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Chapter 921 - The qualification to be arrogan

Chapter 921 - The qualification to be arrogan

Time gradually passed and the group cleared the pot. Su Tao was also bloated when he finished eating. Xie Chang handed a toothpick to Su Tao and began digging his teeth, “My teeth aren’t good. When I was young, I knocked two of my teeth out while playing basketball.

“This mastiff cost at least a million, so it’s natural that it doesn’t taste bad.” Su Tao burped, his breath filled with the stench of meat.

“What?” Xie Chang snapped the toothpick. He was shocked as he looked at Su Tao. “You’re saying that this mastiff cost a million?”

Su Tao patted on Xie Chang’s shoulder and smiled, “I looked into Ma Yongcai. This fellow embezzled public funds to buy two purebred Tibetan Mastiffs. Although he covered it up later, the two million was still spent on the Tibetan Mastiffs. So you just ate the most expensive meat in the world today.”

“Haha!” Xie Chang recovered from the shock and looked at the shred of meat on the toothpick. He stuffed the meat back into his mouth. “I can’t lay waste to this!”

Su Tao wasn’t a dog lover. But he still found it a pity for the dog. Xie Chang’s actions were a little funny. While Su Tao felt disgusted, he also felt amused at the same time.

There was no other way. They just ate a pot of meat that cost two million. In terms of luxury, there was nothing comparable to this meal.

“What do you plan on doing next?” Xie Chang asked in a low voice.

“Did you manage to open the safe?” Su Tao asked.

The reason why Xie Chang went over to visit was to find evidence in Ma Yongcai’s study room.

Ma Yongcai was indeed rich, but he was ultimately a businessman. He hadn’t reached the level that he could hire a bodyguard to protect himself.

Although Ma Yongcai was corrupted, he was still an executive in a state-owned enterprise. So his house was just a display for someone like Xie Chang.

Xie Chang successfully found a safe in Ma Yongcai’s study room. Unsurprised, in addition to money, he also had a large amount of documents in it. Some of them even involved the secrets of the Nonferrous Metals Group.

Shaking his head, Xie Chang smiled bitterly, “The safe is too strong. We broke more than ten hacksaws. I’m thinking of using a laser cutting machine for it.”

Su Tao knew that it would be difficult. But no matter how strudy a safe was, it could still be broken. But it would be bad if the materials inside were ruined.

“Bring me to the safe.” Su Tao smiled.

Xie Chang opened the trunk, revealing a silver safe lying in it. It was covered in scratches. Apparently, Xie Chang had already tried all the methods he could think of.

There were many kinds of safes. Some that were protected by electronic password, mechanical password, and fingerprint ones.

Fingerprint ones were more loved nowadays. As the name suggested, it was unlocked through the fingerprints. There was no need to remember the password and it could be opened with the finger.

“This is a fingerprint safe.” Su Tao sighed.

“I didn’t expect him to use such a high technology.” Xie Chang locked his brows together.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao spoke out, “Wait here for me.”

Su Tao then gave a video call to Sun Xuefeng and smiled, “I need your help with something.”

Sun Xuefeng looked unkempt as he yawned, “What is it?”

Su Tao turned the camera to the safe, which Sun Xuefeng’s eyes immediately lit up, “This is a Deschmann Fingerprint Safe. It’s the best in the world. You just asked the right person to handle the job for you.”

Sun Xuefeng was a top-classed hacker. This fingerprint safe contains a data system. When it came to data, it was just an algorithm. So breathing through the security protection was Sun Xuefeng’s specialty.

“How long do you need?” Su Tao smiled. “I need the information in two hours.”

“About an hour?” Sun Xuefeng rubbed his hands together.

Su Tao then ended his video call with Sun Xuefeng. Standing beside him, Xie Chang asked, “How is it?”

“He’ll need an hour.” Su Tao smiled.

“Where is he then?” Xie Chang frowned.

“He can be anywhere as long as he has a computer.” Su Tao smiled.

In front of his laptop, Sun Xuefeng frantically tapped away at the keyboard. First, he had to find information on Ma Yongcai before finding his phone number and take control of his phone.

Ma Yongcai had installed an application related to the safe, so it was Sun Xuefeng’s key.

The reason why Ma Yongcai downloaded the app was because he could unlock the safe remotely through the application. Then again, Ma Yongcai wasn’t proficient with using phones. He didn’t even use those functions when he bought it. When he bought the safe, he did it so that he could get another layer of assurance.

Nowadays, many people like to install applications on their phones. But there were some applications that would leak your information, especially camera applications. Hackers could keep you under surveillance through it.

Then again, someone at Sun Xuefeng’s level wasn’t that bored. He was more interested in challenging invasions.

He intercepted the communication data between the application and cloud service. Decrypting the data through the loopholes, he re-encrypted it again and sent it to the cloud service. After a series of attacks with data packets, the server became paralyzed. He made use of that split second to look through the password data and filter them to find data on Ma Yongcai’s safe.

Sun Xuefeng did his job cleanly, leaving no traces behind.

In the eyes of the staff responsible for the database, the screen connected to the server just went black.

Roughly half an hour later, Su Tao’s phone rang. He knew that it was Sun Xuefeng as he picked it up and smiled, “Is it done?”

Sun Xuefeng sat before his laptop and said started counting down confidently, “One... two... three...” He then hit the ‘Enter’ key.

A crisp sound was heard, followed by Xie Chang’s exclamation, “It’s open! The brother who was previously responsible for the safe had blisters on his hand. It looks like you have to use the brain if you want to get things done nowadays.”

When Ma Xiangming returned home, he was shocked to see his mother anxiously walking around, “What’s wrong?”

“We got robbed!” Huang Lan replied.

Ma Xiangming sighed inwardly. He thought that his mother had just lost some jewellery. It was fine as long as their lives weren’t threatened.

Ma Xiangming entered the study room and saw his father hugging his head. When he looked at the bookshelf behind the desk, he saw a compartment in the middle separated, revealing a one meter wide hole.

“What’s wrong?” Ma Xiangming asked, anxiously.

“Can’t you see?!” Ma Yongcai snapped. His eyes were covered with veins.

“Did we lose a lot of money?” Ma Xiangming quickly asked. “Shall we call the cops?”

“What’s the use of calling the cops?” Ma Yongcai slammed on the table. “Do you want to land me in trouble?!”

Ma Xiangming quickly realized what happened. Most people would call the cops if they lost something at home. But if they really managed to find the culprit, wouldn’t the content be exposed?

“Dad, forget it if it’s just one or two million. Money is a worldly object. We can always earn it back.” Ma Xiangming comforted his father.

“It’s not a matter of money now. If the documents inside fall into someone’s hand, then I’ll be sent to jail!” Ma Yongcai rubbed his hands nervously. “That won’t do! I have to leave immediately! As for you, take good care of your mother!”

Ma Xiangming’s face immediately became ugly with beads of sweat on the tip of his nose. From how his father reacted, he knew that his father wanted to run away.

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll face it together. We can’t just run away.” Ma Xiangming tried to persuade his father. If his father fell, would he be able to take care of his mother?

Ma Xiangming didn’t have that confidence.

“Bear it?” Ma Yongcai sighed. “Do you know that if the content is revealed, I will be facing execution?” Vissit n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for 𝒏ew 𝒏ovels

Ma Yongcai immediately grabbed his luggage and left the house, turning a deaf ear to his wife and son’s persuasion.

Su Tao and Liu Ruochen followed Vice-Premier Shi Zhongtian into the Nonferrous Metals Group to meet the Chairman, Shi Ji’an.

If it wasn’t for Shi Zhongtian’s recommendation, there was no way Su Tao and Liu Ruochen could meet Shi Ji’an.

Shi Ji’an was fifty-eight this year. He had a relatively thin figure with clear eyes and extraordinary bearing. Since he could be the helm of the corporation, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Shi Ji’an once served as the mayor of Xijing City before transferring over. So when gave up his position as an official, he became free with his life.

Shi Ji’an was shocked to see Su Tao and Liu Ruochen. The two were young. He glanced at Shi Zhongtian faintly, signaling for him to introduce Su Tao and Liu Ruochen.

“Mr. Shi, these two are TCM specialists, Su Tao and the Aqua Cloud Stream’s Liu Ruochen.” Shi Zhongtian smiled.

“It’s an honor!” Shi Ji’an smiled. At the same time, he didn’t forget to look at Shi Zhongtian in perplexion. He was wondering why Shi Zhongtian brought them over.

Su Tao took a sip of the tea and smiled, “Mr. Shi, I have an appointment with you today to talk about the acquisition of your hospital.”

Shi Ji’an’s face immediately sank. His tone sounded his displeasure, “We also want to reform the hospital. But as you know, there’s no way I can interfere with the hospital.”

“Firstly, I can understand your difficulty. But the hospital has become corrupted to the core. Without reformation, it would only become worse. In the end, it’s the country’s loss. Secondly, I have something that I want to show you. I believe that you will change your mind after looking at them.” Su Tao nodded.

Shi Ji’an was dumbfounded. Where did Su Tao get that confidence from?

Su Tao took the document that Liu Ruochen had long prepared and gave it to Shi Ji’an.

Shi Ji’an subconsciously frowned. He put on his reading glasses reluctantly and looked at the document. After a few glances, his face sank down. Because Su Tao was qualified to be arrogant!

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