The Black Technology Chat Group of the Ten Thousand Realms

Chapter 540: Finished Products

Chapter 540: Finished Products

The layup volume of the new carbon fiber composite material is getting larger and larger, and it soon exceeds the maximum standard that the Institute of Aeronautical Materials has achieved.

Peng Zhengge and Gao Wei are looking forward to it more and more. The current level already represents that this technology has surpassed their semi-machine layering technology!

On the projection surface, it has completed nearly one-third of the display workload. Lu Zixin moved his hand a bit. Then the virtual projection expanded again to decompose and display the structure of the carbon fiber composite layer. Through the projection, they clearly can see the angle and material weave of each curved surface has integrally formed. Moreover, there is no break or curved surface or angle deviation.

Anderson took a deep breath, the craftsmanship of this machine is really amazing. Their Honeywell International company's machines can't do this!

Moreover, according to the people of Hongxin Group, this new type of carbon fiber composite material has better performance than their synthesized carbon fiber composite material, which further providing performance and reducing specific gravity.VIsiT n0(v)eLb(i)(n).𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

For large commercial aircraft, this means that it can replace more aluminum and titanium alloy parts, reduce the aircraft weight, and thereby increased the load capacity of the aircraft.

The work of woven layer work continues, and a wing from carbon fiber composite layer is slowly forming. On the projection, the red unfinished part has gradually replaced with the green completed part, until the machine prompt sounded: "Work procedure complete. Automatic detection complete. Product qualified. Please click to view the detailed parameters."

The machine prompt sound is over, except for Red Letter Group people on one side, the others became stunned.

Gao Wei and the material research team he led were dazzled and shocked. It's not a day or two for them to study this thing. Before the establishment of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, their Institute of Aeronautical Materials already engaged in the research and development of carbon fiber composite materials. Before today, their technological progress could only produce small volume carbon fiber composite materials.

And now, they actually have a complete new carbon fiber composite material manufacturing technology, as well as a large-volume fully automatic machine!

Yesterday they were toddlers in this field, and today they have become long-distance runners directly! How can this tremendous change not surprise them?

Peng Zhengge also became ecstatic. Sure enough, his decision to cooperate with Red Letter was extremely correct. Even if there is nothing else, just this technology and machine will make them great! What's more, the benefits of red letters not only just this!

After Anderson saw this scene, he only felt cold in the heart! Yes, carbon fiber composites account for a large proportion of their companys aviation materials exports. Previously, it were always monopolized by several giants in the United States, Britain and Russia. Now there is another Chinese entry, and the market competition will become more intense!

Moreover, their materials and technology seem to be better and higher than the company's existing ones!

Gao Wei reacted first. He began to check various parameters and compare them with the data parameters for the large aircraft wing design. Sure enough, all qualified within the allowable range of error!

Awesome!" Gao Wei couldn't help saying, "It's not much error, all within the parameters we designed!"

Fully automatic material synthesis, laying, and lamination! This can already be considered as the world's top carbon fiber composite material manufacturing and coating technology, right?" The researchers at the Materials Research Institute expressed their feelings.

President Lu, your company really opened my eyes! Peng Zhengge said with smile. On the first day of the formal technical exchange with Red Letter Group, he has solved a big problem and made him feel very happy.

It seems that your company really doesn't need to purchase carbon fiber composite materials anymore. Anderson smiled reluctantly, directly losing tens of millions of dollars in orders, and his heart was bleeding. But, this is no longer a problem that his business skills can solve, it is a technical problem. Even the company headquarters can do nothing about it

Lu Zixin said with a smile : "The new carbon fiber composite material is only one of our projects in this technical cooperation. There are also several important materials and technologies. We will also communicate with China Commercial Aircraft Corporation."

And! Hearing this sentence, Andersons heart was completely cold. Originally, the order has shrunk, if it shrinks again, this business may not be done in the future!

Hahahaha! Peng Zhengge couldnt help laughing and said: "I really look forward to it. President Lu and these materials experts, I represent all of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company, thank you and welcome you. Tonight. I treat you, wash the dust for you!

Right,  Mr. Fergus, I would also like to invite you to the banquet."

Anderson is not in any mood to attend their celebration banquet. He barely squeezed a little smile, and said: "Thank you for General Peng kindness, but I still have work to do tonight. Headquarters has urging me from yesterday, so I'm really embarrassed."

In this case, then I won't force it. Mr. Fergus, regarding the purchase order, we have to study it carefully and discuss it in two days." Now, Peng Zhengge is no longer in a hurry. With the technical support from Red Letter Group, he is full of confidence.

Now, if we drag on, Honeywell International is the only one who is anxious! And they will have the capital for bargaining.

At the wine table in the evening, Peng Zhengge drank with joy. Even a researcher like Gao Wei, who usually doesn't drink alcohol, drank a few more glasses while he was happy, and kept asking Zhang Ming and Zhong Bing questions.

Fortunately, these two are robots, they won't get bored. If you have academic exchange meeting in banquet, most people can't afford it.

The next day, everyone wakes up from the state of drunkenness in the afternoon. Lu Zixins genes had strengthened, his metabolism is strong, and alcohol has long been can't cause harm to him. Needless to say, the two robots don't have the problem of being drunk.

Before Peng Zhengge and others woke up, Lu Zixin had taken them to the Institute of Aeronautical Materials for a full circle.

In addition to the new carbon fiber composite materials. We also need to deal with the aviation glass fiber materials, titanium aluminum alloy and the like.

For Aviation systems, now they are cooperating with United Technologies Corporation and UTC Aerospace Systems, which can make people from Red Letter Intelligent Systems came over and jointly developed their own aerospace system."

Lu Zixin explained, "The most important thing right now is to solve the biggest technical problem of large aircraft, aero engines."

In engine technology, Pengyun Machinery has a certain foundation, but aero engines and automobile engines are different. The aero engine needs to take a large plane weighing tens of tons into the sky for stable flight. Its power and safety requirements are the most stringent!

Fortunately, Lu Zixin also has technical information on aero engines. He plans to use another robot to lead the research and development of aero engines.

And Zhang Ming and Zhong Bing's also played an important role, because the most important thing to make an aero engine is the metal material of the aero engine! This aspect is also a technical problem for the aviation science and technology community.

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