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Chapter 450 The First Part Of The World Domination Plan

The attack Victor performed was way less powerful than the ones Arthur could do, but that did not mean they were weak.

With just one slash, many goblins died, reducing its army to half.

"What was that?" Kennedy said.

He and all the other villagers could not believe Victor had such power hidden within! They had never seen him do anything close to that.

"Maybe we can win this battle?"

The once scared troops were now with hope, not scared of the goblins anymore.

Arthur, who was sitting on that same chair, watching everything from the watchtower, was surprised.

"I thought it would take him longer to do the attack. Not bad."

It shocked not only the villagers but the goblins, especially the one who was in the tenth circle.

Out of all the goblins, it was the one who had some intelligence, so it knew the fight ahead would be a difficult one.

The goblin knew that, yet it wanted to keep going! Going back would only make the rest of the goblins see him as weak, and their goal was to take over the village!

"We can win the fight. Everyone, stay in formation," Victor said.

They had the advantage near the village's walls. Leaving the area to face the goblins would make that advantage vanish, which would be a dumb move to make.

Arthur knew Victor could only perform that attack once, so he still wondered if the villagers would have what it takes to win the fight.

Well, they would win regardless because Arthur would help them, but could they win without his help?

That was what he wanted to know, and when the goblin army came clashing with the villagers, the ones who were at the front, blocking the attacks with their shields, were the ones who had to endure the most!

If the number of goblins was slightly lower, then the fight would be an easy one, but with that many goblins, they could circle around the villagers who had the shields, and attack them from the back!

Arthur saw how a goblin did that and slashed his sword toward a villager who did not have a way to block it!

"I cannot let anyone die," Arthur thought.

He vanished from the watchtower, appearing next to that villager who was getting attacked.


The villager couldn't understand how someone got there out of nowhere, but he remembered Arthur's face, as did the entire village.

It was not every day that an outsider when there, that's why.

Arthur moved his finger toward the goblin's head, and when it touched it, the goblin died, having its life essence drained by him.

After that, Arthur appeared in front of the villagers, and he moved his hand, casting a wind that made all the goblins nearby to fly.

He used mana to make his voice louder and said, "I did not plan on helping, only if things got bad. But this fight is too boring... I wanted to have some entertainment, yet this sucks."

Arthur aimed the palm of his hand toward the goblin army. He had many essences to use, many spells, but seeing how he did not want to destroy the surrounding area, he cast one of the wood element!

"Blooming Forest!"

The ground shook, and within seconds, roots emerged from underneath, piercing through the goblins!

It killed them from the inside, destroy all of their organs. Then, the root used those nutrients to form a tree, and the once plain area near the village turned into a forest!

Everything happened so fast, the villagers were still in a state of shock.

Victor had to be the first one to speak, saying, "this man I rescued is way more powerful than I thought, and-"Folll0w current novÊls on n/o/v/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Before he could finish, Kennedy was already on his knees, looking toward Arthur as if he was a god!

"He told me he was a god, but I did not trust him, but now I do! A god finally came to this place to help us!"

Kennedy was not the only one. All the other villagers who saw what Arthur did were on the ground, kneeling.

"Please, accept our offers! Tonight, we will make a feast!"

When Arthur saw all of that, an idea popped inside his mind, one that would make everyone practice the Dragon Meditation Technique, even those who did not have faith in him.

"Hehe, this will be the perfect plan to get stronger."


That night, everyone from the village celebrated. There were many foods, drinks, and people playing instruments around a massive campfire built in the middle of the village.

The kids were running around, playing, and gazing at Arthur from time to time.

"We were the first to say he was a fallen god, but the adults did not believe us, and now what?"


Arthur was there among them, but was not feeling that great. His wives had yet to wake up, so that was making him unhappy.

"They will wake up, you know," Victor said, sitting beside Arthur near the fire.

"I know, but when?"


Victor had no words to make Arthur feel better, and he was careful to not make him more unhappy saying the wrong thing, so he just kept quiet, and offered Arthur a cup of beer.

"Thanks," Arthur said, gulping the beer in one go.

The two spent the night drinking, and Victor shared many of his stories while he was still an aspiring mage who traveled the world.

It was a good thing to hear those things, as it widened Arthur's horizons about the unknown planet he was.

"I'll go back to the cabin," Arthur said.

He wanted to check on how his wives were doing, but before he did anything, a woman came running toward him.

"Please, help my son!" the woman said, more like begged.

It was lady Marylin, who had a son that one day got sick for no reason, and now it does not have enough strength to leave their bed!

She did not have the money to pay a decent doctor, and the mages in the village did not know what her son had.

But now that Arthur showed up, it gave Marylin hope! If there was someone who could heal her son, that had to be the so-called god.

"What is wrong?" Arthur asked.

He was new in the village, so he did not know about her story.

"It's my boy. He is sick. Please help him! I will do anything you want."

Arthur had his plan, and that lady would be the first part of it.

"Show me where he is."

Marylin could not believe something like that was happening. She nodded and showed Arthur where their house was.

It was small, just like all the others in the village, but Marylin's husband died, so he had to take care of her son alone, which made everything harder.

When they got there, she said, "don't mind the mess. Here, this is his room."

She showed her boy's room, and there Arthur saw it, a boy who was lying on the bed, sleeping.

Arthur could tell the kid was bad. He had a fever and could not move the lower part of his body.


That was the first guess. But either way, Arthur would not heal the boy for free!

The first part of his plan was starting!

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