Mage Adam

Chapter 251: Lord Svorci

Chapter 251: Lord Svorci

Adam finally got to check out what the city really looked like.

The city was stunning, yet something was off about its energy fluctuation: in this hub of politics, culture, and military power for the Titan race, Adam couldn't feel any higher beings.

All he sensed were creatures like Qi 31, Warlords---far from what he'd expected of The Royal City.

Even the building in front of him seemed out of place.

At the entrance, Adam quietly asked, "Is Lord Svorsi inside here?"

Qi 31 shook his head. "No, this is Lord Svorsi."


Step by step, Adam entered what was actually the body of Lord Svorsi, almost two kilometers tall. The energy circuits inside were dead, making it feel like a cold, deserted mine.

The darkness didn't stop Adam. He could see that Lord Svorsi's body was ancient, decaying, and full of cracks with nasty stuff clinging on. He could hear tiny noises all around, as if something was gnawing at this once great body like woodworms.VIsiT n0(v)eLb(i)(n).𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

Adam felt faint vibrations that caused him pain and discomfort.

Navigating the body was like a maze. Adam clearly counted turning 186 corners. After the 187th turn, a light appeared ahead. The area warmed up, and the energy got thicker.

Then came a straight path. With each step, the path got brighter, and the nasty things were cleared by the surging energy. Adam's inner fire brightened, and even the metal of his body seemed to pulse. He knew he was nearing Lord Svorsi's Original Flames. His body's changes seemed to honor the metal lord.

Adam had been walking for five minutes.

This path seemed too long. Adam figured Svorsi must have altered himself, making the space inside seem larger than it looked from outside.

At the end of his vision was a dim, huge Vital Generator.

It was sealed tight, hiding the Flames inside. A golden beam shot out from the top, hitting above the Generator. The reflected light brightened the whole area, making it look magnificent.

As Adam walked, the path crumbled behind him bit by bit, creating a void-like space. This sharply contrasted with the bright path ahead. The golden light particles, drifting by themselves, followed Adam's steps forward.

Every long journey comes to an end. Ten minutes later, Adam stopped a hundred meters away from the Vital Generator.

Golden light particles swirled around him and then joined the beam above, followed by a projection coming down.

The figure that appeared before Adam was eerily familiar---it was himself, as he looked in the Mage World.

The figure spoke, and a deep voice filled the space, "Greetings, visitor from another world. I am Svorsi, the Lord of Titans."

Adam had come fully prepared. He knew that even a powerful being like Svorsi couldn't really kill him. Yet, he still felt a huge pressure, making him slightly nervous.

Lord Svorsi gave a small smile. He couldn't use a flesh and blood body to express emotions like real beings, so his smile looked a bit forced, almost like a sticker on his face.

He continued with a smile, "This is an image copied by another Titan lord when you appeared in the outer void. I thought it would make our conversation more personal if I looked like you."

Adam was speechless for a moment. The Royals had known about his arrival from the start. That meant his entry into Titania, his transformation into a Titan, and all his actions had been watched and subtly approved by the Royals.

"Did you know about me from the start?" Adam didn't sense any hostility from Svorsi; otherwise, he would have left Titania immediately and resurrected through his avatar in the Mage World.

Lord Svorsi nodded and answered, "It's a bit rude, but yes, we've known everything you've done since you arrived in Titania."

He paused and added sincerely, "I also know about another body you have hidden outside the city of York. This little creature in front of me is what you gained by turning another being into the Original Flames."

Lord Svorsi seemed very interested in the creature, "Can you tell me what race that little fellow is? In the past, we too had the technology and ability to enter other planes. Back then, the Royals were really interested in finding ways to grow our numbers. Unfortunately, we didn't find any. But now, I have the luck to meet one."

Adam didn't respond but instead asked, "Are your injuries real?"

Lord Svorsi laughed dryly, "Yes, I am indeed dying. All Titans knew it and even our arch-enemies, the Metal Eaters, knew it too."

Even though Lord Svorsi didn't say it directly, Adam picked up on a trace of mockery in his words. But this sarcasm didn't come from a place of deception, as a being as powerful as Svorsi wouldn't need to resort to tricks to engage with Adam.

His tone remained upbeat, unaffected by the reality of his death. From the start, Svorsi spoke with the warmth and vibrancy of a living flame. He continued, "You don't need to feel uneasy, Titans hold no grudge against you. We welcome visitors from other realms, even those who come as invaders. After all, could this world get any worse?"

Adam got the message. Titania was stuck, and the Titan race was like still water. Any change, even drastic, was welcome---if a giant rock were to smash into the still water, it might at least stir things up.

"Although I can't speak for your people's views on us, your actions suggest you mean no harm. You were quite helpful during the mission at Ironburg, and the Graft Part and shields you've provided are invaluable to our lower-level Titans."

Lord Svorsi kept talking, "Our ancient records also mention encountering life forms like you in other worlds. They were quite fragile, but you're strong, stronger than many of our Warlords. Could you tell me, are you considered strong among your people?"

Adam took a deep breath. Flames spilled from his mouth, gathering in front of him to reveal his true form. Then, he formally addressed Lord Svorsi, "Greetings, Lord Svorci, I am Adam, a level-three mage."

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