Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109

Yun Xi curiously looked at this exotic town, although its level of civilization could not compare to Sky Sword God's Domain, humans were indeed similar.



Statues and books.

The restaurant, which exuded a strong aroma of grilled meat, presented the unique civilization style of Western God's Domain. Occasionally, fully armored knights could be seen, but there was no sign of any wizards.

Just looking at the scenery on the street, it's like a society made up purely of ordinary people, without any magic or extraordinary powers.

Of course, that's just an illusion, because in the center of the royal city stands the tall tower of the "divine era," where the fantasy fairy butterflies have been living since the divine era, and there are beautiful gemstones scattered in the magic-filled lake.

After walking for a while, Yun Xi suddenly stopped because he heard a very familiar sound.

"Recommended treats that even Her Majesty the Queen loves, today it's cream bread, freshly baked cream bread!"


Yun Xi's life occupation at the hero level is a bread baker.

Here, there are fellow bread bakers too, I wonder which level they are?

"Big brother, is that bread, your bread?" Adley grabbed Yun Xi's hand, looking at him with eager eyes.

The rumor about Queen Ain loving cream bread is a recent bit of news that has come from the divine era tower.

As the most famous Queen of Nuclear Explosions on the mainland, as soon as this news came out, all the cream bread in the royal city sold out. The price of fresh cream and flour needed to make cream bread tripled overnight, and there was still not enough supply.

It seems that anything related to that Nuclear Explosion Queen can sell well. Even the sensitive mainland merchants have started selling goods related to this magical queen to the North.Followw new š¯’„hapters at nov(e)l/bin/(.)com

Now, even the Leviathan Empire has a large number of people who admire Ain. They spontaneously formed the "Nuclear Blast Queen Party".

With the identity of a forbidden spell warlock in the divine era, at the age of fourteen, the power to destroy the Empire's first magic army legion overnight using the ultimate forbidden spell, all these factors combined to create a true legend.

The establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order adds more color to this legend.

If at the beginning some people thought that the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was just a whim of the Queen, when powerful races like the troll clan, Lamia clan, and Mermaid clan, originally part of the Leviathan faction, joined, everything changed.

Saramanda, the sub-chief of the troll clan, made a breakthrough and became the second hero-ranked member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order after Queen Ain. It made countless people shudder.

This is a troll, and moreover, a hero-ranked troll, who also possesses a God Weapon.

Even during the war in the divine era, it is an undisputed monster. One person can sweep away an entire legion.

Not to mention, now is the time when magic tide is weakening!

Throughout the whole continent, including the other races, there are probably less than fifty hero-ranked individuals.

Even the powerful Leviathan Empire, known as the number one on the continent, only has thirteen officially recognized hero-ranked knights. And Queen Ain destroyed three of them with a nuclear explosion.

A hero-ranked troll, oh my goodness, this is a powerful weapon, even during the divine era war.

Now, who dares to say that the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is just for show? Just the troll equipped with a God Weapon alone is equivalent to an elite army of three thousand people.

Not to mention, there are also the Lamia clan and the Mermaid clan from the ocean crown race in this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Unknowingly, this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, which was originally mocked, has become an enormous presence that no country can ignore.

Queen Ain, who personally established this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order using the power of divine artifacts, has gained fame throughout the whole continent, and even started spreading to other continents.

The current Ain has the qualification to stand on an equal level as the Emperor of the Leviathan Empire, and some even call her the number one queen on the continent.

The creamy bread she loved to eat became a food that was included in everyone's cookbook, from the noble families in the palace to the common households.

After all, whether we talk about the queen's favorite royal tea or the layered mango cake she likes to eat, the common households with a little bit of financial strength can still afford to buy this kind of creamy bread, even if its price has increased a bit.

Being able to eat the same thing as the queen, who is as powerful as a nuclear explosion, is an honor for the people.

They didn't know that the Queen Ain was not just eating ordinary creamy bread, but a golden creamy bread made by a world-renowned hero-ranked baker.

That is a magical food that even the hero-ranked assassins of the Ten Leaves Alliance have to carefully preserve and consider as strategic resources.

A few days ago, with just one bite, she conquered the picky queen's tongue and stomach, becoming the mastermind of the bread lovers.

At the same time, it also made little Princess Adley unable to eat her favorite bear biscuits anymore, causing her to betray her sister on the spot and join the bread lovers.

"Hmm, probably not." Yun Xi bought a creamy bread that is said to be the queen's favorite as a reference and took a bite.

He rated it based on the standards of a bread baker, even though he used to be a commoner.

The softness of the bread - 7 points, it seems to be slightly over-baked.

Sweetness - 5 points, the quality of the cream has some defects, probably due to the milk source.

Overall taste - around 6 points, the bread meets the minimum standard but doesn't qualify as a fine product, it's at a level similar to when he was around eleven years old.

Adley also took a small piece to taste, and quickly showed a worried expression.

After trying the works of the hero-ranked bread master Yun Xi, this one is really not delicious!

That kind of fragrant and sweet taste, it's the best bread Adley has ever had, almost melting in the mouth!

"Brother!" Adley looked at Yun Xi in front of him with moist eyes, his small tongue licking his lips, like a hungry little puppy.

"Um...don't be too picky." Yun Xi felt like he was committing a crime as he secretly took out a cream bread with a golden hue from his embrace.

This taste, it's the most perfect golden cream bread that he developed by using his childhood friend Hua Huo as an experimental subject and improving it, and it's the only fourth-order bread formula he has mastered.

In a way, this was one of the greatest achievements in his life, a perfect culmination of his sixteen years of existence.

"Ahoo!" Adley took a big bite of the soft, sweet golden cream bread, with cute white traces at the corners of her mouth.

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