Master of the End Times

Chapter 1087End - New Future!

Chapter 1087: New Future!

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Blue Star Realm.

Year 101, Large Realm Era.

It had been a hundred years since the end of the Great Rift Era.

Because of the countless overlapping realms that had appeared on the Blue Star, the number one Immortal, Blue Star Realm, had also expanded several times due to the injection of origin energy, becoming an unprecedented super starglobe.

The humans here possessed the most abundant of resources. They were extremely strong from birth, and when they reached adulthood, they even possessed the physique of an E-tier.

This was something unimaginable a hundred years ago.

June was precisely the end of primary education, and a new batch of youths had grown up.


In the bustling and incomparably lively awakening hall in the city, a sixteen-year-old youth walked in here chattering.

“Identity verification, serial number 2190891355546, genetic match, age match, please proceed to the injection chamber for injection.”

“I wonder what kind of martial soul I will awaken! My father’s martial soul is the diamond ape, and my mother’s is the speed leopard. I want my father’s martial soul more!” The youth muttered as he excitedly walked into the injection chamber.

Beside the youth, there were hundreds of injection chambers that were the same shape as eggshells. They were all in operation.

“Beep Beep Beep, identity verification, serial number 219...”

“Beep Beep Beep...”

These youths were all here to awaken their martial souls.

In the Blue Star Realm, the Immortal was an existence that was not mentioned lightly.

However, they were actually talking about another person, an existence that people called a great person.

Even the Immortal had personally admitted that this person made him.

The existence that created the number one Immortal was a creator.

Dr. Z.

A hundred years ago, after Qin Feng became an Immortal, he returned to the Blue Star Realm and finally began to popularize the new awakening potion.

The awakening potion had almost overturned the cultivation system of countless human realms. It had also broken the tradition where they had to go to the Divine Lake Realm to become Immortals.

Although Qin Feng was also an Immortal who had been promoted in the Divine Lake Realm, he was able to become an Immortal because of the new awakening potion.

Not only that, after the awakening potion was announced, the second Immortal of the Blue Star Realm appeared in the tenth year.

It was Long Kong!

Following that, Li Yuan and Long Ting also advanced.

In the Fengli Organization established by Qin Feng, the Immortals were like bamboo shoots after a rain, breaking out of the ground one after another. The number was quite terrifying.

Moreover, the people in the Fengli Organization were not like Long Kong and Li Yuan. After hundreds of years of cultivation, they were still unable to break through.

The people in the Fengli Organization were young people. From birth to becoming the most powerful people, it had only taken thirty to forty years. To the existences of countless realms, this was really young indeed.

Because of this, the humans of countless realms all came to the Blue Star Realm to buy the new awakening potion.

Xue Xingfu once again became the highest-ranking merchant in the countless realms. The creator of the new awakening potion also became the target of many elites. Everyone knew that mastering this potion meant mastering the resources.

Thus, Z appeared in everyone’s sight.

Dr. Z, the researcher of the new awakening potion, was the only existence that did not evolve to become an Immortal.

Just like a doctor who did not cure himself, Dr. Z had not found a way to become an Immortal even after a hundred years. This might be a punishment from heaven.

As for whether he cared or not, only he himself knew.


In the highest experimental center on the Blue Star, Dr. Z was wearing a white coat that had not been changed for ten thousand years. He looked at the baby in the glass isolation room excitedly.

“Oh my God, this will be the most perfect experiment in my life.”

Qin Feng said with a cold face, “My daughter is not your experiment.”

Bai Li did not have the time to pay attention to the two humans. She was playing with the baby in the isolation room excitedly with a plush ball.

The baby was not considered a complete human. She had a pair of fox ears and a tail. Her hair was silver, but her eyes were brown. Her body was like an ordinary baby.

She looked like an orc.

However, the baby in the isolation room would flash from time to time, revealing the essence of energy life form.

This was Qin Feng and Bai Li’s child.

After becoming an Immortal, the body would turn into energy. Naturally, it was impossible to breed normally.

However, the energy life form seemed to be easier to breed the next generation. As long as the two Immortals stripped off a part of their life energy and fused them, new life would be successfully bred. Some tribes could even reproduce asexually.

Moreover, the amount of energy stripped was completely dependent on the parents’ contribution. Thus, the offspring of the Immortals were usually very strong. Some Immortal who were in danger of dying due to battle or serious injuries would even use all their energy to give birth to their offspring, it was like a continuation.

This was also the reason why the offspring of the Immortals were extremely powerful. 𝒩Eew st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/bi/n(.)co𝒎

Qin Feng’s power was too strong. In addition, due to the absorption of the martial soul, even though they had given birth to several new life forms, in the end, it was Qin Feng’s energy life form that swallowed Bai Li’s life form.

As for the baby in front of him, Qin Feng had only provided a very weak amount of life force. Most of it was made up of Bai Li’s life cells, and with the addition of Z’s methods, the baby was successfully born.

Because it had taken a hundred years to successfully give birth to one, Qin Feng treasured this daughter very much.

“It’s time for Xiao Wan to eat. Let’s not disturb the baby,” Qin Feng said gently as he hugged Bai Li.

Xiao Wan was naturally the child’s name. After all, it was only born after a hundred years of gestation. Zhou Hao’s great-grandsons were all already grown up. Therefore, the child’s name was named Qin Wan* by Qin Feng.

“Alright!” Bai Li nodded and left through the side of the room.

However, Z went forward and took out an energy core the size of a basketball.

Then, Z threw the energy core into the isolation room, and it landed in front of Qin Wan.

Qin Wan, who was originally cute, had a rift suddenly appear on her chest. A human-faced snake-like phantom with the face of an infant Qin Wan popped out from her chest and bit into the crystal core, biting it with a cracking sound.

“Perfect. She can already eat the core of a B-tier beast king. At this rate, in less than a month, her strength will increase to A-tier!”

Qin Feng was silent. Although it was not his first time seeing Qin Wan eat, he still felt that he could not accept it.

He really wanted to roar at the sky, “My daughter isn’t a monster!”

This little thing was only three months old, and she already had the strength of a B-tier. Outside, this was already enough to destroy a small city,

Although she had inherited Bai Li’s perfect appearance, her true ability was inherited from Qin Feng’s martial soul—Taotie.

Qin Wan was the first human to have a natural martial soul.

However, she was too young. She did not know anything and was unable to control her martial soul. This was extremely dangerous.

And for Z, this would be a new topic for his research.

After countless years, would every human have their own martial souls after they were born? Whereas inheritance would determine the type and ability of the martial soul.

Would the descendants of the weak be able to inherit their martial souls?

Would the descendants of the strong be innately powerful?

Would this be the future of countless realms...

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