Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 1014: Extra II

Chapter 1014: Extra II

As a prince, he doesn’t know whether he is lucky or not. He had the unique love and trust of his imperial father, but all this was because of his poor health, and he had no chance of inheriting the throne.

His imperial father can trust him without any scruples and give him unparalleled favor because no matter how much his imperial father trusts him or loves him, no minister will get on his side.

His body determined that he would never be able to ascend to the throne. He thought the same. At least since he was sensible, he has never thought about being an emperor.

In the Imperial Xiao Family, anyone can sit on the throne, but he can't. Of course, his body doesn't allow people to think about this issue.

What qualifications does a person who always fights for his life with the King of Hell have to pursue anything else?

Every time he got sick, he thought he was going to die, but he managed to hold on and survived.

He doesn’t want to let go of this world. He wanted to see what the world will become tomorrow.

If he dies, he will never see it again, so he works hard to live. Even if he was in pain, he still smiled to the world.

Every time he got sick, he would see his mother sitting at his bedside, with red eyes and a haggard face, and his heart would ache. Sometimes he can't help but think, if he dies, what will happen to his mother? Will she be free?

If he dies, will his mother be able to have another healthy child? Instead of having to be dragged down by him like this all the time?

However, every time this thought arises, his mother will hug him and cry, saying: "If you die, I will not live anymore. I will only have you as her child in this life, I will never have another child."

It would be a lie to say that he was not moved. In the palace, a place where people can eat people, and where profit comes first, family affection was a luxury. He was fortunate to not only receive the wholehearted love of his mother but also gain the trust and love of his father.

He thought he was happy. He lost his health, but he had the true love that the prince in the palace could never ask for in his life.

He thought he would live like this for the rest of my life until he got sick and died in bed, then she appeared and changed his destiny.

He knew who she was, the daughter of Prime Minister Lin and the Crown Prince's fiancée, but she married his imperial uncle and became his little imperial aunt.

His mother once told him that she was a poor woman. Originally, the Empress revealed her intention to marry him, but she was rejected by his mother, and his imperial father also disagreed. They all thought she was not worthy of him.

Not many people know about this matter. After all, the Empress only had this intention, and the matter did not work out. He also didn't take it to heart. It's not that he thought he was not worthy of him, but for someone like him who can die at any time, he shouldn't marry a wife. He shouldn't ruin a woman's life.

When he first met his little imperial aunt, he didn't have a good impression of her. He thought she was a frivolous woman. It was normal for the prince to dislike her. He even felt aggrieved for his imperial uncle inside his heart. But what happened later made me understand how wrong he was to look at people with prejudice.

She was very good, really good. There was no better woman than her in this world. Even if she ruined his life and made him see the cruel truth, he was still grateful to her. He was grateful to her for letting him grow up, and understand how stupid his old self was.

His imperial aunt was not a frivolous person. She took the initiative to talk to him at that time just to take the opportunity to diagnose his disease and to confirm privately whether his disease could be cured. She didn't tell him in advance and made him happy in vain.

His imperial aunt was not stupid either. She knew the Seventh Prince’s intentions, the Crown Prince’s stupidity, and even the Empress’s unkindness. She also knew that his mother was not a good person, but she still chose to treat him. Even though she knew that treating him wouldn't be good for the great cause of the imperial uncle, she still chose to help him, and even convinced his imperial uncle.

At that moment, he was truly touched. At that moment, he also regretted it. He thought more than once if the Empress had been tougher, or if his mother didn't refuse, or if he had fought for it himself, would he be the one she married?

As soon as this idea emerged, it took root in his heart. He would think of it from time to time, and from time to time he would have thoughts of regrets. Regret for not fighting for it at the time, regret for looking at her with prejudice, but……

It was too late!

There was no medicine for regret. The most painful thing in this world was "if he knew it earlier", so what if he knew it earlier?

He has thought more than once, what would happen if I could turn back time? The time before she and his imperial uncle got married?

If he marries her, would he be able to bring her happiness?

He can't!

After he recovered from the illness, he realized how stupid he was. He thought he had seen everything and was the most understanding person in the palace. As a bystander, he watched the people in the palace fight with each other, but reality slapped me hard.

He had never seen through anyone. What he always had was just his ridiculous self-righteousness and ridiculous aloofness. He was not the most understanding person in the palace, but the most confused one.

His mother loves him, but she doesn’t love him as much as she does. She loved him, but as not as much as she loved herself and power. She was so kind to him because she couldn't give birth to another child. As her only child, she can only devote all her love to him because he won the favor of his imperial father.

In this way, even if he cannot inherit the throne, as long as he lives one more day, he can help her win more of the emperor's favor. Even if he can't sit on the throne, the power he can have on his fiefdom will not be weak.

His mother loves him, but she loves herself and power more. Similarly, his imperial father dotes on me and trusts me, all because he is disabled. As soon as his body recovered, his previous love and trust disappeared. Once it disappeared, in his eyes, he became just an ordinary prince, nothing special in the slightest.

For a long time, he felt like a joke!

His health was recovered, but his life turned into the normal life of an ordinary prince. His mother was happy for him that he recovered his health, but that was because he could start competing for the throne.

He was forced by his mother to contact his grandfather’s family and deal with the ministers to determine the candidate for his future wife. His future wife doesn't need to be virtuous or beautiful. He also doesn't need to like her. As long as her family can help him.

Watching his mother talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each young lady's family one by one, and how each of them can help him, he almost couldn't help but ask: If the woman he like cannot support him can't he not marry her?

Is marriage all about help? What about Lin Chujiu and his imperial uncle?

Lin Chujiu was the abandoned daughter of Prime Minister Lin, how would she help his imperial uncle?

And yet, after his imperial uncle married Lin Chujiu, he still treated Lin Chujiu like a rare treasure.

After Lin Chujiu married his imperial uncle, although she had no support from her natal family, she used her knowledge to help his imperial uncle and accompany him to the highest position. Isn't such a woman worth marrying?

He doesn't know what was the right answer. Because he had never asked it. He was afraid that if he asked, he would not be able to restrain his ambition.

He even thought more than once if he married Lin Chujiu, would the man who ascended to the highest position be him?

It was a pity, there was no what if…

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