Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 789 789: Tang Li Xue’s Daily Life!

Chapter 789 Chapter 789: Tang Li Xue's Daily Life!

Tang Li Xue instantly deflated in great disappointment after she heard Teacher Li Wei's reply.

But her disappointed looks made Teacher Li Wei even more pissed off, so he pinched Tang Li Xue's soft silver furry fox ear, then pulled it.

"Ouch, Ouch, Ouch... It really hurts, Teacher Li~!" Tang Li Xue whined in pain.

"I had told you that I needed at least a few days, didn't I?! What's with your disappointed look?! It has only been a day since you left those boxes here! I am an extremely busy fox, so how could I spend all day tinkering with your boxes?!" Teacher Li Wei scolded Tang Li Xue before he released Tang Li Xue's reddened furry fox ear.

Then Teacher Li Wei added more homework by giving several thick books to Tang Li Xue and kicked her out of his residence.

Tang Li Xue put on a wronged expression, but she did not dare to complain back to Teacher Li Wei since her black boxes were still in Teacher Li Wei's hands.

She would really cry in regret if Teacher Li Wei dragged out his time to crack open her black boxes because of her bad attitude toward him.

The sky had long already turned dark, so Tang Li Xue hurried up heading back to the Residential Building as she threw all of the thick books about inscription runes knowledge into her space pouch.

The street at night in the Myriad Foxes Academy was still bright with light inside the shops or houses and street lights on the roadsides.

Foxes were nocturnal creatures after all, so there were still many foxes wandering around in the street or doing their respective activities at night.

Tang Li Xue really enjoyed the night stroll in this Myriad Foxes Academy while watching so many beautiful and handsome foxes in their human form walking on the street and interacting with each other.

Tang Li Xue's seductive pink lips curved upward without her realizing it.

Her stunningly beautiful appearance plus her blooming mesmerizing smile should attract the attention of all foxes around her, but Tang Li Xue had already activated her [Art of Concealment] to suppress her presence to the lowest point.

Even without using [Ethereal Form], all of the foxes around her seemed to completely ignore her as if they could not see or sense her at all.

Unknowingly, Tang Li Xue had already returned to the Residential Building.

Somehow, Tang Li Xue felt some regret in her heart since she still wanted to enjoy the peaceful and magnificent night scene of the Myriad Foxes Academy for a little bit longer.

But she quickly shook her head and laughed at herself: "Pfft~! It is so strange for me to be so melancholic tonight. Forget it, I can enjoy this magnificent night scene any time I want later if I am no longer so busy anymore."

After entering the Residential Building, Tang Li Xue did not immediately go back to her room, but she went to the luxurious restaurant on the first floor and bought many delicious foods there for dinner of herself, Yaya, and her perfect copy.

After she returned to her room, Tang Li Xue used her silver card to open the door of her room.

Her heart was finally back at ease when she saw the familiar courtyard and simple house inside the room.

Her perfect copy immediately stopped her practice and woke up when Tang Li Xue opened the gate and stepped into the courtyard.

"Yohoo~! Finally, delicious foods~!" The perfect copy took away the food packages from Tang Li Xue and impatiently ran into the house.

Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes in disdain, but she still followed her perfect copy and entered the house too.

In the living room, Yaya was still sitting on the sofa with her eyes closed and a bright green pearl floating above her head.

Yes, Yaya should have still tried to refine the [Storm Calling Pearl] given by Tang Li Xue this noon.

"Let's eat first, Yaya~! You might need a few days to completely refine that [Storm Calling Pearl], so don't be too impatient, okay?" Tang Li Xue whispered gently to Yaya.

Yaya immediately stopped refining the [Storm Calling Pearl] after she heard Tang Li Xue's words.

She rubbed her emerald green eyes while yawning sleepily.

But despite her unbearable sleepiness, Yaya still flew obediently to Tang Li Xue and gave Tang Li Xue a welcome back kiss on her cheek, then sat on her right shoulder lazily.

When Tang Li Xue brought the sleepy Yaya to the dining room, her perfect copy had already started eating first before them.

Tang Li Xue's pink lips twitched in annoyance, and she scolded her perfect copy because of her greediness.

After arguing playfully for a while, they finally finished their dinner very quickly.

Yaya went straight to the bedroom to sleep, while Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy busily continued to practice instead.

Her perfect copy was still practicing the Profound Law of Heat and Cold from [Yin And Yang Chaotic Formula].

After all, it really needed an extremely long grinding process, since it could only improve 0.02% for every eight hours.

Without persistent effort, Tang Li Xue might have taken a much longer time to completely master the Profound Law of Heat and Cold and perfect her [Sun And Moon Domain] prototype.

As for the real Tang Li Xue, she decided to train the new skills of her Spiritualist Battle Style, [Spirit Shock] and [Eyes of Illusion].

She wanted to improve both of them to level 2 as soon as possible.

She also practiced unleashing them faster, so she could surprise her enemies more in the real fast-paced battle using these two skills in the future.

When the morning sunlight entered through the gap in the window, Yaya slowly woke up as early as usual, then she quickly reminded Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue stopped practicing as she quickly brought Yaya to take a bath together.

After dressing and tidying up their appearance, Tang Li Xue brought Yaya out of her room space.

Her perfect copy was still too focused on practicing, so they did not bother to interrupt or say goodbye to her.

Bingbing, Silly Fox, and Yan Fei had also just gotten out of their room when Tang Li Xue closed the door of her room.

Yan Fei: "Hey, Brother Feng~!"

Silly Fox: "You got up so early today, Xue~!"

Bingbing: "Good morning, Little Xue~!"

Yan Fei and Bingbing delightfully hugged Tang Li Xue's right and left arms, while Silly Fox also got his spare of Tang Li Xue's morning kick full of love when he tried to hug Tang Li Xue from the front. Your f𝒂vorite stories on 𝒏ov𝒆lb𝒊n(.)c𝒐m

They headed out from the Residential Building and walked to the Education Department Building together while chatting happily with each other.

They walked leisurely today since they woke up much earlier than usual.

Well... To be honest, all of them actually always woke up early except for Tang Li Xue, but they came almost late every day because they waited for Tang Li Xue...

After they entered the Education Department Building, Instructor Mei Lan had already waited for them in front of the classroom.

Instructor Mei Lan led them to enter the classroom.

Tang Li Xue, Silly Fox, Yan Fei, and Bingbing sat in the most front student seats, while Instructor Mei Lan sat on the teacher's seat in front of the classroom.

Instructor Mei Lan showed her usual gentle smile which made all of her students shudder in fright.

When Tang Li Xue and the others were thinking about what kind of mistake they had already made to piss off Instructor Mei Lan, Instructor Mei Lan spoke to them: "There will be no lesson for today. Our only activity today is to watch this."

Instructor Mei Lan took out some kind of device from his space pouch and a hologram projection screen suddenly appeared in front of the classroom.

Tang Li Xue: "This is..."

Silly Fox: "An arena?"

"Bingbing: "Why we should watch this?"

Yan Fei: "....."

When Tang Li Xue and the others were completely puzzled, two beautiful figures suddenly appeared on the hologram projection screen.

"Meng Yue?!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in surprise.

Tang Li Xue and the others immediately understood what they had to watch today.

It was actually the final match of the Foxes Hunting Festival!

Meng Yue against the heroic black-haired fox girl!

Foxes Hunting Festival will only be held once every ten years, so this final match definitely could not be missed!

Unfortunately, Meng Yue and the heroic black-haired fox girl were both from the Qing Qiu Faction, so it greatly decreased the excitement of the audience compared to the previous Foxes Hunting Festival's final match between Meng Yue and Lei Qian'er.

But Tang Li Xue and the others were actually really looking forward to watching this match.

The heroic black-haired fox girl was clearly a dark horse in the current Foxes Hunting Festival.

No one really expected that this heroic black-haired fox girl could actually go this far.

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