Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204

This body still has untapped potential.

The [Field] that has never been reached before, the realm that only the legendary berserkers are said to enter, hasn't been reached yet.

She needs more, more excitement.

"Sister, use your strongest form." Kaka raised the spear in her hand, starting to unleash the most terrifying thing within her body.

In those eyes, there was burning blood.

"It seems like... you've encountered it too..." Shaking her hair, Kalian walked up to her trembling mount, and kicked the belly of the feigning death sabertooth tiger.

"Ah-woo!" Faced with unimaginable monsters, the sabertooth tiger could only shrink its limbs in frustration, wearing an expression of "I surrender".GEttt the l๐’‚test ๐’๐’v๐’†ls at ๐’o/(v)/elbi๐’(.)co๐’Ž

Back then, in a desperate situation, Kalian unleashed her berserker bloodline without any regard, ultimately beating the once dominant sabertooth tiger to near death.

Before reaching the hero rank, unleashing the berserker bloodline within oneself is an extremely dangerous act, with a reported death rate of over 90%.

For wilderness brides who are not yet eighteen, releasing their berserker bloodline is basically the same as committing suicide. Even if they defeat their enemies, they will ultimately be buried in the wilderness.

Without the talents of the troll clan, complete berserk transformation is like seeking death.

However, there will always be geniuses who can surpass this common knowledge.

Kalian is that kind of genius. After her first release of the berserker bloodline, she completely mastered this method as a wilderness bride.

Kaka, who is also a genius, can feel the strength of each other. That's why Kalian decided to challenge her sister first.

The berserker lineage is the most warlike among the human race.

"How much have you unleashed?" From the beginning of the battle, both sides knew that the other had used techniques to unleash their bloodline power, just in different degrees.

"Currently, it's ninety percent... just a little more to reach the limit." His eyes showed signs of burning blood, indicating that the berserker was about to enter a state of uncontrollable rage.

Generally, when a normal berserker unleashes their bloodline power beyond fifty percent, they enter this state. At around eighty percent, they go mad and die.

However, Kaka had already reached the critical point of ninety percent and still managed to remain calm. Even her appearance still resembled that of an icy and beautiful woman.

"Eighty percent... you really are bold." Kalian laughed.

It had been a long time since Kalian had unleashed his berserker power in such a thrilling way.

The first time she faced a desperate situation and awakened, she reached an awakened state beyond seventy percent. In that state, she effortlessly left the saber-toothed tiger half-dead. Eight years later, she had already mastered the ability to unleash up to eighty percent without changing her composure.

However, this is not the limit.

Whether it's her or her little sister, they both undoubtedly aim to be "one hundred percent" legendary.

It is said that if one can fully grasp the power of their berserker bloodline before reaching hero rank, they can achieve the most perfect form of the berserker bloodline after advancing.

That is also known as the extraordinary talent of the Leviathan faction's land ace ogre clan โ€” the undying body.

For a berserker who unleashes power by burning their life force, there is no better extraordinary talent than this.

"Well, then let me see."

"Our one hundred percent!" Kalian licked her own tongue and took off her eye patch.

During the wilderness trial, the eye that was taken by a saber-toothed tiger is now replaced by a gemstone fake eye.

Even though it's a fake eye, the pupil contains a substance similar to flowing blood. This is a magical item that Kalian recently discovered by chance in a ruin, which perfectly replaces the eye she lost.

The more determined she was, the brighter the shining red light emitted by the gemstone eyes became, and the phenomenon of boiling blood became even more intense. It was truly a prop tailored for her.

The only side effect was that whenever she used the power of these eyes, she could always hear some inexplicable noise.

It sounded like "Ada... Ada... Ah, the king..." or something like that, but it didn't matter. As long as it was usable, it was good enough.

The berserker bloodline had no magical abilities, but it provided strong resistance against all curses and magic.

With her iron-like determination, Kalian completely ignored the influence of these noises.

Due to the power of using this fake eye, Kalian saw a lot of strange black particles. She called this eye "Black Lotus."

Now was the moment to unleash the power of the "Black Lotus."

Ninety percent, ninety-one, ninety-two... Kaka, holding the spear, gradually touched the limits she had never tried before.

No one knew what a hundred percent awakening of the berserker bloodline would be like. Those who could achieve this level in the past were already part of the divine era.

The only thing we can be sure of is that since the decline of magic, it has become almost impossible for a berserker to advance to the hero rank.

The two heroes of the Wild Ranger Squad, even though they have berserker blood, have chosen a different path than that of the berserkers. They have decided to train their own saber-toothed tigers and embark on the "Wild Hunter" path together.

The pure advancement of the berserker bloodline has long been a legend because it is impossible to reach a higher level of bloodline awakening.

However, at this moment, two young girls are challenging this legend, and they are not just following the normal path of berserker advancement but the legendary path that even few berserkers in the divine era were able to complete - 100% bloodline awakening.

"Hold on, I don't care about any Ada. My body is mine to control," Kalian tightly grips the split Moon Blade, whose blade, initially heavily damaged, is slowly repairing itself.

The ability to self-repair is one of the masterpieces of the magical metal from the divine era, but unfortunately, humans have not been able to create such incredible magical metal since the end of the divine era.

The Moon Blade is a high-quality weapon made from this memory-infused magical metal and represents the pinnacle of cold weapons from the divine era.

"No risk, no reward!" Kalian knows that this fake eye she obtained by chance has problems, but she is taking a gamble - she's betting on her ability to control this mysterious magical tool.

"Ada!" Black particles swirl within Kalian's fake eye, releasing an aura that doesn't belong to this world.

"Silver Dragon!" The air around Kaka was filled with a magical presence, the aura of the divine Silver Dragon.

Without any particular order, both of them surpassed their limits at the same time, completing the awakening of their bloodline to its fullest extent.

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