Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 5478 Gambling Den

Chapter 5478  Gambling Den

"Go out and find them! If you can't find them, you won't get a single penny of your wages today!" The innkeeper's tone was intense, not just for the meager money, but because someone dared to dine and dash in his inn, even daring to break a window in public. If everyone learned to behave like this, what would happen?

Several inn servants, upon hearing this, rolled up their sleeves and grabbed their tools, heading outside to search.

With footprints on the ground, they didn't need to search aimlessly like headless flies. Instead, they followed the footprints of Jian Wushuang all the way.

As for Jian Wushuang, at this moment, he hadn't gone far; he was inside the inn's gambling den.

He was well aware of the footprints on the ground and deliberately circled around before climbing over a wall and returning.

At this moment, he was roasting by the charcoal fire in the gambling den, watching the gamblers placing their bets.

"Fourteen points, big!" As the house opened, some were delighted, and some were worried.

"Darn it, lost again! It's been big for nineteen consecutive rounds. I don't believe it. In the next round, I'll bet small, just on this piece of jade!" A young man with red eyes slammed his family heirloom onto the table.

The gambling den attendant, hearing this, laughed and scolded, "Youngster, I think this jade of yours is worth only a couple of silvers. Are you really going to bet it?"

"Darn it, lost again! It's been big for nineteen consecutive rounds. I don't believe it. In the next round, I'll bet small, just on this piece of jade!" A young man with red eyes slammed his family heirloom onto the table.

The gambling den attendant, hearing this, laughed and scolded, "Youngster, I think this jade of yours is worth only a couple of silvers. Are you really going to bet it?"

"This is authentic white jade. My old man bought it for a hundred taels when he traveled far and wide. How can it be worth only a couple of silvers!" The young man's eyes were a bit red, thinking that the attendant was trying to deceive him.

The gambling den attendant sneered, "Hmph, if you want to bet, then bet. If not, get lost and come back when you have a hundred taels to spare!"

"You!" The young man, full of hot blood, was about to get physical.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang stepped forward and stopped him.

"I'll buy this jade for five taels. Do you sell?" Jian Wushuang, with a tall and imposing figure, taller than the average person by half a head, gave weight to his words.

The young man turned to look at Jian Wushuang, hesitated for a moment, and then handed the white jade to him. "I'll sell!"

"Good!" Jian Wushuang took the white jade, threw it directly onto the table, and said, "I bet on a leopard. You can consider this jade being worth one tael!"

On the table, a thick piece of cowhide was spread, depicting various sizes, leopards, or points on it—everything.

Jian Wushuang placed a jade token on the leopard. If he won, it would be a 50-fold return.

"Haha, this brother is really generous!" chuckled the gambling den attendant.

However, the young man was a bit unwilling and said, "Where's the silver?"

"Isn't this all silver?" Jian Wushuang took a sip of wine, pointing at the silver on the table.

The young man said angrily, "Are you fooling me?"

As he spoke, he wanted to make a move, but Jian Wushuang, like picking up a chick, directly held the young man under his armpit, rendering him immobile.


Just now, the young man offended the gambling den attendant, but knowing that Jian Wushuang was not easy to mess with, the attendant did not stop him. He just said indifferently, "Fine, settle the matter!"

The other gamblers didn't care either, after all, they weren't robbing it for themselves.

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The sound of dice rattled. Jian Wushuang appeared calm on the surface, but he paid attention in his heart.

He wasn't blindly betting; he had discerned the opponent's methods.

Just now, he had observed for a long time. Whenever this gambling den attendant wanted to go big, he would deliberately move a bit when opening the bowl, and every time it turned out to be a big win.

Controlling three dice with such precision showed the opponent's high level of skill.

However, it couldn't escape Jian Wushuang's keen eyes.


As the den attendant was about to tamper with the dice, Jian Wushuang pointed his toe, lifting a small stone directly into the opponent's crotch.

"Ouch!" At the moment the gambling den attendant bowed, Jian Wushuang directly caught hold of him.

At the same instant when the others shifted their gaze, he lightly touched the bowl containing the dice. The force was just right, and though the game hadn't started yet, the dice inside had already undergone a change.

"Why don't you hurry up and start!" Some gamblers couldn't help but shout.

Feeling a fiery pain in his bottom area, the attendant cursed angrily, "What's the rush? Whoever just attacked me, I'll slaughter them!"

Amidst a flurry of curses and with no one admitting guilt, the casino attendant could only take the blame.

But by this time, his hands had already left the bowl carrying the dice, making it difficult for him to tamper with them again.

He could only grit his teeth and open it.

"Three ones, a leopard, small!"

"It really is a leopard!"

Jian Wushuang had let go of the young man. Seeing that it was a leopard, the young man exclaimed!

The casino attendant quickly understood what had happened; he had been played by Jian Wushuang.

However, lacking evidence to prove it and fearing that Jian Wushuang might expose his secrets, he could only admit defeat.

After taking the money, Jian Wushuang casually threw a piece of silver, returning the white jade to the young man, and even gave him an additional five taels of silver!

"Now we're even!" Jian Wushuang tucked the money into his pocket and walked towards the door.

The young man stayed in place for a moment, then, holding the silver, followed Jian Wushuang out.

"Big brother, I want to become your disciple!"


In the eastern part of the city, amidst the fireworks and willow-lined lanes, Jian Wushuang accompanied the young man to this alley.

"Big brother, today you don't have to worry about it, I'll treat!" the young man said, patting his chest.

It seemed that he was no stranger to such places.

This young man, named 'Liu San', was a descendant of the Liu family in the eastern part of the city. Unfortunately, his family had fallen on hard times, his parents had passed away early, and he had been expelled from the family. In his grandfather's lineage, he was the last one standing.

With no one to restrain him since childhood, he engaged in petty theft and mischief, either going to the gambling den or places like this.

Jian Wushuang shook his head and asked, "Let's go to Cui Xiang Building; my treat!"

"Oh, big brother, are you also a regular at Cui Xiang Building? Why haven't I seen you before?"

The young man was somewhat surprised. Judging by Jian Wushuang's appearance, he thought he hadn't been to such places, but as soon as he spoke, he revealed himself as an experienced customer. Even the relatively obscure Cui Xiang Building was familiar with such a reputation.

Cui Xiang Building!

Located in an inconspicuous courtyard, behind which stood a three-story building that seemed a bit chilly compared to other brothels.

However, in the eastern part of the city, Cui Xiang Building was the most cost-effective brothel, with reasonable prices and distinctive women.

But the particular characteristics of the women here made Jian Wushuang a bit uncomfortable.

Liu San entered Cui Xiang Building and skillfully groped a woman with lingering charm.

"Hurry up, call your Cui Xiang Building's top girl over; my big brother is treating today!" Liu San patted his buttocks, of course, he was patting the woman's buttocks.

The woman smiled with a hint of playfulness and scolded, "You stinky kid, your hands are too restless!"

Saying that, she walked towards the inner room.

Jian Wushuang turned his head and whispered, "Is this what you usually do?"

"Yeah!" Liu San nodded and replied, "Big brother, you see, we have all shapes and sizes, especially that Cui Hua; she's still my old lover, no less than the top girl!"

"Well, the top girl here doesn't seem that great!" Jian Wushuang was somewhat speechless.

He came here not only because of Liu San's enthusiastic invitation but also because the woman who saved his life yesterday was here.

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