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Chapter 1912 - 1912 Next time, it won’t be so easy!

Chapter 1912 Next time, it won’t be so easy!

“Boom Boom Boom ……”

Above the high altitude at the top of the Himalayas, the two figures were flying fast all colliding together, clashing rapidly, dazzling people, and some people with slightly weaker strengths even found it hard to see the two figures.


Oddly enough.

Although the strength of the two were both incomparably powerful, the surges of energy force triggered by each collision would almost always be kept within a space of fifty meters in circumference, and would not spread out too far.

Sky above.

The muffled thunderous sounds triggered by the collision, one after another kept ringing out, making the crowd watching the battle below, all of them couldn’t help but feel a little panicked.

This way.

The people of the Chinese side, led by Chian Lao, were all fully prepared, each and every one of them on guard against the Nirvana Holy Lord, as if as soon as the Holy Lord made a move, they would pounce on him recklessly, and even if they had to put their lives on the line, they would definitely not bypass the other party!

And over there.

The Nirvana Holy Lord, who was floating in mid-air and sitting on a plate, was looking at the battle in front of him with a bashful face, and seemed to be in a good mood.

On the surface, the Nirvana Holy Lord had not the slightest desire to make a move, but it was precisely because of this that the crowd on the Chinese side, on the contrary, became even more nervous.

After all.

The entire person in front of them was not an ordinary person, but a terrifying expert who was strong enough to subvert the entire Chinese martial arts world!

Once this man makes his move.

Even if everyone on the Chinese side swarmed up, I’m afraid it would only be a moth to a flame.


While the people on the Chinese side were incredibly tense and wary, the Holy Lord was smiling with a bland and confident expression, nodding his head and commenting.

Look closely.

The great battle between the two people high in the air had already reached the excitement.

“Bang Bang Bang ……”

The explosions triggered by the fierce collision grew louder and louder.

Because the height of the top of the Himalayas has exceeded the clouds, this horrible explosion sound, in the eyes of the people below the Himalayas, is afraid that it is the precursor of the coming rain!


In this intense collision.

As one of the three elders of the Sword Pavilion, the Original Elder was actually the tip of the sword that had fallen into the wind.

The power that erupted from the extremely modernly dressed Grand Exalted One, who raised his hands and feet, was actually that much one point higher than the original old man.

In a duel between the best of the best, one point of strength is one point, and it’s hard to make up for it.


The original old man also did not expect that the intensity of the other party’s strength would be stronger than his own by this one point, but the original old man’s face also did not have the least bit of fear, but instead, in the case of gradually falling into the wind, the battle spirit was high!

Nay, it was hard to make up for the gap in strength, and even with his battle spirit high, the original old man always struggled to get out of the state of being suppressed.

This situation also made the people on the Chinese side look even more panicked in their hearts.


Cangjie ruins.

Fang Qiu, who had been searching in the ruins for a long time, finally found a little clue, and his figure, which had been flying back and forth, finally settled on a bland, flat ground.

Here, it was a very ordinary corner of the wide, endless square in the Cangjie ruins.

Fang Qiu did not even think at first that the origin of this spatial passage would be in this place, if not for the use of divine sense to scan and probe one place at a time, if he wanted to find this location, I am afraid that he would not be able to find it without a three to five days’ time.


Having just landed on his feet, Fang Qiu waved his right hand.

A sword qi came out of his hand, directly tearing out a three-meter-long, one-foot-wide fissure from the land beneath his feet.

Just as the ground was torn apart.

A beam of blinding pure white light shot out from the crack.

It’s like a strong flashlight casting a glow.

“Sure enough, it’s here!”

Seeing the beam of light, Fang Qiu’s expression was delighted and he immediately looked towards the source of the beam of light.

See only.

A chalcedony appeared there!

It was about the size of a palm, with its body flowing with color, better than the best quality mysterious jade Fang Qiu had ever seen.

Even before he had touched it, Fang Qiu could very clearly feel that this chalcedony contained an extremely large amount of heaven and earth qi.


Without hesitating because of the preciousness of this chalcedony, Fang Qiu waved his right hand.

An incomparably sharp energy force shot out, fiercely bombarding on top of the chalcedony, and the tremendous force directly bombarded the chalcedony into scattered pieces.

As the chalcedony shatters.

Fang Qiu only felt that the space in front of him suddenly distorted for a moment, and then an inexplicable energy suddenly erupted roughly from not far in front of him, rippling out in all directions.

Looking towards the spatial passageway that he had just entered here, it had completely twisted and shattered at this point, quickly disappearing from sight.

It felt as if the creased space, had been smoothed out.

“Phew ……”

Fang Qiu let out a long breath.



Top of the Himalayas.

Just as the Original Elder was being suppressed by the Nirvana Grand Exalt, the atmosphere of the entire heaven and earth was unusually oppressive.


A shattering sound that came quietly.


An inexplicable energy fluctuation suddenly rippled out in all directions.

The transmission of this energy fluctuation caused most people to turn their heads and look towards the source of the energy fluctuation’s appearance, but they saw nothing.


As this energy fluctuation spread out, Elder Qian and Elder Qu, who sensed this energy fluctuation, immediately glanced at each other, and a touch of joy immediately surged out of their originally incomparably tense faces.

“The spatial passageway is shattered!”

Thousand Old Man said.


Qu Lao smiled in a rare moment.

Hearing the conversation between the two old men, on the Chinese side, the faces of the people all eased slightly.

In fact, the reason why everyone was nervous, besides the fact that the enemy they were facing was the Nirvana Saint Lord, the other biggest reason was because of the existence of the spatial passageway.

The Nirvana Saint Master’s strength was too strong, and the purpose of their coming here was to organize the Nirvana Saint Master to enter the Cangjie Ruins through the spatial passage.


Before the Nirvana Saint Master made his move, they simply didn’t dare to let down their guard for a single moment.


Along with the shattering and disappearance of the spatial channel, everyone knew that Nameless’ mission was accomplished, and that heavy and burdensome feeling in their hearts was instantly reduced by a large portion.

Looking over there.

The Nirvana Holy Lord, who was watching the great battle between the Original Elder and the Great Exalted One with great interest, fiercely tightened his frown the moment this inexplicably appearing energy fluctuation spread, his face turning unpleasant.

The body that was sitting here on a disk, immediately stood upright.

With a gloomy face, he turned his eyes and swept a glance at the crowd on the Chinese side before waving his right hand.

“Come back!”

An irresistible voice of words spread out from its mouth.

The words came out.

The Great Exalted One who had been suppressing the Original Old Man did not hesitate for half a second, and with a single building of his body, he directly detached himself from the battlefield and quickly folded back next to the Holy Lord.

“The next time I come back, it won’t be so easy.”

The Nirvana Holy Lord said with a gloomy face, “Next year, my oath will be up!”

Having said that.

Turn around directly and step into the air.

The Great Exalted One, with a cold smile on his face, glanced at the crowd of the Huaxia side, and his body moved to follow the Holy Lord as he left.

This way.

Upon hearing the words left behind by the Nirvana Holy Lord and seeing the Nirvana Holy Lord turn around and leave, the people on the Chinese side then let out a huge sigh of relief in unison, all slightly surprised.

Originally, everyone was ready to fight for their lives.

However, it did not occur to him that the Nirvana Holy Lord would leave just like that.

“Sure enough, it’s him.”

Seeing the Nirvana Holy Lord leave, Thousand Elder let out a long breath and said, “Doing something, or being so decisive that it scares people!”

“I didn’t expect that after all these years of recuperation, not only has the fucking fighting power not weakened, but it has become even stronger.”

The original old man folded back, his expression a bit gloomy.

“He didn’t make a move, we’re running out of time.”

Qu Lao said.

“A year?”

Original Elder nodded and added, “I didn’t realize that forty years had passed in the blink of an eye.”

“But that horoscope got the result in two years.”

Thousand Old Man shook his head and said, “That one’s astrological results have never been wrong, could it be that something else will happen within this period of time?”

The three old men all furrowed this brow, completely unable to guess what would develop next. DiScover 𝒏𝒆w stori𝒆s on no𝒗/e/lbin(.)com

At this point.

“Three old men.”

Master Tian Wen came forward and said, “The Nirvana Holy Lord has left, this battle looks like it won’t be fought, what should we do next?”


Without half a moment’s hesitation, Thousand Old Man directly opened his mouth and said, “Nirvana Sacred Lord has left yes, but who knows if he will fold back or not, from his behavior, he will never enter the territory of China, and this is the only place related to the Cangjie relics, as a relic of the ancient level, I am afraid that Nirvana didn’t give up the Cangjie relics so easily. ”

Said here.

Thousand Old Man paused slightly and continued to add, “The energy fluctuation we felt just now is the spatial force released after the spatial channel was destroyed, based on the strength of the spatial force sensed just now, in three days’ time, that spatial force will completely fade away and disappear, which means that we will have to guard it for at least three days again! ”


Grandmaster Tian Wen directly nodded his head in response.

Everyone else, too, nodded in agreement.

Everyone knew that this was for the sake of the Huaxia martial arts forest and for the sake of maintaining their common world, so they had no complaints, not to mention that now Nameless was in the Cangjie ruins.

Thinking carefully about what Nameless had done for the Huaxia martial arts forest, it was only right and voluntary for them to guard Nameless for three days!

“I don’t know, what exactly is inside this Cangjie Ruins.”

“An ancient level relic, there should be some treasures present, right?”

“It always feels like the more powerful the relics are, the less there will be any particularly dazzling treasures, just like the Laozi relics.”

Everyone sat down on the floor and began to whisper.

This way.

The three old men also looked at each other this plopped down.

“The real treasure in the relics is not what is valuable, what treasures and wondrous fruits that are helpful in cultivation, but the cultivation insights left behind by the ancestors.”

Thousand Old Man muttered with his mouth open, “Let’s hope that this time, during the time we bought by putting our lives on the line to confront the Nirvana Saint Lord, Nameless will be able to sense something in the Cangjie Ruins.”

Elder Yuan and Elder Qu, nodded their heads at the same time.


This way.

“Holy Lord.”

Leaving the Himalayas, the Great Exalted One, who was trailing behind the Sacred Lord, opened his mouth and asked, “We’re really leaving just like this, and the Cangjie Ruins are really not wanted?”

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