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Chapter 1911 - 1911 Meeting the Holy Lord!

Chapter 1911 Meeting the Holy Lord!

The Fifth Family.

“Dad, I’ll go with you.”

Fifth Qian looked at this Fifth Mingchuan and said with a stubborn face.

“No need.”

Fifth Mingchuan very firmly waved his hand to reject, shook his head and said: “On your strength to this point to go is also to send death, these years to do the preparation I have done, although can not come back is a matter of one thing, but I did more than you decades of preparation, and you are still small, the future is still big can be deceived, our Fifth Family in the South Border, has only this line left, can not let the Fifth Family broken heritage! !”


Fifth Sin frowned tightly, her heart beating hard.

“No buts.”

Fifth Mingchuan smiled and said, “Silly girl, I have prepared everything for you next, no matter if I can come back this time, you are bound to take over the position of the fifth family head, you don’t have to be accustomed to anything, just feel at ease to cultivate here, and when it comes to the right time, the things that I have prepared for you, they will be delivered to you personally. ”


Fifth Sin cried out in dismay.

“Don’t worry, your old man is very cunning, as long as you don’t get massacred, old man will surely rush back to personally recruit a house son-in-law for you!”

Fifth Mingchuan let out a loud laugh, then stepped out with incomparable bravado.


“Looks like we’ll have to do it together this time.”

In the pavilion among the pear blossom trees, Meng Lingyun, the Vice Class Master of the Pear Garden, stood with his hands behind his back, standing with Grandmaster Tianwen, and said, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“It may not be this day.”

Master Tian Wen shook his head and looked back at Yun Yangzi, who was standing at the side, and said, “If I don’t come back within three days, you will automatically take over the position of the Pear Garden Class Master.”


Yun Yangzi nodded in understanding.

“You’ve been improving well lately, but it’s not enough.”

Master Tian Wen shook his head and said, “I know you’re very much like to come with us, but the Pear Garden can’t be left without a master for a day, so work hard on your cultivation, and prepare for the next time if there is a next time!”

“Disciple understands.”

Yun Yangzi fell to his knees with a thud and kowtowed three times to Master Tianwen.

“Let’s go, the four family heads should be waiting impatiently.”

Master Tian Wen smiled faintly and joined Meng Lingyun as he stepped out of the Pear Garden.

At this point.

The four great family heads, were gathered in the open space in front of that one thatched hut above the clouds.

“Fellow Daoists have been waiting for a long time.”

Master Tian Wen and Meng Lingyun came and greeted each other, and after that, the group of people flew straight down to the plaza below the clouds, and together with the sect masters of the eight sects and sixteen factions, they left the ruins of Laozi and rushed towards the Hidden Frontier.


Inside the Cangjie ruins.

Fang Qiu, who had once again entered the ruins, directly soared high into the air.

Here, it was a very vast expanse of heaven and earth, like a square in a rim period, and the sky was exceptionally pure, completely cyan in color.

The earth is bleak and the yellow land is endless.

It was empty on all sides, nothing.

The only one that exists.

It’s a huge lake.

There was a very old thatched cottage on the edge of the lake.

Less than a hundred meters away from the thatched hut combed a very large, huge monolith cut into a very neat diamond shape.

Like the sky, the monolith was also green in color!

Seeing everything in the ruins, Fang Qiu, however, did not have time to explore or a great deal at all, but instead frantically utilized his divine sense, searching for the medium of origin left behind by that Nirvana’s black-clothed protector, when he set up the spatial passage here.


Half a day later.

“Swish Swish Swish ……”

A sound of breaking wind appeared high in the air above the snowy mountains of the Tibetan Frontier, and many people flew into the Himalayas from Huaxia, quickly daring all the way towards where Nameless had been before.

Through the military, the Three Elders had learned early on the information about where Nameless was when he spoke to Qing Yun.


Under the leadership of the three old men, everyone quickly arrived at the place where Fang Qiu had disappeared.

At this point.

Which huge rock that had been cut open by Fang Qiu had once again been filled with snow, making it impossible to see any difference at all.

“Right here!”

The three old men led the group to a halt.

As soon as the feet hit the ground, everyone stood at attention, and no one said a word.

Everyone knew that they didn’t need to look for a spatial passage, because even if they found one, they would have a hard time finding a way to enter it.

To them, the most important thing right now was to help Nameless stall for time so that he could destroy the spatial passageway as soon as possible!

Although with the skills of the three old men, it is completely possible to destroy the pivot point outside the spatial channel, but deep in the Cangjie relics of the Nameless, simply do not know that the people of the Huaxia martial arts forest in the Nirvana organization arrived first, and outside the three old men want to contact Nameless can not be contacted at all.

Therefore, it had to wait for Nameless to destroy it.

After being on guard for a while and making sure that Nirvana’s people hadn’t arrived yet, everyone breathed a little sigh of relief.

“Third Elder, what should we do?”

Grandmaster Tian Wen walked up to the three old men and inquired.


Thousand Old Man opened his mouth and said, “I can feel the existence of the spatial passage, which means that Nameless hasn’t destroyed the spatial passage yet, calculating from the time, Nirvana’s people shouldn’t be far away, we don’t have time to look for the location of the spatial passage, once Nirvana’s Holy Lord personally comes, if we find out where the spatial passage is located, we’ll be helping him instead, and harming Nameless! ”


Everyone couldn’t help but get a little anxious.


Just like what Thousand Old Man had said, once the Nirvana Saint Master really came personally, then it was definitely not far away by now, and it was even possible that he had already arrived and was instead hiding in the shadows waiting for them to help find the spatial passageway.

In the face of the Nirvana Saint Master, there absolutely could not be a single moment of luck!

So, to them.

Not moving is the best option!


In the remains of Cangjie.

Fang Qiu was still searching very carefully, not daring to delay even for a second.


The space inside the entire relic was simply too large, and it was too difficult to find the medium of origin that the other party used to build the spatial passage.

If he was outside, Fang Qiu would still be able to empty the Qi of Heaven and Earth to search for it, but the Qi of Heaven and Earth inside the Cangjie Ruins was unbelievably thick, even much thicker than in the Laozi Ruins.

In this case.

Fang Qiu simply couldn’t empty the Qi of Heaven and Earth to search for it, he could only use his Divine Sense to carefully explore one place at a time, but in this way, the speed of exploration and searching would become very slow.


Above the Himalayas.

“Boing Boing ……”

As all the Chinese martial artists under the leadership of the Three Elders stood by, a rippling sound like a stone falling into water suddenly came.

Hear that voice.

Everyone, in unison, looked up in the direction the voice came from.

This look.

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink.

What appeared in front of him was clearly a middle-aged man with bare feet, wearing a set of ancient-style robes and waist-length hair, still facing the demonic evil even though he was nearly middle-aged.

This person, is the Holy Lord of Nirvana!

At this point.

The Nirvana Holy Lord, was standing a thousand meters away, high in the air.

Behind him again, the extremely modernly dressed Great Exalted One followed closely behind, along with some black-robed men.


Just as the Holy Lord’s figure paused, the Great Venerable One’s face changed, seeing the Three Elder Ruins on top of the snowy mountain the colleagues of the Chinese martial arts crowd, his face instantly changed, and he opened his mouth to say, “How do they come back, could it be that the Protector has mutinied?”

“No way.”

The Holy Lord shook his head and said, “The spatial channel is still there.”

Say it.

The foot steps forward.

With a smile on his face, he looked at the Chinese martial arts crowd led by the Three Elders and said, “I didn’t expect that not only did you all remember me, but that you would come to greet me so cordially on the day of my first this outing after several decades.”

Over there.

Hear that.

Everyone’s faces became incredibly grave.

Everyone was on standby, ready to fight for their lives!

“How come you three from the Sword Pavilion are the only ones here?” Expploore 𝒖ptod𝒂te stories at no/𝒗el/bin(.)c𝒐m

Facing all the strongest combatants in the entire Chinese martial arts world today, the Nirvana Holy Lord spoke with a bland and confident smile before asking, “Where are those three old guys, didn’t you inform them?”

“Looks like you guys came in a hurry!”

This way.


Thousand Old Man took a step forward, narrowing his eyes tightly and staring at the Nirvana Holy Lord in death, saying, “Don’t forget that back then, it was you yourself who said that you would be inferior to Huaxia within forty years, and the time hasn’t come yet.”

The Holy Lord of Nirvana laughed.

“If you dare to move forward, even if I can’t kill you, I’ll spell out half of your life!”

Qu Lao, who had always been a man of few words, directly stepped out and shocked in a cold voice.

The words came out.

The smile on the Nirvana Holy Lord’s face grew even wider.

“Three old guys, looking for death.”

The face of the Great Exalted One standing behind the Holy Lord sank as he directly flew up, stopping five hundred meters away from the Chinese martial artists and said, “Come up and die!”

“Look who’s dead.”

The original old man’s figure moved and took a step forward, and the moment his feet landed, his entire body directly disappeared in place, turning to appear in front of the Grand Exalted One.

At the same time when the figures appeared, two incomparably sharp and majestic energy breaths rumbled out from their bodies at the same time, ruthlessly colliding together.


An earth-shattering, muffled thunder boomed.

A very terrifying energy qi, just like a shocking wave, toward the four sides of the bombardment surging out.

It instantly rippled to the side of the Chinese martial artists.

The leader of the thousand old man body directly used to come to an internal qi, will be the impact of the energy from the energy, completely resisted outside, so that the crowd behind them from the waves of influence.

And the other side.

Energy qi, impact to the front, Nirvana Holy Lord right hand gently wave, just like sweeping the dust in general, is casually so a wipe, the oncoming impact of energy qi, directly to the flat.

“Don’t get so hot.”

Smoothing out the energy force qi’s colleague, the Holy Lord smiled blandly with a confident face and said, “Isn’t it painful that I haven’t entered China yet, and that you guys want to kill me but can’t?”

“All people in the world have pain, and you are no exception, but since there is pain, why don’t you let go of that, release the pain, and go with me to destroy the root cause of the pain and recreate a new world without pain?”

The Holy Lord said.


No one paid any attention to him at all.


Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, the Holy Lord shook his head and sighed softly, then his body floating in mid-air directly sat down and watched the show blandly.

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