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Chapter 1892 - 1892 I didn’t expect that it was really you!

Chapter 1892 I didn’t expect that it was really you!

“I didn’t realize it was really you.”

A sigh came.

Next to it, a flicker of energy came from the air.

Old Man Qian, Old Man Yuan, and Old Man Qu, appeared out of thin air, and several air-breaking sounds followed on the other side.

All the elders of the Three Elders, Qing Yun, the Elders and the, Fang Qiu and He Gao Ming, all appeared.

See everyone present.

The look of panic in the eyes of the Grand Elder suddenly expanded, quickly spreading to his entire face.

“You guys?”

Looking at the Third Elder, the Grand Elder’s face kept changing.

He did know that the so-called Cangjie relics were nothing more than a bureau, a bureau specifically designed to find out traitors.

It was because time was running out and the traitor had to appear before tomorrow that he had brought the Seventh Elder to this place, wanting to sneak the Seventh Elder to death in this place.

Then, all the charges will be pushed back on the Seventh Elder.

He wanted to tell everyone that he had been keeping an eye on the Seventh Elder all along, and when he realized that the Seventh Elder was preparing to leave the Sword Pavilion to spread the news out, he had no choice but to make a big hit on the Seventh Elder at the exit of the Sword Pavilion.

In this way, everyone decided that the traitor of the Sword Pavilion was the Seventh Elder.


It was all planned to perfection.

What he didn’t realize was that he had long been the target of everyone.

It seemed that everyone was staring at him.

Otherwise, how could all of them have appeared here in the first place?


Qing Yun and the group of Sword Pavilion elders were all staring at the Grand Elder with solemn and heavy faces, and the three elders’ faces were ugly as well, as they hadn’t expected at all that the traitor hiding in the Sword Pavilion would be the Grand Elder.

And the other side.

Fang Qiu had a bemused look on his face, while He Gao Ming had a smile on his lips.

“How did you guys know it was me?”

Knowing that he couldn’t run away, the Grand Elder’s cheeks trembled this as he inquired with reddened eyes.

“Because you have a problem!”

He Gao Ming smiled indifferently and said, “A traitor who can hide so deeply inside a power like the Sword Pavilion can never be an ordinary person, for decades there hasn’t been the slightest crack, to be able to make it to this point means that this traitor is a very highly regarded and trusted one amongst the higher echelons of the Sword Pavilion.”

“I questioned the Three Elders and initially locked in on a few people who possessed a high level of trust, and you were one of them.”

“Then I went through some more information.”

The Grand Elder’s face changed as he said, “Impossible, all the information they investigated has not been touched at all!”


He Gao Ming nodded rightfully and said, “What I looked up was not the information from the Sword Pavilion’s investigation into the traitor, but the layers and layers of information that had been passed down back then, in which I found some clues about you.”


The Grand Elder’s face immediately grimaced.

He had thought that this was all a setup, a setup used to find a traitor, but he didn’t realize that this setup was actually coming against him!


After agreeing on a response at that time.

He Gao Ming then went to the Sword Pavilion’s data room to check out some information, because the information for investigating the traitors wasn’t in the data room, He Gao Ming’s action didn’t attract the attention of the Grand Elder.

It was also in those materials that some clues were found out, and He Gao Ming then made a plan to reset an insurance policy with the three old men and Qing Yun.

The previous plan went on as usual.

If the traitor wasn’t the Grand Elder, then as long as he followed the previous plan, he would definitely be able to find the traitor.

If it was the Grand Elder, then the Grand Elder would definitely be too impatient to make a move to find himself a scapegoat.


It was all calculated by He Gao Ming.

“Back then, was the genius of the Tian Zi generation, Senior Brother Tian Qi, who was always with you, victimized by you?”

The Original Elder stood up and stared at the Grand Elder with a face of bitter anger.

Locking eyes with the original old man.

The Grand Elder’s line of sight immediately averted, and the entire person was completely silent.


Suddenly, the Grand Elder’s figure moved and immediately dashed towards the exit in an attempt to escape.

But his feet had only just moved.


A cold snort suddenly came, has not been talking to the old man Qu, footsteps forward a step, the whole person immediately burst out of the body of a heavenly momentum, instantly flashed in front of the Grand Elder, blocking its way with a violent and incomparable energy strength swept out, directly to the Grand Elder to the shock back.


Qing Yun, as well as the other six elders, immediately surrounded the Grand Elder from all sides.

Seeing the situation.

The face of the Grand Elder instantly became gloomy.

“It is done.”

Thousand Elder walked up, shook his head, and said, “You can’t escape.”

“I’ll take your life right now to accompany the geniuses of our Sword Pavilion over the past hundred years!”

The original old man stepped forward angrily, ready to strike.


Qing Yun opened his mouth and shouted, saying, “This kind of traitor, we won’t bother the Three Elders to take action.”

“Just you?”

As if the Grand Elder had heard some kind of joke, a touch of disdain welled up on his gloomy face.

“I know that the Great Elder is highly powerful and has long since reached the Second Flower Great Perfection, I am naturally not a match for the Great Elder alone, but what if …… we add Nameless?”

As he spoke, Qing Yun turned his head to look at Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu laughed.

He knew that Qing Yun was inviting himself to work together against this Second Flower Great Perfection Grand Elder, with the aim of being able to advance further in the battle!

The Three Elders understand this as well.

In the opinion of the three old men, the two people who needed to grow the most in this generation were Nameless and Qing Yun, but both of them were not weak, and it was really not easy to find a suitable opponent in the martial arts, after all, the experts of the First Flower and Second Flower realms were really too few.

And as a Great Elder of the Second Flower Great Circle, he was undoubtedly a best opponent for the duo.

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Through this battle, it wasn’t certain that the duo could really go further.


Fang Qiu smiled and answered.

“Want to borrow me for practice?”

The Grand Elder coldly skimmed his eyes at Fang Qiu and Qing Yun and said, “And how can I do what you want?”

“You will.”

Old Man Qian shook his head and answered while glancing at Old Man Yuan and Old Man Qu, then the three of them simultaneously took a few steps back and sat down in unison, all three palms reaching forward at the same time and slapping on the ground.

Next moment.

“Whoosh ……”

The three energy walls immediately rose up from behind the three old men, eventually converging at a point hundreds of meters in the air, and the area enveloped by the three energy walls was directly turned into a separate space.

“Don’t worry about making your move, without the permission of the three of us, no one will be able to escape from here, even if the Nirvana Saint Master is here, he will never be able to bring him out of the boundary.”

Elder Thousand stood up and opened his mouth.

On the other two sides, Elder Yuan and Elder Qu also rose one after another.

“Brother Nameless.”

Qing Yun took a step forward and said, “Do it!”

The words just started.

The longsword in his hand came out of its sheath with a miso sound and a shocking sound.

This way.

Fang Qiu also stepped out.


Inside his body, energy burst out.

Two strong and incomparable auras blazed within this side of space.


The Grand Elder stared coldly at Qing Yun and Nameless, his eyes rolled in their sockets and glanced at the three Elders standing at each of the three corners, and the corners of his mouth suddenly hooked up sorrowfully as he said, “You guys are the ones who gave me this opportunity, so don’t blame me for killing your geniuses!”

The words rose.

A powerful and incomparable red-colored inner air current suddenly burst out from the palms of his hands, quickly condensing into two energy spikes in his palms!

Energy spikes in hand.

The Grand Elder’s figure moved, and the entire person silently, yet at an extremely fast speed, charged violently towards Fang Qiu and Qing Yun.


With a wave of his right hand, the scabbard of the longsword in his hand, came out of his hand and was inserted into the ground, as he swung his sword with his right hand to meet the attack.

Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate.

While his body was charging forward, his right fist was pinched.

Directly throwing a punch in the air, he blasted towards the Grand Elder.

Inside the body, the internal qi burst out, directly condensed into a ball of energy out of the hand, just like a cannonball, carrying a huge and incomparable impact, directly towards the Grand Elder bombarded the past.

Next moment.


A sound of energy collision exploded, and at the same time when the energy that Fang Qiu had erupted collided with the spikes in the Grand Elder’s hands, the green light in the boundary blossomed.

Rushing in front of the Grand Elder, Qing Yun raised the longsword in his hand high.

Above the long sword, a burst of incomparably strong sword qi erupted, carrying an aura that wanted to tear through the heavens as it blasted down towards the Grand Elder’s head.

Extremely fast.

The powerful and incomparable green-colored sword qi attacked the Grand Elder’s eyes almost instantly.

The eye is about to fall.


A powerful energy shock suddenly burst forth.

See only.

A stream of crimson energy burst out from the Grand Elder’s body in vain, colliding fiercely with the harsh green colored sword Qi.

While blocking the green sword qi, the crimson energy, condensed into a crimson lotus flower above the head of the Grand Elder, resisting all of the green sword qi, all of it.


Qing Yun snorted coldly.

With a pinch of the sword knack on his right hand, the longsword flipped with a surge of sword qi, and the sharp and incomparable sword qi also lingered rapidly, eventually condensing on top of the sword body and transforming into a sword lotus, along with the downward pressure of Qing Yun’s hands, confronting ferociously with the crimson lotus above the head of the Grand Elder.

This way.

Fang Qiu waved his right hand.

“Whoosh ……”

The qi of heaven and earth in all directions, immediately gathered and surged, in front of the body directly condensed into a palm, and then constantly shrinking, and finally shrinking to the size of an ordinary palm is when Fang Qiu directly into the body of the golden inner qi.

With the addition of the golden inner qi, the palm, which was the size of an ordinary hand, immediately erupted in a burst of piercing golden light.

A destructive aura of energy.

The ghostly emanated from this energy palm.

Feeling this energy aura, the Grand Elder’s face changed in shock.

He hadn’t expected at all that Nameless would be able to launch this kind of attack.

Immediately, teeth clenched.

The energy in his body burst out, directly in front of his body condensed into a very thick layer of crimson energy shield, trying to use this to block the upcoming Nameless’ attack!

“With this shield, it won’t be able to stop me.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and snorted coldly.


Before launching his attack, Fang Qiu directly used his Divine Sense to lock onto the center of that crimson shield in front of the Grand Elder, instantly shielding the Qi of Heaven and Earth from that small area.

Without the aid of the Qi of Heaven and Earth, the energy in the center of that red shield suddenly began to distort.

Just then.


With a cold shout, Fang Qiu violently swung his right hand and slapped out with a palm!

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