Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3810 - 884 - Princess vs. Taboo

Chapter 3810 - 884 - Princess vs. Taboo

“What’s…happening here?”

“An Ancient God? No… Although the Divine Might of the Ancient Gods I’ve encountered in the past was also terrifying, it can’t compare to this NPC’s Divine Might. What level of existence is this NPC?”

“Could she be one of the Primordial Gods of legend?”

“Are you kidding me?! Black Flame can summon a Primordial God?!”

Kalisha’s appearance excited and shocked everyone present. They were excited because they now had a solution to Tosas, and they were shocked because of Kalisha’s unbelievably strong Divine Might. Purgatory Jade, in particular, couldn’t help but change her opinion of Shi Feng.

As a Vice Guild Leader of Dragon’s Crown, Purgatory Jade differed with Kowloon Demon on the world outside of theirs. More specifically, she looked down on it, even after seeing Shi Feng had a Sacred Dragon for a Flying Mount.

On the way to the Northern Badlands, Purgatory Jade had learned through conversations with Xiao Yilong and the others that they were considered top-class experts among the outside world’s various powers. Heiser’s adventurer team even regarded her as its strongest chosen one.

Although Heiser was indeed strong as a Half-step Mortal God, she wouldn’t be anywhere near the top if she were put among Dragon’s Crown’s chosen ones. In other words, the outside world was only superior in Flying Mounts, weapons, and equipment. When it came to nurturing experts, the outside world could not compete with Dragon’s Crown. If Dragon’s Crown had access to similar weapons and equipment, it could trump all of the outside world’s players and powers.

However, Shi Feng’s actions after arriving in the Northern Badlands forced Purgatory Jade to revisit her evaluation of the outside world. First, he had used an unbelievably powerful large-scale Destruction Spell to thin out the demonic mist and force the Northern Badlands’ Taboo Boss out of its habitat. Now, he had summoned an existence that was apparently a Primordial God. Neither of these feats was within Dragon’s Crown’s capabilities.

Before Purgatory Jade could recover from her surprise, Kalisha’s mountainous figure suddenly shrank, transforming into a two-meter-tall human woman in a crimson dress. Then, she appeared in front of Shi Feng and glanced at Tosas and Shi Feng’s teammates, her gaze causing everyone’s soul to shudder. Everyone felt as if they were staring at destruction itself.

“You have a real knack for finding opponents. How did you even find such a little fellow?” Kalisha said to Shi Feng, her expression serious as she scrutinized the All-Consuming Demon in the distance. “If I hadn’t recovered some of my strength, I might not have been a match for this little fellow and its spatial law.”

After saying so, Kalisha pointed a finger at Tosas. Before anyone could react, a lightning longsword had pierced the All-Consuming Demon, and the True World it cast shattered. Immediately afterward, Tosas’s aura waned, and its body withered. Its Basic Attributes also plummeted, and its HP instantly fell by 200 quadrillion.

However, after Kalisha’s attack, her complexion paled visibly.

“I have sealed part of its power. This is all I can do for you,” Kalisha said, glancing at Shi Feng. Then, as her body transformed into a streak of light and disappeared from the remnant primordial world, she added, “The rest is up to you now.”

As Kalisha disappeared, Tosas revealed a manic expression.

“So what if my strength is sealed? You ants will still die!” Tosas bellowed as it swung its soul sword at Shi Feng’s team.

Suddenly, over a hundred sword lights flew at Shi Feng’s team, each carrying enough power to threaten Shi Feng with death. The formidable attacks showed no sign of coming from a heavily injured or suppressed monster.

As the sword lights closed in on Shi Feng’s team, Purgatory Jade stepped forward and stood in front of everyone. Then, the two small round shields she wielded suddenly expanded and deflected all of the sword lights.

“What an incredible defensive move!” Shi Feng exclaimed.

Although Tosas had been weakened and could no longer cast its True World, its Strength remained superior to that of Level 240 players. The attack it just executed also had the empowering effect of a Peak Gold Combat Technique. Even players with similar Basic Attributes would have difficulty defending against it, let alone players with inferior Basic Attributes.

“This is nothing. When Big Sis Jade uses this move, she can survive an attack from even Level 240-plus Taboo Bosses. Now that Tosas has been weakened so much, there is no way it can threaten her life,” Kowloon Demon stated proudly. Once he finished boasting, he turned to his fellow guild members and shouted, “Everyone, listen up! It’s time we showed Guild Leader Black Flame Dragon’s Crown’s capabilities!”


Like Kowloon Demon, the rest of Dragon’s Crown’s members wore proud expressions. At Kowloon Demon’s command, they promptly split into parties of three to five and used various Combination Techniques, Skills, and Spells. Each attack they launched was no weaker than that of Tosas, and they chipped away at the All-Consuming Demon’s HP.

80%… 79%… 78%…

As expected of a royal power’s chosen ones! Shi Feng had to marvel at the damage output of Dragon’s Crown’s chosen ones. In that case, I should also attack with everything I’ve got.

Immediately, Shi Feng took out the Feather of Oath and summoned nine Level 236 War Goddesses to join the offensive.

Although the War Goddesses were lower-level than Dragon’s Crown’s chosen ones, each was equipped with three to six Divine Artifacts. Thus, their Basic Attributes were far superior. Each could rival one of Dragon’s Crown’s parties, while the nine of them together could match half of Dragon’s Crown’s team.

Subsequently, time passed quickly. Over half an hour later, Tosas had only 1% of its HP remaining. Perhaps sensing that death was imminent, the All-Consuming Demon went berserk and shattered Kalisha’s seal when its HP fell to 1%. As a result, not only did it manage to recast its True World, but the attacks from its soul sword also became unblockable.

“The Boss is almost dead! If you want to live, attack it with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng shouted when he saw Tosas starting to one-shot every player it attacked.

As Shi Feng spoke, Tosas eliminated another two Dragon’s Crown members with its soul sword. Seeing this, none of the Dragon’s Crown members dared not hold anything back and promptly attacked with their trump cards, causing the All-Consuming Demon’s HP to fall even quicker.

At this rate, it would only take a few more seconds before Tosas lost all its HP.

“Die! Even if I die, you are going down with me!” Tosas naturally understood its imminent demise as well. Out of spite, it directed its attention to Shi Feng, the leader of the team, and swung its soul sword at him.

Now that Tosas was free of Kalisha’s seal, it could enhance its attacks with its unique spatial law, allowing them to be unpredictable and unblockable. Thus, Shi Feng had no choice but to use Void Barrier, his strongest lifesaving measure, to protect himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, after withstanding only a few attacks, the Void Barrier, which was supposed to last 30 seconds, shattered. When Shi Feng saw Tosas swinging its weapon again, his eyes turned bloodshot.

Miniature Abyssal World!

World’s Descent!

Flowing Space!

Shi Feng did not know whether it was because of his Pseudo-Tier 7 Concentration or his Miniature Abyssal World improving, but the instant he executed Flowing Space, his body transformed into multiple streaks of light that traveled around Tosas, and he dodged the All-Consuming Demon’s attack by the skin of his teeth.

Just as Tosas locked on to Shi Feng’s figure and was about to execute another attack, the nine War Goddesses a short distance away completed their Combination Combat Technique. Ultimately, before Tosas could drag Shi Feng down with it, a hundred golden lightning bolts pierced its body and plundered the last vestiges of its HP.

As Tosas reluctantly collapsed, the surviving members of Shi Feng’s team received a series of system notifications.

TL Notes:

Fyi, Tosas’s HP started to decrease from 80% because of the damage it suffered from Dark Cluster (-100 quadrillion) and Kalisha (-200 quadrillion).Get the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐v𝒆ls at 𝒏ovelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

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