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Chapter 297 295. Beast Spirit

Chapter 297 295. Beast Spirit

As it turns out, The intense flames of Alex's superpower burn the boar meat pieces into ashes, Which fallen in the pot.

Strangely seeing this failed way of cooking, Alex was not least bit surprised, rather it looked like he turned those pieces into ashes on purpose.

"Humm…Should this be enough or it needs to be cooked more for them to digest?"

Alex looked at the ashes of the formal legendary pieces of meat, wondering about if he should cook it more as if there is anything left there for to cook.

In the pot there were pure dry ashes. There is not even a single trace of moisture in them, And Alex is thinking about whether he should cook or not.

It is a ridiculous thing to say but Alex still thought that it needed to cook more, And so he once again engulfed it in his intense flames.

These flames were even more fierce than the previous one. The moment they came into existence, They instantly increased the room temperature to 20 to 30 degrees.

If he did not have immunity to the heat and fire now, He would have passed out because of heatstroke any second.

It was even questionable thing is that to see, Even though temperature increased so rapidly, There was no effect of it in the surroundings.

Even if there are plastic things present in the room, Which are not suited for such a high temperature, they do not even become malleable, much less started to mealting.

Even the pot itself did not heat up, Even though that flame was dancing in it cooking ashe- Ahem, Cooking pieces of meat or at least what's left of it.

This goes on just for few seconds but it felt like an eternity passed as such a destructive force was being used for cooking.

It looked stupid thing to do this as there was literally nothing but ashes in the pot, Not even the water to make some sense of it.

But soon all questions were answered as just after the moment flames subside lowering their temperature, a blue energy strand flew out of the pot and landed on the floor.

Just as that happen, It quickly started to grow and started to take a shape rapidly in to the figure of wold boar.

The boar, Whose size was so big it was touching the ceiling of his kitchen as it stopped growing.

Alex looked at the 8ft tall, 6ft wide, Seeing this Alex came to the conclusion that this beast only stopped increasing its height because of the restriction of ceiling, If not it would have been way bigger than its current dimension.


The wild boar locked onto Alex and grunted, rubbing its front legs hoofs on the ground, clearly showing its intention to ram into Alex with its full speed.

Alex on the other hand, Just casually looking at such a supernatural phenomenon as it's obvious he was looking at the spirit without even a speck of worry.

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He is right now like a completely different person, As he stood in front of the beast about to attack with straight back and sharp eyes.

*High-pitch Squealing* *Scream*

That boar took Alex unfazed look as an insult and lunged towards him at full power.

Alex just stood there and let it be but if someone looked closely at his outline they would have found out that it was fluctuating around it like it happens with hot air around extreme temperatures.

That blue boar reached Alex in a fraction of second and would crush Alex with its immense strength any moment now.

Still Alex did not move an inch and just allowed it with still unfazed looking on his face like he did something like this million times already.

That beast like a wild boar was just kore enraged by his action, It decided to be more deadly in that fraction of time to tilt its head, so its tusks would tear Alex apart.


Boar landed behind Alex with a confused look on its face as it turned around to see unharmed Alex.

"S-Rank or not, It's just a residual spirit remaining in that piece of meat. It did not have a physical body making it intangible, And because lack of cultivation it can't cause harm to me, A person using my flames as an invisible barrier."

Alex did not even pay attention to the confused boar spirit looking confusedly at him contemplating whether or not to try attacking him once again.

"Poor thing, It's just an afterthought that remains in it. Did not have any thought process nor have any memories, Just a light construct running around with its pure instincts in the last ditch effort of to survive, Even though its fate already been sealed long ago, It just did not know it.

Anyway, Wouldn't using this spirit would make meat even more tasty? It would add the wild fierce taste of the jungle and mighty beast this meat was lacking."

Alex rubbing his chin as he stared up and down at the boar who once again jumped at Alex and was just passing through him.

Or rather it passed through Alex as it was nothing but a light construct of the spirit of Heavenly Boar.

It did not have any thoughts or feelings, All it has a instincts to protect itself, Which maybe picked from its last moment of struggle for survival.

Alex even felt slightly bad for it, After all it didn't know anything but just an being trying to survive from being eaten.

Sadly the struggle is too late as it did not make it, Just this spirit did not know it yet.

Its just after the next second, The mind of Alex who was using his God-Level acting and cooking couldn't help but to think of the idea of using this spirit in the dish.

He already there would spirit in the meat, Well kinda know as God-level cooking has that information stored in it but its like an internet.

It has all the information he needs but it would only be available when he asked or needed not 24 hours in front of his face, remaining him and bothering him.

So he did not think of using the spirit in the meat to use it in the dish to add extra colors to it.

He knows adding the spirit like this in the cooking would push the one more grade of the dish and even add the unique taste to the dish in it.

That boar was keep jumping left and right of Alex trying to He knows adding the spirit like this in the cooking would push the one more grade of the dish and even add the unique taste harm him but each time it was just passing through him.

And it didn't even notice or it did noy capable of noticing that each time he was passing through him, Its size was decreasing as its light blue colour was also becoming darker and darker.

"But I can't use this resentment filled one. It would ruin the taste, I want a satisfied one who willingly becomes part of the dish to the unique taste I am looking for."

Alex said to himself aloud as that boar was preparing itself to be concentrated enough to add the amount of touch to it.

But then he saw the one fault here, The emotions of spirit also matter, The secret ingredient of love saying not just come out of nowhere.

Depending on the taste of the dish and occasion, One needs meat from an animal which has the same emotions while they were alive.

As those emotions would enter in the meat changing the taste of meat, Alex did not consider this as meat was from the system and so it was top quality meat with suitable emotions he wanted to be in it.

But now that there is a spirit, He also wants that to be in it to add taste.

"Wait!? Why am I even worried about it? I have god-level singing skill, Controlling emotions is my thing."

Alex was wondering about what to do and then he slapped his forehead as he just remembered that he has the God-level singing, Which is best for manipulating emotions on his will.

Not only that, God-Level singing directly affects the soul of the listener, So for the spirit like these it is a lethal tool to be used.

"*Ahem* Hey wanna hear a song?"

Alex turned around to look at the boar who immediately stopped as from instincts it knew not to attack when a strong opponent like Alex was looking at them.

It goes into full alert mode looking at him with a wary look or at least it mimicking such a look.

It was not sure why Alex stopped, So it was prepared for the attack of his with full on defense mode.

It then heard Alex say something but it did not have any mind to process about what he was talking about, So it just thought he was preparing for the attack.


It looked at Alex and screamed on top of its lungs towards Alex, likely warning him to stay away from it.

"Hey hey, I get, Would sing for you, Geez you don't have to force me this way just ask, You are a key ingredient in my dish, I would be happy to fulfill your wish."

Alex when heard the loud scream of boar, He got more excited and happily accepted such a small request for him to sing.

He tried to calm it down and clear his throat ready to sing.

The wild boar just looked confusedly at Alex not knowing what he wanted to do but it was fear as it by instinct felt anything Alex wanted to do is not going to be nice for him.

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