Reborn to Be A Noble Wife

Chapter 540 - 540 Guilty Upon the Head First

Chapter 540 Guilty Upon the Head First

Miss, I heard that it was a minister surnamed Qu’s residence where a favored concubine destroyed his wife, killing the original spouse, and the concubine rose to the top, and the one who was taken by the Da Lisi just now is this concubine who has already risen to the top.” The maiden was an eloquent one, squeezing into the crowd, and within a few words she had inquired about everything.

“Squire Qu?” The lady dropped the curtains in her hands in surprise, and after a moment’s silence, muttered suspiciously to herself.

“Yes, it means a Squire surnamed Qu.” The maid nodded her head and wiped the sweat from her head, “Miss, why does the slave girl feel a bit familiar, it seems like she has heard it somewhere.”

“Minister Qu of the Ministry of Public Works, the first daughter born to the original spouse was the fourth young miss of the Qu House, and the one born to the concubine who was corrected later on was the third young miss of the Qu House, the concubine was born even earlier than the original spouse, and she was also a pair of twins.” The young lady picked the curtain again with a greenish finger and looked out the window.

The people outside the window had crowded forward past it, and there were relatively few on this side.

“Miss, how do you know so well.” The maid was surprised.

The corner of the lady’s lips silently hooked, revealing a hint of a mocking smile, of course she knew, before she had entered the capital, she had heard of this Fourth Miss Qu.

The main reason was that this Fourth Miss Qu also had an eye disease, which caught her attention, and thus she inquired more about this Fourth Miss Qu.

In fact, at that time, I thought it was strange, a concubine is clearly later than the original pair of the main room into the door, but Mr. son, how to see how wrong, as for this original wife, I heard that in the end or difficult to die, that is to say, in the birth of this Qu four young lady, difficult to give birth to even life is not saved.

At that time, I was afraid that it wasn’t simple, but I didn’t expect it to be!

The hand fell again, “Have someone go to the Utopia County King’s residence and report a message!”

This matter has little to do with her, she listened to a voice on the line, as for the future and this Qu fourth miss basically impossible to have anything to do with, at most when people talk about themselves also talk about her, after all, the biggest similarity between the two is that they both have eye disease.

Eyes closing slightly, he reached up and pressed at his own eyelids; the eye problem wasn’t really that bad, it was for that mind of his own then, and it still was under his eyes as well.

With the eye disease as a hurdle, the relationship with the king of Utopia is also close, at least when it comes to their own eye disease, it will inevitably be linked to the king of Utopia.

In fact, this eye disease has long been cured, and binding the eye veil is just a meaning.

“Yes, Miss.” The maid answered.

The carriage slowly started, followed in the wake of the crowd into the city, once in the city, turned a direction, since the crowd sparse place to go over …

Yue Wenhan took Yu and a group of prisoners to the Da Lisi, entered the door of the Da Lisi, Yue Wenhan straight to seek the Da Lisi Secretary Zhang Daren.

His carriage is not fast, and there is Yu s oxcart behind it, and he has already sent someone to report to Zhang Daoren before.

Lord Zhang already knew about this matter and saw him come in with a deep frown, this kind of matter should actually be more of a matter for the Ministry of Justice.

All the cases can be the Ministry of Justice to host, the Da Lisi although is a similar institution, but hosted some relatively serious some, of course the most serious ones will be transferred to the Western Prison to deal with afterwards.

Like this kind of concubine extermination case, how to look at it is not like a serious, at most, the Ministry of Justice can deal with it.

Yue Wenhan came in and saluted, and Lord Zhang waved his hand, “Wenhan, what’s going on?”

This matter seemed ordinary, but the people involved were not ordinary, and Lord Zhang actually did not want to take over such a matter at all.

“Sir, the next official today went to investigate a fugitive, I heard that fled to that area, I did not expect to come across this thing, first of all, the scoundrel Wang Wu chaotic rummage nunnery nunnery master’s house, said that this nunnery master conspired to murder the then old nunnery master, that is, Wang Wu’s own aunt, but also searched for a silver ticket, the next official is, naturally, can not be hand in hand, and then arrested the person.”

“I did not expect that this back also involves the things of the Qu House, before being killed by the second Mrs. Qu is the younger aunt of the next official, the next official is even more unable to sit back and watch, the younger aunt married to the Qu House, the great aunt married to the Linganbo House, originally all good, now … now there is only Cousin Qu left. ”

Yue Wenhan lowered his head sadly as he said this, his complexion gloomy. Gêtt the latest ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/velbin(.)com

Lord Zhang’s head ached even more, reaching out to press the acupoints on his forehead, he knew that Yue Wenhan would see these things and would bring the people here as a matter of sense, whether it was for public or private, he was right, even if this should be the Ministry of Penalty’s control, the Da Lisi’s people would inevitably intervene when they saw it.

But is it a good thing to get involved in?

Listen to the Yue Wenhan just mentioned in the words of the Qu House, not to mention the first, Ling Anbo House that is the first Prince Consort’s mother’s family, although the first Prince Consort is gone, the Prince also re-ordered the Prince Consort, but said the Prince of the first Prince Consort of the love of the Prince of the deep and righteousness of the Prince of the things that involve the Prince of the House can be simple to deal with it?

At the thought of this, Lord Zhang felt bad about his entire being.

Qu Squire is now also regarded as the imperial grace is long, recently met him when he was still in the palace to repair the palace room, repair I heard or the past yuan after living in the place, that place is actually very little repair, is afraid of repairing some of the old to the injury, and now since rest assured that let the Qu Squire to repair, this is to believe that he means.

One of Squire Qu’s daughters is still in the King Jing’s House, and this daughter should be born to this current head wife, the concubine from before.

Both sides involved people who were too good to be true, and it was still over such a thing that was not even a big deal in Lord Zhang’s eyes, it was really not worth it.

“This matter can be big or small, in fact, it can be sent to the Ministry of Justice first.” Senior Zhang thought it was better to kick this off first.

“My lord, my humble servant doesn’t think it’s right.” Yue Wenhan opened his mouth to stop it.

“Why?” Zhang Daoren was puzzled, this matter how to see how troublesome, whoever takes over will not get well, no matter it is the crown prince’s house or King Jing’s house, it does not seem to be good to get along with, even if this matter turns around to get to them, everyone in the capital knows that the crown prince and King Jing do not deal with each other.

In the end don’t turn it into a fight between the two of them, then this is going to be difficult!

“My lord, this matter was discovered by our Da Lisi, and it also involves the officials, originally our Da Lisi can also do it, if your lordship pushes this matter to the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, attracting the people of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs to push the committee not to mention that, but also may make the people of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs look down upon our Da Lisi, which in the future if there is any case, the several adults of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs will have a say.”

Yue Wenhan said with a sense of purpose.

He said that before the Ministry of Justice and the Da Lisi together to do a case, the Ministry of Justice feel that they have the highest right to speak, the Zhang Daren as a deputy, for which Zhang Daren also came back to a flurry of fire, feel that in the future against the Ministry of Justice, must not be weak, absolutely must have the upper hand.

This said the teeth of Zhang Daoren also hurt, silence, he certainly does not want to let the Ministry of Justice on the head, but also do not want to put this matter the whole whole next, the follow-up of this matter is really do not know how it will be.

“My lord don’t worry, this is basically all the way over here, it has already been sort of scrutinized clearly.” Yue Wenhan knew what he was wondering and spoke.

“How?” Lord Zhang asked.

“My humble servant was just asking a few questions as a rule before, Yu’s naturally resisted not to say, Fang came all the way here, many people already know about this matter, now the capital is full of rain, are the things that Yu’s harmed in the first place, according to my humble servant’s opinion, out of such a thing, the qu minister will not necessarily come to see Yu’s, we move faster here, we can finalize the case, and so on the case is finalized, and then handed over to the Ministry of Justice, and also let the people of the Ministry of Justice see your lordship’s methods.”

Yue Wenhan said.

These words fell into Lord Zhang’s mind, still still smooth and proper.

After nodding his head, Lord Zhang asked again, “Will it really be quick to interrogate?”

“Will be fast, Yu’s maid and nunnery are all very good to interrogate, just Yu will resist, but the two of them confessed, she even if she resisted again is useless.” Yue Wenhan frankly said, “Fang all the way over, many people know, the entire capital city’s remarks are on our side, this is extremely good for your lordship’s official reputation.”

Yue Wenhan last sentence said extremely light, words finished head lowered, the meaning of this word Zhang Daoren understand, he recently coincidentally have so an opportunity to want to move, but the opponents are also equal to him, and there is more than one, if this will be able to quickly take care of this matter, in all people have not yet made a move before to deal with the clean up, is not it his means?

It would have given him a lot of points.

Especially since it may also involve the two Crown Prince and King Jing, it will certainly also attract the Emperor’s attention, so looking at it, it may not be a good thing.

“Then take them in first and interrogate them right away.” Lord Zhang said.

“Yes, my humble servant will go and make arrangements.” Yue Wenhan breathed a sigh of relief and was about to retreat but was called back by Lord Zhang, “This matter, you can’t ask about it yourself, it’s better for me to do it!”

Yue Wenhan is also closely related to this case and can bring the culprits here, but cannot intervene.

“Lord Zhang, my humble servant knows that, my humble servant is just going to arrange some things so that the few of them don’t conspire.” Yue Wenhan said.

“Good, I’ll send someone to ask in a moment, but what is to be done about this city-wide affair? The matter hasn’t been officially finalized yet, and to make a scene like this, it’s not good to talk about it.” Lord Zhang had new doubts.

“Lord Zhang, this matter that is all over the city has little to do with our Da Lisi, the mouths are open on the people’s bodies, what they want to say has nothing to do with us, we only asked what we should have asked and what we should have done, as for the rest of the time, we are busy with our official business, and we don’t care about this kind of idle talk.”

Yue Wenhan smiled faintly, meaning to say, a hint of sinister in his eyes flashed.

Of course he knew what those specious words made those incense villagers think, and after that it was even more and more evil with intentional provocation.

This matter has not actually been tried clearly now, but in the rumors outside, it has already been a word, all the remarks are on the side of the little aunt, Yu’s to be cleared must also have real evidence, but it is impossible for Yu’s to have it, this is what the cousin said to grab the first opportunity.

Before the case has not yet been finalized, this precedent has already been seized, both for the Yi has not yet confessed, everyone preconceived, is already so identified.

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