed and countless wooden particles of the models dispersed in all directions. The BOSS, holding a pile of debris, flung his arms, and the countless particles flew out like a storm, shooting towards Song Jian.

“Foggrass, goblin version of the hailstone needle rain?” Gao Da Nian swiftly dodged to the side. He wouldn’t be able to block so many fragments;Gett your 𝒇avorite 𝒏ovels at no/v/e/lb𝒊n(.)com

Lin Sheng entered stealth mode again, creeping towards the boss. Before he could get close, he suddenly felt his foot tightening; Looking down, some wooden vines had tightly entangled his right leg, like poisonous snakes. Tiny wooden spikes were jabbing into his flesh, each inflicting five to six points of damage, popping out from the top of his head;

“This, this thing can set traps too!” Lin Sheng exclaimed, disregarding his attack on the boss, and quickly slashed at the wooden vines that entangled him with his dagger;

“This boss is a bit tricky!” Gao Da Nian was frowning, nimbly dodging the tools thrown at him by the boss;

“If only I had a shield, this boss’s attack is so powerful!” Song Jian was rolling around, using the terrain and surrounding mannequins to block the boss’s attacks. He had just been grazed by a repair clamp and lost over sixty vitality points. If hit directly, he suspected the damage would rise to hundreds;

“Die, die, all die.” The Goblin boss laughed heartily, summoning again over a dozen mannequins, charging at them;

Thump, thump, thump-

Gao Da Nian’s axe slashed on the mannequins, as if striking steel, sparks flying about. Each attack could only inflict about ten points of damage on the mannequins, making Gao Da Nian’s expression increasingly grim;

“Brother Song, think of a plan, we can’t keep this up, we won’t be able to hold on for long.” Gao Da Nian had also lost a third of his vitality points, but the boss’s vitality, apart from the initial attack by Lin Sheng that caused a drop of over thirty points, had not been damaged at all;

Lin Sheng managed to free himself from the trap at this point, hiding behind a wooden pillar, seemingly replenishing his vitality with food. The damage from the trap and several surrounding mannequins had caused his vitality to drop to less than half, he was nearly killed here;

“Jian, summon all your creatures, like when we fought the street thugs!” Lin Sheng shouted from his hiding spot;

“Most of them are dead, I’ve only got three left.” Song Jian grumbled. There were three blood crows circling him continuously, their attacks weren’t powerful, but if they were in larger numbers they could become threatening. Now there were only three left, the effect they could have was insignificant;

Shouldering his rocket launcher, Song Jian aimed at the boss again, even if he couldn’t harm him, he would at least deplete some of the surrounding mannequins;


Another rocket flew out, the boss used the same technique, pulling a dozen mannequins to shield him;

At that moment, Gao Da Nian and Song Jian exchanged a glance. Almost simultaneously, they both rushed toward the boss. If this continued, they would be worn to death by the boss. Better to seize this chance and engage the boss in close combat!


A countless amount of wood shavings sprayed in all directions again, Song Jian gripped his dagger tight, his hands covering his head and face, letting the wood shavings scratch his body;

Gao Da Nian was also determined to hold on. His vitality didn’t recover as fast as Song Jian’s, wooden shavings were flying everywhere, his vitality like floodwaters rushing down, decreasing rapidly. In no time, his vitality was less than half;

“Die!” Gao Da Nian charged in front of the BOSS, swung his long axe, and fiercely chopped towards the boss’s head;

“All!” The boss let out a sharp cry, his hands shooting up. Numerous fragments of white light converged above his head, intertwining with each other, solidly blocking Gao Da Nian’s attack;

At this moment, Song Jian also rushed to the boss, his dagger ruthlessly stabbing towards the boss’s head;


Blood splashed, the dagger plunged in up to the hilt, a critical hit of over sixty points of damage floated up from the boss’s head. Song Jian pulled out the dagger, continuing to hack at the boss, in no time, four or five wounds had been sliced onto the boss’s body;

“Hey, I say, Jian, you’re so slick with that dagger, you’re even better than me!” Lin Sheng’s vitality had recovered more than eighty percent, he also rushed over to join the attack on the boss.

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