Return of Mount Hua Sect

Chapter 634

Chapter 634

What is that

Baek Cheon, who had been speaking calmly, suddenly turned his head to the side.


Jo Gul and Yoon Jong looked at him with puzzled eyes. They couldnt immediately ask what was wrong because his expression was too serious.

What is happening?


At that moment, Tang Sosos voice came from behind. When they turned around, they saw Yu Yiseol with the same serious expression as Baek Cheon, her eyes fixed on one side. And Tang Soso tilted her head.

What is she looking at?

Baek Cheon and Yu Yiseol were both looking in the same directiontowards the Wudang group beyond the stage.

Chung Myung.


Chung Myung scratched his cheek at Baek Cheons call. He had been observing the Wudang with a peculiar gaze and smiled.

Now then it seems like the big ones are coming up.

The qi he felt was different from before. Even though he hadnt said anything in particular, the presence was clearly felt.

You want to show yourself once?

This wasnt so bad. At least, not for Mount Hua.

The tone of voice from Heo Gong was harsh. Hard to believe it was directed at his sahyungs and sajils.

They couldnt find any anger in it like they had heard before. But that wasnt Heo Sanjas reaction. His face was filled with more anger.

You! What nonsense is this!

He scolded sternly, but Heo Gongs expression didnt change at all. Instead, he responded calmly.

Isnt that why I said it, sahyung?

Skills cannot be everything for a warrior, but that isnt something you should lack.

Heo Sanja bit his lip.

It wasnt like he didnt understand what this man was saying.

We suffered this disgrace because I neglected the usual training and focused on myself. What on earth would the disciples even see and learn from?

You are saying this?

Heo Sanjas gaze of anger and Heo Gongs calm gaze met. What broke the tension was the low laughter of Heo Gong.

There is nothing here to get that angry about. Shouldnt you be thankful that I focused solely on martial arts?

Heo Sanja covered his lips and clenched his fist.

This fucking brat.

Wudang elders were known to be eccentric.

At first glance, it might sound strange for Taoists to be eccentric, but this was a known fact.

Too much of anything made it just as bad as too little of anything. That anger of those who had been unable to pursue strength throughout their lives and were now continuing their training to find something of their own.

That was why no one dealt with Wudangs true elders. But Heo Gong was the most eccentric of them.

Although he was born with an amazing talent for the sword, he was shunned by his fellow sahyungs, so there was no need to explain why he was like this.

The sect leader has given the order! Then why are you this late!

I am not really late. I arrived a long time ago,

Then why come out just now?

I was watching.


Heo Gong turned to the Mu disciples. All the Mu disciples looked at him and lowered their gazes as if they were ashamed.

While I was in recluse, this is how pitiful everything turned out to be.


Heo Sanja bit his lip.

Although it was said as if it was Heo Gongs mistake, it was actually a criticism of Heo Sanja, who was more devoted to the sects external matters than helping the disciples. The sect leader was the one who encouraged it.

What right does a man buried in the depths of the mind and mountains have to speak to me?

Heo Gong slightly raised his hand. It meant that he didnt want to fight about this.

Do not get anxious. Isnt this why you came here?


Heo Gong turned and looked at Mount Hua.

I was wondering if there was something fun to be done since you all called me here, but the only thing I found was scaring other sects

A shame. A true shame. You lived and did this and that; you speak all the right things. It looks like something didnt work out how you wanted, sahyung.

Heo Sanja clenched his fists.

He and Venerable Heo Do agreed that the reputation of Wudang should be raised, as should their influence. However, not all Wudang elders were on their side.

Rather, a greater number of elders argued that they should focus on cultivating the original teachings of their Taoism and devote themselves more to the martial arts. This was a deep thought and an age-old conflict in Wudang.

If they began to discuss this, it would turn into an endless discussion.

Heo Gong.

Yes, sahyung,

I know what you want to say. But now isnt the time to talk about such things. You, too, would not admit that Wudangs sword is now placed below Mount Hua.

At Heo Sanjas words, Heo Gong tilted his head.


It will not happen as long as my head is attached to the body.

Heo Sanja nodded.

The sect leader had sent him because of this attitude.

The elders of Wudang wouldnt be ready to clash against the young disciples of Mount Hua even if the sects reputation was at stake.

But Heo Gong was different.

He didnt care if Wudangs name was under Mount Hua. Still, he couldnt tolerate the sword of Wudang being considered inferior.

No matter his personality, his skills are surely good.

Heo Gong was one of the youngest among the elders. The age difference between him and Mu Jin was just 10 years. But his skills couldnt be touched by his other sahyungs.

-If you throw away that eccentric nature and be more tolerant, one day, you will be able to be the best swordsman in Wudang. You are trapping yourself within.

That was what the sect leader spoke about, Heo Gong. Anyway, such a person came, so it wouldnt be that difficult to at least show Wudangs strength to Mount Hua.

As if Heo Gong, too, knew his role, he got out without delay.

Dont waste time. I will end it right away.


Heo Gong narrowed his eyes as Heo Sanja looked disapprovingly. But Heo Sanja said,

The spar isnt done yet. No matter what, it is too much for an elder to go out and fight the second-class disciples.


Heo Gong snorted and asked.

It is because you cling to such nonsense that you disgraced us all, sahyung!

Every embarrassment one can have has been done here. Is there any more need to act like that? Are you saying it is embarrassing for an elder to deal with the second-class disciples but fine to deal with first-class disciples?

Heo Sanja went silent at those words.

As expected of you.

Heo Gong mumbled mockingly and looked at the disciples.

What do you people think?

What do you think of those first-class disciples of Wudang who couldnt even show their strength against Mount Huas second-class disciples?

The Mu disciples all lowered their heads.

Pathetic idiots.

Heo Gong sneered at them.

So, who will step ahead from now? Who will go and achieve this stupid win? Tell me.


As Heo Gong said, the disciples only frowned further.

Mu Jin.

yes, elder.

Would you like to go forward?

Mu Jin couldnt answer.

He also knew that the honor of Wudang wasnt something to be restored if just two disciples went ahead and defeated the second-class disciples of Mount Hua.

That was the worst kind of shame for Wudang.

I guess I didnt pay the right attention to the Taoists of the sect. I never imagined that the so-called disciples of Wudang would end up being this pathetic.

I apologize, elder.

As soon as we head back to Wudang, I will fix those disgusting minds of yours.

After looking at them, Heo Gong turned around.

If you want to play your cheap game, do whatever you want, but do not make me wait too long.

At those words, Heo Sanja shouted.

He must deliver results. Because that is what they all came here to do.

But winning two more spars wouldnt change anything. Considering the rising morale of Mount Hua, it wasnt even right anymore.

Heo Gong.


Instead crush them.

Heo Gong smiled at such a request.Get your 𝒇avorite 𝒏ovels at novelb𝒊n(.)com

It looks like you forgot what I am, sahyung.

It was indeed a cheeky word, but at this moment, it sounded more trustworthy than anything else in the world.

Heo Gong flicked his sword and stepped forward.

I will inform the young ones of Mount Hua that they are still a hundred years away from overcoming our Wudang.

Heo Sanja nodded and stepped back.

Mu Jin, who was looking at Heo Gong step forward, spoke.


Heo Sanja, who looked at him, said.

I feel bad for you. You should have been given the chance to show your skills.

I am fine. But will Elder Heo Gong really be fine


a little bit.

Even among Wudang, no one asked Heo Gong for any guidance.

Not because he was weak, but unlike normal Taoists, he was known to be too upfront and cruel, not caring about other peoples situations.

If that happened inside Wudang, it could be resolved. But if the opponent was from a different sect, it would be a problem.

Dont worry.


You think the sect leader didnt think this far?

Mu Jin went silent.

Certainly, the sect leader must have thought of it all. Nevertheless, if he sent Heo Gong, his intentions have to be one of the two.

One thought that it would be possible to definitely control Heo Gong if not

Sometimes a child who runs wild needs to be tamed.

As a Taoist adult in the sect, it wouldnt be a bad idea to break the nose of one. It would be good medicine for Mount Hua.

Heo Sanja chanted, and Mu Jin just sighed.

Is this really the right way?

Was it right for violence to be used out of fear for the future?

But he couldnt voice his question. He could only stare at Heo Gong, who was stepping forward.


Do not disappoint the sect principles even more.

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