Is that a Wisp?

Chapter 1580 The End

Chapter 1580 The End

Turmul was entirely devoured. Krune was dead as well. And now, hovering in the void, was a tiny object, one that was once a Wisp Core. Now, it was just an essence, one concentrated with all the powers Turmul obtained, possessed, and wielded.

Now, they had been refined into an elixir that, upon consumption, would allow the Universe Realm to grow more and even surpass the authority of the Eight Chiefs.

Upon realizing that, the Kun Peng Chief broke out of his stupor, bellowing as his figure rushed forth. "Don't allow that Wisp Core to fall in the hands of the Gods!"

At his words, all eight Chiefs rushed at the Wisp Core as a flash of lightning blazed past, accompanied by a beaming trail of energy supported by the Universe Realm.

It resembled a fish, sporting feathers all over its body in place of skin, streamlined, expressing an aura of peace. On its front was a long bone shaped like a needle.

It was the Thundercloud Whale, Little Krune's physical form.

For a moment, the killing intent of the eight Chiefs subsided as a semblance of peace funneled its way into their minds.

Using this chance, Little Krune appeared before the Wisp Core and gobbled it up. "I won't waste your sacrifice, Krune."

"Catch him!" The Kun Peng Chief roared, condensing a realm to trap Little Krune within, intending to create a large enough space that would contain him for a couple of seconds, enough for the other Chiefs to gang up on him.

Lightning Needle!

Right as the realm formed, the Lightning Needle pierced through the Realm Core, poking a hole through the realm's defenses through which Little Krune slipped out, escaping away.

But suddenly, he felt his movements had turned alarmingly slow, noticing the four Directions taking action, rapidly expanding the space he was at.

'Dammit!' Little Krune swerved around, traveling at his fastest speed, tensed to see the three other Chiefs gradually beginning to encircle him.

In the meantime, the Taotie Chief grinned as he appeared before the Universe Realm, staring at a location where it had cracked due to the exchange between Krune and Turmul. He opened his mouth and unleashed a breath attack, piercing through the barrier to slam it into the God Realm, killing billions upon billions of cultivators.


The Tiangou Chief opened his mouth, rapidly absorbing the life force and souls of all the cultivators that died just now.

While moving to trap Little Krune, the Qilin Chief began to siphon all the Godly Energy being generated in the Universe Realm, causing the beam of energy to fuel Little Krune's Champion state to rapidly thin out.

'There's only one option left now.' Little Krune thought, taking in a deep breath as the Soul Needle flashed into life as the power of Godly Inhibition took effect within it.

Originally, when Krune became a God, he was able to create all nine towers of the Godly Inhibition Tower. But now, after becoming the True Wisp God, his power was upgraded.

Little Krune was just another Krune in the shape of the Thundercloud Whale. After a moment of thought, he sacrificed the Soul Needle, grunting in pain as his soul was ripped apart in shreds, for he was truly sacrificing it this time to unleash its strongest form, the tenth floor.

Soul Needle—Godly Inhibition Tower!


A mystical tower appeared in the endless void, sporting ten floors as each floor split, appearing around a Chief each before they rearranged into a tower.

For a moment, all their energies were inhibited, preventing the Chiefs from taking action.

And using the chance, Little Krune exploded with all his strength, making a beeline towards the Universe Realm.


The Kun Peng Chief burst out of the Godly Inhibition Tower, giving chase as he was faster than the injured Little Krune.

A million kilometers… ten thousand kilometers… one kilometer…!

Little Krune fainted as he exploded with all his strength, exhausting himself as he rushed through the hole created by the Taotie Chief, barely slipping through the Kun Peng Chief's grasp.

Turia hurriedly extracted the Wisp Core from Little Krune and swallowed it.

The Kun Peng Chief rushed into the Universe Realm when suddenly, an ethereal fist slammed into him, sending him flying out.

The other Chiefs managed to break free by now as they arrived beside the Kun Peng Chief, staring in shock as nine Gods appeared before the injured Little Krune that woke up with a start.

They weren't there physically but had cast their projections.

"If the Chiefs dare, come fight me. I've been waiting for this day since the first generation," The 1st Generation God King stated coldly, having been the one to punch the Kun Peng Chief.

The dent on the Kun Peng Chief's face had yet to heal as he stared at the God Kings from the first to seventh generation, all standing side by side, possessing power on par with the Chiefs.

This was not to mention the figures of Krune and Mon-Tu-Casha, that had died recently. Now, after Turia devoured the Wisp Core, these God Kings were able to transmit their power from the Graveyard of Gods to protect the Universe Realm from harm.

There were eight Chiefs, but in contrast, there were nine God Kings, not to mention the injured Little Krune, whose injuries were surprisingly starting to heal, shocking the Taotie Chief.

"Your laws are no longer absolute," Krune stated as his figure vanished. "From today onwards, the Universe Realm is an autonomous entity, independent of the Chiefs' influence."

Mon-Tu-Casha waved her hand, healing the destroyed barrier of the Universe Realm as the projections of all the God Kings disappeared one after another, unable to maintain themselves any longer. They didn't have enough energy to project themselves and hence had to put on a strong front. Otherwise, they would have ganged up on the Chiefs.

However, unaware of this fact, the eight Chiefs sensed a terrifying energy looming within the Universe Realm that was constantly growing in intensity. They were all silent, feeling like they had been slapped by Zule nonstop.

"He attained what he wanted in the end." The Kun Peng Chief sighed before flying away. "I'm exhausted. I'll be leaving…"

He had yet to finish his sentence when suddenly, the entirety of the spatial storm of the Greater Universe flashed past him, shocking him as it seeped into the Universe Realm.

And now, the Greater Universe was a barren void, left without a speck of energy as the eight Chiefs stared at the Universe Realm that had become incomparably stronger.

"It's no longer the era of the Primordial Beasts." Zule's statement echoed in their minds as the eight Chiefs felt another vicious slap on their faces. And now, even if they wished to do something, they had lost the initiative already.

The enemy had surpassed them already!

Defeated, the Primordial Beasts moved to one of the far corners of the Greater Universe, no longer daring to approach the Universe Realm.

"It's… over?" Little Krune teared up, crying a river as he slumped in exhaustion. There was no joy on the faces of anyone, for the losses were just too many. Large swathes of the God Realm were full of void, the region destroyed by the Taotie's attacks.

It would take them a long time before the damage was entirely healed. Until then, he still had his work cut out for him. "But first…"

Little Krune arrived at the Turia Continent, shedding his Thundercloud Whale form as he took on a wisp form, flying over the home region of the wisps, staring at the water slides with a look of nostalgia before his figure gently landed on them.


"…" He closed his eyes, crying in relief for protecting his home successfully. And with that, his shoulders finally felt freedom from the burden that he had been shouldering all along. And a year later…


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