Rebirth from the Ashes

Chapter 795 Happy Ending

Shen Xi and Li Yuan were first-time parents, but Shangguan Yanqiu and Fu Handing got them covered. Hands-on with the children, the old folks enjoyed a pretty laid-back life of gardening and raising their grandchildren.

Song Wenye would, oftentimes, dump her son on Shangguan Yanqiu and Fu Handing. The old couple was mild-natured, patient, and attentive with the children. Most of all, they loved kids and were happy to take them on.

Time passed in a blink of an eye. Soon, the children went from crawling, waddling, running, and babbling, to the age of following adults around.

Mianmian the crybaby kicked the habit of crying at every single thing as he grew up. However, he would go up against anyone who called him out on his past.

On the other hand, Tangtang, taking after Mianmain and Yu Song, went from a behaved little princess to a wild child. She hiked mountains, climbed trees, caught fish in the river, and collected bugs. There was nothing she would not do or was scared of.

Yesterday, she hid in the bushes in a game of hide and seek. Her hair got into a tangling mess and matted too much to be combed through. In the end, Shen Xi furiously took out the scissors and snipped it all off.

Li Yuan always stood by his wife, supporting her in every decision and cleaning up the aftermath. At least, the little girl's unkempt hair was now a buzz cut.

Shangguan Yanqiu and Fu Handing were in distress when they came home. They told Shen Xi off for chopping off Tangtang's locks. It was not easy to grow her hair to a good length.

Yu Song and Li Mianmian voluntarily gave themselves timeout at a wall because of their little sister's hair fiasco. They promised to protect Tangtang so nothing of this sort would ever happen again.

The last one smiling turned out to be Tangtang. She showed off her buzz cut to everyone as if it was such a big honor.

Shen Xi was caught between tears and laughter, exclaiming that she should ditch the kid.

Li Yuan consoled her, saying that girls should behave like Tangtang so as not to become a pushover later in life. Kids should just be kids since childhood only lasted for so long.

During Tangtang and Mianmian's 2nd birthday party, Fu Qingli planned a proposal and Lu Li finally said yes. It was their turn for a happy ending.

The wedding was set for six months later.

The wedding venue was a castle by the sea.

Shen Xi and the rest went a month ahead to get familiar with the surroundings but honestly, they were there for a holiday.

Then came the grand wedding after a full week of fun. It was a livelier scene than Shen Xi and the other girls' wedding. It was a magical sight that tingled with the senses with flowers, a beautiful backdrop, and blessings.

The flower children were Tangtang and Mianmian. These adorable two-year-olds added a touch of vibrancy and cuteness to the wedding.

Shen Xi held Lu Guoguo while Li Yuan carried Lu Zhen as they watched the couple exchange rings and vows. Shen Xi and Li Yuan were brought back to the time they got married.

Three years had unknowingly gone by. Their babies were now two years of age and played the parts of flower children. Time sure flew by in the midst of happiness.

Li Yuan looked at his wife who was standing next to him with love in his eyes and held her hand.

Shen Xi drew close. "Brother, I can't believe how time slipped away."

Time sure crept up on them. It felt as though it was only yesterday when they tied the knot. The memories and that moment's heartbeat were so fresh and clear in her mind.

"Yes." Li Yuan gleefully responded while interlocking their fingers. Feeling the warmth from her skin, his heart had never been so full.


After the ceremony, Shen Xi took the kids along and sneaked to the beach. She brought some food and found a spot to put a blanket and sit down.

The boundless white sand and azure waters were a sight to behold.

Tangtang's favorite fruit was strawberry. She was very picky and only ate the tip of the strawberry.

It was a habit she picked up from Shen Xi as the latter only ate the pointy bit of strawberries. Tangtang and Mianmian inherited that from her.

The ocean breeze was soothing, especially when the temperature dropped in the evening, and the sunset painted a warm orange hue on the sea. The best time to come out and play was during this magnificent scene.

They were at a private beach. No one else was around aside from their group.

Realizing that Shen Xi and the kids were missing, Song Wenye ran out and found the lot on the beach. She approached them as they were helping themselves to some strawberries.

Shen Xi ate the tip of the strawberries and left the rest on the empty plate which was then picked up by Yu Song.

Tangtang took a small bite out of the strawberry and stuffed the remainder in Yu Song's mouth.

Mianmian nibbled on the strawberry tip before furrowing his brows in dilemma. He was lost in thought about what to do with the remnant.

"Give me." Yu Song volunteered.

Mianmian hesitated for a while before handing him the leftover.

Song Wenye had no idea whether to laugh or cry. The little rascal sure did not have high ambitions. It was not like their family could not afford strawberries, yet here he was taking the leftovers.

Sensing his mother's gaze, Yu Song ate and mumbled, "Mom, I like to eat strawberries. The strawberry butt is the yummiest."

He then quietly peeked at Tangtang.

Song Wenye pointed at him without a word. Taking a seat by Shen Xi, she joked, "See that? My son likes to eat strawberry butts."

She then bit on a strawberry and shoved the rest in Yu Song's mouth. "Have some more if you like them. They're all yours."

Yu Song compliantly nodded. "Sure."

Song Wenye gnashed her teeth. The silly kid could not read sarcasm.

Shen Xi chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" Song Wenye spoke in hushed tones and broke into a smile. "You should have Tangtang to thank for."

Song Wenye's son accepted whatever food Tangtang disliked or left uneaten. He could not be more hung up about Tangtang.

Shen Xi answered with a grin. "Your son will make a good husband."Th/e most uptodat𝓮 n𝒐vels are published on n0velbj)n(.)co/m

It was clear from Yu Song's daily mannerisms that he had high IQ and EQ. He was attentive, caring, and considerate of people's feelings. It was amazing for someone his age.

Song Wenye replied, "He's devoted too. Have you seen him so nice to girls other than Tangtang?"

With Shen Xi turning over, the girls exchanged looks and smiled.

The three toddlers, who were enjoying strawberries in a corner, turned toward them. Although they had no idea why their moms were smiling, they grinned along too.

Not too far away, Li Yuan and Yu Yuanxi walked side by side toward the group.

The sunset, the sea, the ladies and children sitting by the beach, and the gentlemen heading toward them lovingly drew an eternal picture of bliss and happiness.

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