Reincarnated Hero System

Chapter 24 Bear Hunting!

The bear monster with a body that was obviously larger than normal roared loudly due to the pain it felt.

That was natural, after all, Laurene was attacking it with a tier two Lightning Magic Spell.

Over the course of her six-and-a-half month training, she learnt how to cast tier two spells comfortably and could dish out about 5 before running out of magic.

She decided to use one of those 5 due to the monster she was faced with, a bear monster that enlarged its size and ignored all her tier-one lightning magic.

Suddenly, there was a sword stabbed into the bear's open mouth and it roared even more loudly in pain.

Evan had used his concealment skill.

He discovered that his concealment skill could also let him conceal his presence so he used it the moment Laurene got the attention of the monster.

Unless Evan attacked 'first', the bear wouldn't recognize him so while the bear tilted its head in confusion due to having noticed something, Evan stabbed the sword in its wide-open mouth.


The brown bear screamed the loudest it had since its birth.

Was it only that?

A huge hole appeared on its tongue and at least several tens of litres of blood was plopping onto the ground.

Evan kicked off the ground again. Immediately after, the bear's thick front paw smashed into the exact same place, and the concrete collapsed with a booming sound.

The bear then enlarged its front paw and attempted to hit Evan in the air. When it was about to strike Evan again, he somersaulted backwards and flew down head first, sticking the sword into its front paw.

In addition to Evan's strength, on top of the direction of the paw itself, the sword momentarily pierced deep into the front paw.

A violent shock passed through his body due to rebound, but he instead used that to pull the sword out of its front paw and jump into the air just like that.

The enormous amount of blood from its front paw scattered in the air to make a rainbow, and Evan was even higher up in the air, his figure was like a dolphin swimming in the skies.

His grand and fantastic movements, which made one wonder if it was really the movements of a human, made Laurene and Ralphie dumbfoundedly look in his direction.

"Woohoo! It's really fun as expected!"

"Don't enjoy it!"

The bear, which had a refreshing hole pierced into both its tongue and front paw, couldn't win against the pain and was intimidated. However, Evan, who jumped high due to the rebound, didn't have any thoughts to let it eat some aspirin.

He activated his concealment skill the moment he was out of the bear's line of sight.

'Time to end this.'

While muttering with a bit of confidence, he held the sword tight with both of his hands and aimed at the head of the bear which was thrashing around violently.

There was no way a human without wings could fly – his body started dropping.

At that moment, Evan focused all his body weight on the sword. His body figure was similar to that of a fairly tall ten-year-old, but his muscles, which were condensed and compressed due to the workout they had been put through for months, carried considerable weight.

The bear howled in pain and was thrashing around. However, despite the fact that the bear may go out of his range if he was a bit late, Evan was calm.

It was because he could just attack when he was on the ground as his concealment would remain active since he did not hit the bear.

Due to the amount of blood it had spilt, it was also unable to smell him because of the thick smell of blood around.

'I can do it! Let's remember the first time I succeeded in striking Finely successfully! – he thought,The sourc𝗲 of this content no/v(𝒆l)bi((n))

'With all my strength...Nooooooow!!"

He extended his sword outwards.

The sword which contained all of Evan's strength and weight struck deep into the brown bear's head.


The bear screamed a single syllable. And didn't move anymore.

"Don't tell me he actually killed it like that?"

The large body of the brown bear, which had lost the strength to move, started leaning towards the ground. Evan became urgent and desperately pulled out the sword embedded in its head and jumped before landing on the ground.

Immediately after, with a boom that was similar to the sound of a bomb, the body of the brown bear collapsed.

Laurene looked at this and asked him the one question he did not want to hear.

"Did it die?"

Evan instantly rushed towards her and covered her mouth.

"Don't ever say that again!"

Fortunately, the monster was already dead, Evan could see the level-up notification informing him that he had levelled up to level 29.

|Name- Evan Del Eris

Race - ###e# ###s###e#

Gender - Male

Age - 10

Level- 29

Existence Level - Bronze

Titles- The Second of Seven Heroes, Leader of the Seven Heroes, Reincarnated Hero, Wielder of Mystic Eyes, Loved By Nature, Heir of Eris Dukedom, #####c ########.

Class- Magic Swordsman

Health – D-

Energy – D-

Strength – D-

Agility – E+

Durability –E+

Intelligence- E+

Condition- Lightly Fatigued

Magic Tiers- Fire Tier 1, Other Attributes Tier 0

Skills- Full Appraisal, Magic Control, Weapon Control, Paladin, Concealment, Language Comprehension.

Unique Skills- Mystic Eyes of Mimicry, Adaptive Evolution Blessing Of Destruction.|

'One more level and another skill slot for mimicking skills would be gained.' –he thought as he looked at his status board. Laurene was also levelling up appropriately, she was already at level 12. Her stats had also increased considerably.

|Name- Laurene Hayes

Race- Human

Level- 16

Existence Level - Bronze

Titles- Princess of the Great Western Empire, Fourth of the Seven Heroes, Wielder of Mystic Eyes, Loved By Mana.

Class - Mage

Health – E-

Energy – E

Strength – F

Agility – F+

Durability –F+


Condition- Mana Deficient

Magic Tiers- Lightning Tier 1, Fire Tier 1, Wind Tier 1.

Skills- Full Appraisal, Lie Detection, Magic Control, Lightning Magic(High), Chant Revocation, Mental Block, Language Comprehension.

Unique Skills- Mystic Eyes of Truth.|

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