Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3899 - 3899: Accident

Chapter 3899 - 3899: Accident

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A man shouted arrogantly and strode over, at the same time, he reached out to break Leng Hua’s hand.

Leng Hua glanced at the man and saw seven or eight men following him. Each one of them was tall and burly with a fierce look on their faces. When he saw the man had reached out to try to break his hand, Leng Hua avoided the other person’s outstretched hand and retracted his own hand, then said warmly: “I wasn’t pointing at you.”

“No? Do you think I’m blind? I saw you pointing at me when I was collecting money over there. Speak! What do you want? Huh?”

He stepped forward and stuck his muscly chest out, wanting to hit Leng Hua with his muscly chest. But who knew, when he stepped forward sticking his chest out, he was unable to move his opponent at all. He found this embarrassing.

Especially after having tried a few times and his opponent hadn’t even swayed. This annoyed him even more and so he raised his fist and swung it hard towards Leng Hua’s face.

“Courting death!”

The man shouted angrily and swung his fist out. But in the next moment, the fist not only didn’t hit Leng Hua’s body, but instead was caught by Leng Hua who had stretched out his hand. The man buckled down and turned sideways as Leng Hua’s toes kicked the back of the man’s knees causing him to kneel down immediately.

“Sss ah!”

The man gasped as one hand was twisted behind his back, His knees were sore and numb and he was unable to stand up. His face turned red and he shouted at the seven or eight people who were standing at the side: “What are you looking at? Make a move!”

“Boy! Let go of our boss!”

The seven or eight people shouted as they reached for their waists and pulled out their swords in their waistband then slashed out towards Leng Hua.

Leng Hua pulled the man kneeling on the ground up to block himself. The man was so frightened that his face paled and he exclaimed: “Ah! Watch it! Watch it! Don’t, don’t hurt me!”


As they were unable to hold back their swords, they could only slash them to the side. The airflow that accompanied the blades shocked the man being held by Leng Hua so much that his legs turned weak. He gritted his teeth and shouted at the man who was wielding the sword: “Damn it! Are you trying to kill me or save me? Put your swords away and use your fists instead!”

However, at this time, Leng Hua twisted the man’s arm and swept forward. In a few moves, he had knocked the men who were rushing towards him with their fists to the ground. He looked at the bruised faced men then picked up the man next to him and asked: “Do you want to fight again?”Alll 𝒏𝒆west ch𝒂pt𝒆rs on no./v𝒆l𝒃i/n/(.)c𝒐m

“No, no, I don’t want to fight again.” The man shook his head quickly and replied.

Upon hearing this, Leng Hua pushed him and said: “Get lost! Don’t let me meet you again!”

As soon as the man was free, he hissed and holding his injury with one hand, he glanced at Leng Hua and turned to walk away. However, a sinister look flashed across his eyes and in the next moment, with a move of his sleeves, two hidden weapons shot out suddenly.


Leng Hua had originally intended on letting them go and hadn’t shown any murderous intent. However, when he sensed the murderous aura coming from behind him after he had turned his back, he flicked his sleeves and spirit energy shot out, sending the two hidden weapons back where they came from.

“Swish swish!”

The two hidden weapons were sent back towards the man. The man hadn’t expected the hidden weapons would be sent back to attack him, so he was unable to dodge in time and they pierced his chest.

A scream escaped the man’s mouth and the man’s eyes widened, then he twitched and fell down..

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