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Chapter 222 222:The Grand Plan

Chapter 222 222:The Grand Plan

Leon made his goal to become stronger but he didn't know how to do this...

Being lost, he wandered...

He wandered across the lonely streets, and the vilest slums, and at the end of the day, he would be found praying in church.

He wandered around meaningless as if searching for something.

He dropped out of school and ran away from the orphanage which was like a leash of clothes wrapped around his neck.

He started to do miscellaneous tasks to earn a living but he never begged, he never stole nor did he take money from anyone who gave him in pity.

Days passed followed by months which soon turned to years.

He learned various martial arts, fought in the street, and did all kinds of things he could to train his body until his body started breaking apart.

However, amidst all of this, he didn't forget one thing which was to believe in God but even that was coming to an end and he started to lose his patience.

When he asked the Priest about his suffering.

The Priest would cast him a gentle smile and then explain.

"He is the noble and supreme existence of all. Everything is part of his grand plan. Who are we to doubt his plan? Just believe in him and walk the path that has been laid before you."

Every day he would read the Bible, hear the Priest's preaching, and at the end try to understand.

He even started praying to other religions, understanding their beliefs.

He even read fantasy novels and story books of fairy tales ending where the protagonist despite the cruel fight, endless misery, and pain, had a very good and happy ending.

He grabbed onto everything that was enough to motivate him and believe in the process.

But at last, he finally snapped out of his patience, unable to carry on but amidst all this, there was still a ray of hope.

A thread of love that bound his heart and healed his heart made him feel that he wasn't a pathetic lone soul.


Leon was now 14 years old and now lived in a single-room and bathroom-rented apartment in a small town.

The apartment was next to the girl he had a sincere crush on. No, maybe he had already fallen for her.

Her name was Ana who daringly invaded his life during that rainy time.

Leon started to get closer to the cheerful girl but as he got closer, he found that her life wasn't as cheerful as it seemed.

It was worse…..

Her life was also filled with thorns and sadness because of her father who lost a huge sum of money due to gambling and moved out from a high-end house to this small apartment where Leon followed.

One day as usual after wandering around till late night, Leon put his keys to open the door but he was about to step in when a piercing scream shattered the stillness of the night.

"Fucking bitch."

"Can't do a thing well."

"I am gonna fucking kill you."


"No stop!"

"Please, don't hit her….If you want to kill, hit me...Please...Aaaahh!"

Leon jolted awake, his heart pounding in his chest.

He was already used to this scream.

The sound came from Ana's house.

Ana's father was a tall man who looked calm and a good person but at night he would turn into a beast. He would gamble squandering all the money while her mom and she had to work hard to earn.

After being drunk and taking drugs, he would hit his wife who would try to protect Ana from abuse.

Leon tried to help Ana and her mother but Ana's mother was too afraid to leave or complain because the man threatened that if she left or complained irrespective of the consequences he would kill her daughter.

Meanwhile, Ana loved her father very much and every time Leon mentioned her father she would burst into tears and start recounting the story of her lovely childhood when her father was a very good man and would care for him.

She said that he cared for them and would soon change when they saw their love.

This left a very bitter aftertaste and sometimes he even urge to kill that asshole but thinking that Ana would be sad, he stopped in.

Except for the matter with father, he had never seen Ana sad, who would always say that it was one of God's Grand Plans.

He is making them suffer now to prepare for the happy times ahead.

It's because of her that he was able to persist in the belief of God and Goodness.

But unable to calm his heart, Leon even sneaked in to complain but the Cops didn't give a damn and dismissed him calling him a third wheel.

So, it had been going around like this but Leon felt a bad premonition as the screams were especially loud along with the shattering of glass.

A loud sound echoed followed by Ana's heavy gasp.


After the scream, a deafening silence prevailed. Gêt the latest ch𝒂pters on n𝒐velbin(.)com

And this silence frightened him more than the loud noises.

His heart started to beat in unease.

This was almost a daily affair but this time the sounds were quite intense and a bad premonition suffocated his heart.

He wasn't able to restrain himself and knocked on the door loudly.

"Open the door."

"Hey, open the door."

Leon banged the door loudly like a madman. The apartment rooms around were empty. The place was at quite a narrow end and low tier. Most people living here are poor workers who have a night shift in the nearby factory and the few remaining are women who turn a blind eye cause everyone's house conditions are the same.

While the man spent the day drinking, the woman would be whoring around. By chance, if you are good then congratulations, you have won a gift package to get suppressed and suffer.

So, he was alone here.

"Stop it son of bitch and go home."An angry manly voice came from inside.

Despite the screams, the answer coming from the door remained changed but what scared him was there was no sound of Ana or her mother.

Usually, Ana would have run to open the door. His patience snapped.

"Damn! I'm going in.."

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