Life Of A Nobody - as a Villain

Chapter 336 glimpse of past 2

Chapter 336 glimpse of past 2

"Blind idiot." The girl said as she stood up from the ground. She closed her eyes and a shine swept over her body. Erasing all the dust from her clothes and fixing her appearance back to perfection.

'A fairy huh.' Rio thought as he noticed a glimmer of ethereal wings forming on her back with the sweeping light, before they disappeared next second.

It took him another careful glance at the girl dressed in silver attire with every matching jewelry or accessories she wore being an auxiliary artifact of at least the unique rank, to realize who she was.

And when he did remember her, it was already too late. As his idiot buddy was already standing against her.

"Hi." Bernhardt said his face still giving that lost in love smile and caught in a trance vibe perfectly. "You're beautiful." He muttered, after watching her 'shine'.

The fairy girl, or precisely Dahlia Luminara, the fairy princess, widely known as Titania in her realm and in novel, just stood there staring at this flirting fool before flaring her mana again, trying to slap this shameless man again, before her friend nearby stopped her and pulled her away.

"Hey, calm your magic." She said and Dahlia nodded her head and took a few deep breaths.

Rio, who caught up to save Bernhardt from another embarrassing slap, looked at the mark of fire that appeared on Titania's forehead and raised an eyebrow as details of hers from the novel came to his mind.

The Fairy race in Arcadia is mainly known for two things, first their amazing talent in light and purifying magic, and second, their ability to form contracts with elemental spirits and pixie's.

[Obviously the zeroth and most renowned reason is their amazingly striking perfect appearances, that just look lovely. ]

Basically fairies were summoner or healer type magicians of Arcadia, who could call forth the spirits of elementals and tiny pixies to do their deeds. The downside of this summoning trait was that the contractual spirits would need to be subdued first, before they become your summon. Otherwise they could affect their master's mood, emotion and spirit too. In some extremely exceptional cases even take over their bodies.

And Dahlia or Titania being the princess of this rare clan obviously had the supreme talent and power to boost her status as a heroine.

Rio remembered a famous scene from the novel where Titania along with Saisha and Rebecca entered the hell towers and slaughtered their way up to the Count rank demon's floors, all in the time frame of one week just to safeguard Leon, who fell into the trap of Lucifer and Loki.

It was a chapter called *Princess's to the rescue* that apparently had received the most comments and teases, 3 princesses from different races all teaming up to save one guy. Quite a sensation..

"Dude, wake up already or she'll slap your ass again. And you'll ruin your reputation on day one."

Seeing that though Dahlia was all calm now but Bernhardt was still staring/ogling at her, Rio slapped his shoulder and sent a telepathic message.

Finally the idiot prince seemed to wake up and realize his mistake. He looked at Dahlia who was staring at him in anger and started smiling to hide his embarrassment.

"Stop smiling." Dahlia finally couldn't take it anymore and spoke up again. "Don't you have the decency to apologize if you bump into someone like that."

"Oh that _ sorry." Bernhardt stopped smiling and explained immediately "You see it wasn't my fault it's his. (Pointing at Rio) He's the one who caused me..."

"What? Using mana outside is not allowed, but you were using your spells here so brazenly, you could've hurt someone, you know that?" The girl standing beside Dahlia also spoke up.

"Yeah, tell him Lisa." Dahlia nodded her head, and looked at Rio, "And you, are you guys playing around on campus?" Foll0w current novÊls on n𝒐v/3lb((in).(co/m)

"What, no, no way, he's just blaming me for his mistake. I didn't even do nothing." Rio said, taking no blame from anyone, and pushing Bernhardt out.

Bernhardt turned around and gave him a look that was saying "Bro, seriously..."

But Rio turned his face away and acted like he did nothing.

Getting no help from his friend, poor Bernhardt turned his attention back to the pair of girls glaring at him and apologized sincerely. "I'm sorry."

"Humph" Dahlia scoffed and turned around to leave, instead of talking to him, but Lisa beside her spoke up, stopping her.

"You_you're Rio, right?" She said, looking at the young white haired boy, who kind of looked a little out of place as the most of the others were a little older than him.

Hearing someone call his name, Rio turned his face and glanced at the other girl and recognized her too.

"Hello, Miss Elisabeth." He said to the protagonist's sister with a smile and nodded his head.

It had been a couple of years since he had last seen her at his birthday celebration where he promised to help her unconscious mother after seeing her sad and silent in a corner.

[Elizabeth didn't come to the entrance ceremony of Zenith as she was busy with her dungeon trip where she met Dahlia and became friends.]

"You are him." A smile came to Lisa's face as she confirmed his identity. "Thank you, for everything that you've done." She said from the bottom of her heart, talking about how the Blake family had been supplying constant medicines and potions to help improve her mother's condition over the years.

"It's nothing really, I promised, didn't I?" Rio said lightly.

"You still remember that?" Lisa asked in surprise, noticing now that he not only recognized her but also understood what she was talking about.

"Don't you?" Rio asked.

"Yeah." Lisa replied and smiled.

She wanted to tell him thanks several times over the years but never got the chance. As after his first massive celebration in Arcadia where little Rio had to meet and greet nearly a thousand people, he raised his hands in surrender and refused directly to ever celebrate his birthday or other functions so grandly again.

Though it was tough getting others to agree, he finally coaxed Artemis to always host that small family-only party for him that he very much enjoyed over the large gatherings and fake guests.

And whatever little events he went to for other nobles and stuff, either Lisa wasn't there at that time or didn't get a chance to personally meet him alone.

But now seeing him again, after thanking him from all her family's side, she felt like a stone was finally pushed aside and she was comfortable again.

While the two of them were catching up, Bernhardt and Dahlia just stood there looking at them with confused eyes, thinking the same thing 'Was this still their same friend?'

"Hey, why didn't you tell me how you know this guy?"

"Why didn't you tell me you had a girl already, you bastard?"

Dahlia and Bernhardt asked their friends the question in their own style once they pulled them aside, but while Lisa gave a short explanation to Dahlia, Rio just looked at Bernhardt like looking at a fool and ignored him.

"You don't have the watch yet, did you just arrive at the academy?" Lisa asked, noticing Rio didn't have the zenith signature student identity watch on him yet.

"Yeah, I was just going to collect them." Rio replied.

"We're going there too. Let's go together." Dahlia, who was silent all this time suddenly spoke up and then added, "We were also planning to go on a tour around the academy, you can join us too." Her expression was clearly a little friendly as she had a good impression of Rio after talking with Lisa.

"Is that okay?" Rio looked at Lisa and asked, and nodded his head after she agreed.

"Hey, what about me?" Bernhardt, who was feeling left out interrupted their conversation, sounding a little annoyed.

"This perv is your friend?" Dahlia asked Rio, pointing at Bernhardt.

"Hey, I told you that was a mistake alright." Bernhardt defended himself and soon started another banter with Dahlia, who was shouting at his face pointing fingers, calling him perv with how weird and creepy his smile was.

While Bernhardt just called her a leftover ghost with how angry and white she was from head to toe, except for her brownish hairs and the fiery aura her spirit exuded when she got angry a little.

Lisa and Rio looked at this duo fighting and arguing and just smiled, as they ignored them and started talking about themselves.

"You made a record in the entrance exams, how?" she asked,

"You were just 9 seconds behind me." Rio replied.

"That's what I'm asking, how'd you beat me?"

"I don't know, maybe cause I'm a better genius."

"Not for long."

The friendship of four that had started just like this at the gates of academy, with lively and happy expressions on everyone's faces at this moment, didn't know what was in store for them in the future. Where just a simple exam and a dungeon trip would change their whole lives for forever.


"No, no, no, no, nooooooooo Da_ Dahlia open your eyes. Please, please just once, please open your eyes." Bernhardt begged as he stared at the girl lying lifeless in his arms, her once vibrant eyes now closed forever. Blood stained his hands, mingling with his tears as he pleaded with her to wake up, his voice raw with desperation and disbelief.

His face was paled due to a serious injury on his shoulder, constantly bathing him whole in blood, yet the physical pain or poison of that cut didn't affect him one bit.

He just held her tightly, his heart breaking in pieces as he felt her body getting colder every passing moment.

"Riooo, tell her, naa, tell her to get up and stop acting. Help her, you have something that can help her, heal her right, she'll be fine. Tell me, she'll be fine. Please, she has to be." His voice choking with tears as he changed glances between Rio and Dahlia. His expressions keep changing between guilt, pain and a helpless hope that refused to accept her loss.

"This can't be happening.... It's not... It's not real, right.... She can't, she can't right..... Aarrgghhhhhhh"

"....." Rio, who witnessed the death of one of his close friends and saw the scene of other's breakdown - just closed his eyes and buried all the emotions down his heart. Inside the deep dark corners where he put every other sad thing that he never wanted to remember in this life again.

There was only one thought echoing in his mind at this point as he opened his eyes again, his pupils turning into a darker shade of black as every obstacle cleared and he finally noticed a pair of students standing side by side on an empty rooftop.

The perpetrators of everything.

Never before in Arcadia did he ever wanted to kill someone so much. Never before in this world, did he hated someone so much. And for that he swore in his heart.

'I'll kill you, all of you. Even if I have to burn down whole of arcadia, I .. Will.. Kill You.'

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