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Chapter 137 - 137: Invincible

Chapter 137: Chapter 137: Invincible

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Shards of parts shot out like a rain of pear-like needles towards Song Jian and the others, who hurriedly dodged. In the chaos, about a third of their Vitality Points were consumed. As soon as the parts landed, the atmosphere intensified.

“Charge, engage it in close combat!” Gao Da Nian shouted, rushing towards the BOSS first.

After several minutes of fighting, the three discovered that although the Goblin Repairman excelled at long-range attacks, it didn’t mean they could take advantage of close combat.

The three continued to launch their relentless assault, and soon found that the Goblin Repairman waving its wrench was only slightly less effective than Song Jian using a dagger. The impact hurt them severely, and their Vitality Points plummeted like money didn’t matter. Gao Da Nian and Lin Sheng trembled with fear, and after each strike, they had to retreat and recover Vitality Points for a while.

Only Song Jian, thanks to his reward from the last main line mission, had a 500% increase in his Vitality Points recovery rate. He endured the BOSS’S wrench assaults, barely preventing their team from falling apart.

“Brother Song, your Vitality Point recovery is too exaggerated. Are you recovering twenty or thirty points per second? Even the BOSS isn’t that exaggerated!” Lin Sheng hid to one side, biting into a piece of meat, a look of admiration on his face.

Since Lin Sheng had not created a safehouse or completed his main missions, he was unaware of the mainline task rewards.

“Mission reward!” Song Jian said, tilting his head to dodge a BOSS attack and stabbing it twice.


The Poison Nova skill activated, and a burst of green smoke exploded from the BOSS’S body, inflicting a hundred points of damage.

“Brother Song, your skill is so powerful! Amazing!” Gao Da Nian couldn’t hold on any longer, his Vitality Points dropping to just over fifty. He couldn’t withstand the BOSS’S direct assault and backed off, pulling a drink from his inventory to rapidly restore his Vitality Points.

By now, higher-level players began consciously collecting supplies that could recover Vitality Points during combat, making them easier to obtain by searching.

Soon, the BOSS’S Vitality Points fell below half, and Song Jian became more vigilant. Lower Vitality Points caused the BOSS to display powerful skills that could cause injuries if not handled properly.

“Puppets, dolls, molds, my children, come protect me! Control!” The Goblin Repairman roared, releasing countless milky-white rays of light from his palms, spreading in all directions.

Alert, Song Jian raised his dagger to chest level and retreated two steps, while Lin Sheng and Gao Da Nian hid behind a wooden column in a defensive posture.

Crack, crack, crack-

Many mold parts were randomly attached to the light rays, disassembling complete humanoid molds and extracting their internal components. In no time, hundreds of components floated in the air, controlled by the Goblin Repairman BOSS, quickly converging towards it.

“What’s it trying to do, assemble something again?” Gao Da Nian peeked out, watching the BOSS’S every move.

“I hope it’s not another giant shield.” Lin Sheng frowned, recalling how the previous shield’s high defense forced them to retreat under Song Jian’s Rocket Launcher.

“Brother Song, can you still use your Rocket Launcher?” Gao Da Nian bellowed, his face flushed with rage.

“Six seconds left!” Song Jian shouted back.

“Whoa, Brother Song, how many rockets do you have? Those things aren’t cheap.” Lin Sheng gasped, knowing that consumables like ammunition could be bought in the system store, but at a high price. This put pressure on many new players who initially chose firearms as their main weapon, eventually forcing them to develop their cold weapon skills.

Since entering the instance, Lin Sheng had counted six rockets launched by Song Jian, each priced at over a hundred Doomsday Coins in the system store. It was as if they were using money to beat the BOSS.

“It’s fine,” Song Jian said casually.

At this moment, the BOSS laughed wildly. Countless parts were pulled together by the milky white light, forming a hard, humanoid mold-like shell. The goblin repairman served as the head of the humanoid mold, sitting steadily on this humanoid shell made of wooden parts.

The light threads on the BOSS’S hands penetrated every part of the giant humanoid mold like nerves in a human body, making it very convenient to control.

“Damn, is this a Gundam or a mech? This is too exaggerated.” Lin Sheng opened his mouth wide, with a horrified look in his eyes.

“It’s just an enlarged humanoid mold, not a mech. Those are all made of wood.” Gao Da Nian snorted coldly.

“But even so, it’s still amazing. It looks almost like a Gundam or a mech.” Lin Sheng muttered quietly. However, after watching it closely for a while, he finally relaxed. After all, the humanoid mold’s power was still inferior compared to a mech. If it were really a mech, Lin Sheng might not even have the courage to fight against it. Yoour f𝒂vorite stories on 𝒏/o/(v)𝒆lb𝒊n(.)c𝒐m

As they spoke, the cooldown time for Song Jian’s rocket launcher had arrived. He had two rockets filled and ready. Song Jian aimed at the five to six-meter-tall humanoid mold’s chest and pulled the trigger. A rocket with a long tail flame shot out.

The goblin repairman let out a sharp roar when he saw the rocket flying towards him. He raised his right hand high, with a strained expression on his face.

Accompanying the lift of its right hand, the giant humanoid mold’s right hand also clenched into a fist and raised sharply.

“Die!” The BOSS yelled and fiercely slammed his right arm toward the rocket.


With a loud noise, the humanoid mold’s right fist and the rocket collided violently, emitting a huge roar. Lin Sheng and the others looked hopefully at the BOSS, but they were ultimately disappointed to discover that the humanoid mold’s right fist was merely emitting faint black smoke. At the center of the fist, there was only a basketball-sized hole of damage.

“Damn, what kind of people are these? The first floor BOSS could physically resist rockets, and this shorty on the second floor can use a humanoid mold to withstand rocket attacks too. How are players supposed to pass through here?!” Lin Sheng shouted loudly, a look of despair on his face.

“If it weren’t for Song Jian, we might not even be able to defeat the BOSS on the first floor.” This thought had echoed in Gao Da Nian and Lin Sheng’s minds more than once.

Song Jian didn’t say a word, just holding up his rocket launcher and silently waiting for the three-second cooldown time.

“Franciska is invincible!” The Goblin BOSS laughed wildly, waving two thick humanoid mold arms, raising them high, and looking unstoppable.


Another rocket flew towards it. In a panic, the Goblin BOSS fiercely swung his left fist at the rocket.

After firing the rocket, Song Jian didn’t even look at the outcome, but directly put away his rocket launcher, grabbed his dagger, and rushed towards the BOSS.

“Blood Crows, harass the shorty!” Song Jian shouted while running.

The three Blood Crows that had been hovering above Song Jian’s head flew toward the Goblin BOSS.

Boom! The second rocket collided with the giant humanoid mold’s fist, emitting a loud noise. However, this time the Goblin BOSS miscontrolled it, so the rocket didn’t hit the humanoid mold’s fist directly. Instead, it exploded at the humanoid mold’s wrist.

Immediately, the giant humanoid mold’s left fist drooped down. From the gap, many white lights could be seen breaking apart, and many parts began to fall off like wood chips.

“Good job, his left hand is useless now!” Gao Da Nian instantly became excited. Noticing that his vitality level had mostly recovered, he grabbed his long ax and charged at the BOSS from the left side.

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