Martial King's Retired Life

Book 15: Chapter 64

Book 15: Chapter 64

I rose the next morning at daybreak. I was strongly confident in my conjecture that Zizi had come into contact with Tang Clan, and Tang Clans member specifically timed their visit when General Manager Bai was accompanying him, so it was no coincidence. It wasnt an urgent matter, although General Manager Bai didnt have any information on it, because teaching him how to throw knives did him no harm. While Tang Clan was only a step away from being villains, they were one step away still. I was the one who had urgent business.

Today was my first time attending court since placing in the imperial exams. In the past, I only went when His Majesty summoned me. This time, I was obligated. Even my new robes for attending court were delivered to Liu Shan Men for me. My complaint was that I had barely gotten any sleep when Su Xiao woke me up.

On my way out, someone called out to me.

Oh, Brother Xiang, it has been a while. I hope you have been doing well. Let us speak later for I need to be on my way now.

Feng Qizhi had been frequently pestering me recently, asking me when he could leave probably because he had grown sick of Liu Shan Men after staying for two months. I didnt care when he left, but I entertained even when I had to go today out of habit.

Brother Ming, please take my advice.

Brother Feng, I need to attend morning court.

It will only take a moment. Brother Ming, a crisis is on its way.

Brother Feng, do you know today is my first day officially attending court? Even my uniform is new. The real crisis will be me being late.

Feng Qizhi gazed at the sky to check the time. Morning court is at a set time. You will be fine as long as you are there at quarter to eight. What is the rush?

Quarter to eight?

I looked up at the sky.

Its not even six yet. Why did Xiao wake me up so early?

Fine, Ill give you a moment before I go back to sleep for a while.

I need some sleep, too.

Didnt you just say a crisis is imminent?

Ah, right. Feng Qizhi switched to a terrified look. Brother Ming, a crisis is on its way!

Youre going to stress me until Im sick with this attitude of yours.

What exactly is it? You have Sir Sui learn to dance nude?

No. However, I have a tough secret to tell before that.

A tough secret to tell? You had Liu Yuan learn to dance nude?

No! Why do members of Liu Shan Men like to dance naked so much?!

No, its just the two of them.

What is it, then?

Feng Qizhi fiddled for a good while before saying, I was sent to assassinate you. The assassin at Eight Deities was actually me.

What?! Youre the assassin?! This is how you treat me when I treat you as a buddy?! I Im furious! Im angry! Wayayaya!

Feng Qizhi went pale. After a long silence and lots more fidgeting, he quietly mumbled, I was unaware you were such a great man. Had I known you were so nice, I would not have betrayed you even if I had a blade up against my neck.



Hmph, you think this is enough for me to forgive you?

Of course not, but I am willing to do anything I can to make it up to you.

Ill take your word for now. You arrange a feast at Dongpo tomorrow, and then we can discuss compensation once youve shown youre genuinely sorry.

Thank you for giving me a chance to turn over a new leaf.

Never push a fool to far, or you might not get your free meal.T/his chapter is updat𝓮d by nov(ê(l)

So what exactly did you want to tell me?

Oh, I forgot. I have a strong rival who has competed against me for half a year, and we have agreed to have a duel to the death in the capital.

Well, have a good death, then. How is it my problem?

My sly, cunning, and ruthless rival may harm people around me if I do not go.

Then, go

I have been held up, but I am grateful for your friendship.

Uhm, uhm, so the date of your duel is coming up, and you must go, correct?

Bug off as soon as you can. Youve been freeloading here for two months. Im starting to feel sorry for Boss.

I-I suddenly remembered during my midnight snack last night that we were supposed to have our duel on the 1st August.

Isnt it the 4th today?

Yes, so I missed it

Recalling he mentioned that his opponent might harm people around him, I felt I was on to something fun.

You dont mean to suggest that they might harm Liu Shan Mens members, do you?

Feng Qizhi flicked up a thumb. You are so smart, Brother Ming!

Shut up! Go fight your own fight! How are we even close to you? Are you trying to drag us down with you?

I was going to have a go at Feng Qizhi when I heard, Big Brother Ming! from Su Xiao. He shouted, Why are you still here? Didnt I tell you to head off for court ages ago?!

Im only exchanging a few words with him. I wont be late.

Vice-captain departed an hour ago! Youre supposed to be waiting outside the palace doors at seven, yet youre still here at this hour

I turned to Feng Qizhi. I thought you said morning court is at quarter to eight.

Th-thats what it said in the book, replied Feng Qizhi.

What book did you read? queried Su Xiao.

Cyan Luans Elegance.

Thats a book from the previous dynasty.

All three of us fell silent for a while until the two of them had a cosmic moment and remarked in unison, Oh!

Shut up! Im going to be late again, you dimwit!

His Majesty looked as cool as a cucumber at Jinluan Palace. Nobody beneath the golden steps dared to utter a word.

Song Ou, sweaty, expressed, Your subject apologises.

Shen Yiren: Your subject is ashamed.

Shen Kuang also had his head lowered. Your subject is deeply sorry.

Your Majesty, your subject is late. I finally arrived.

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