The Curse of Desire

Chapter 97. Roommates (7) An invitation to share a bath

Chapter 97. Roommates (7) An invitation to share a bath

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After walking for a while, Jiang Shu finally understood his own psychology. He simply wanted the young man to make trouble with him.

He was probably feeling sorry for the young man. After all, he was so considerate and sensible, this kind of temperament was not developed within a day.

Did he ever make a scene? Has he ever been selfish and thought only about himself?

There was a saying that crying children get sweets. Although the boy was so well-behaved, so sensible and considerate, in fact, in life, his personality made it easier for him to be ignored and wronged.

With his character, he probably wouldnt say anything when he was wronged, but would just endure it silently.

Fortunately, he was here and understood him.

Bai Qiuyi had no idea that what he just said could make Jiang Shu think of so many things.

In fact, he just wanted to show that he cared about Jiang Shus feelings. Of course, the primary purpose was still to tease him.

You really dont mind other people calling me brother? Jiang Shu stopped walking to ask.

Wasnt this topic over yet?

Bai Qiuyi also stopped and turned to look at Jiang Shu.

The silhouettes of the two people were stretched very long under the streetlamp. The friends in front of them had long noticed that the two people were falling behind. Maybe the meal just now made them see how sticky the two people were. Even if they noticed that the two people were falling behind now, they didnt even ask the two of them to hurry up and follow them, they just let them be.

I dont mind it, Bai Qiuyi looked at him, Brother, you and they have known each other for a long time and get along like real brothers. I dont mind it just like I dont mind your parents calling you son.

Jiang Shu thought he had some reason.

Still, he pinned Bai Qiuyi with a serious look, If you have anything to say in the future, you must tell me, dont keep it in your heart.

Although Bai Qiuyi didnt know why Jiang Shu was suddenly like this, he still cooperated with him and nodded obediently, Okay.

After such a delay, the two of them were not far behind the main group. There was a milk tea shop in front of them, and everyone was probably thirsty, so they stopped to buy some.

Bai Qiuyi and Jiang Shu walked over. Seeing something in his peripheral vision, Jiang Shu stopped again, There is a pharmacy opposite, lets go buy some medicine?

He looked at Bai Qiuyi, You have such a special physique, so you might as well buy some medicine to reduce swelling and remove blood stasis.

No need to buy it, Bai Qiuyi shook his head, I already have it. My mother prepared it for me when I came here.

Apart from being strict with you, your mother seems to be okay in other aspects, Jiang Shu commented.

His own mother was very busy with work and had not cared much about him since he was a child, let alone such detailed things as preparing things for him.

But thats okay. He has the housekeeper to take care of everything. If his mother comes to intervene, he may not be used to it.

The two walked and talked and arrived at the milk tea shop.

When the group of people left the shop, everyone held a cup of milk tea.

When they returned to school, they separated into two groups.

The four people from Bai Qiuyis dormitory arrived at the supermarket.

The school supermarket was quite large, with three floors. The first floor was the food area, and the second and third floors were the daily necessities area.

Zhang Daben went directly upstairs. Among the four, he was the only one who needed to buy daily necessities.

When Cheng Feifei came here, he said he wanted to buy some drinks to go back and drink, but not long after he came in, he moved a lot of snacks into the car. Bai Qiuyi was more careful, and he had to check the shelf life when picking up a box of biscuits.

This was a habit left by the original owner. Bai Junyan often warned him to check the expiration date when buying things to avoid eating expired food and getting an upset stomach.

Looking at the ingredients? Jiang Shu pushed a stand next to Bai Qiuyi.

No, Bai Qiuyi said without raising his head, Looking at the expiration date.

There should be no expired items in the supermarket, right? Jiang Shu wondered.

I cant say for sure, Bai Qiuyi mumbled. My mother said you shouldnt take food lightly. After all, its something that needs to be eaten.

Jiang Shu rubbed his chin and thought about it; it did make sense.

However, because he found it troublesome, although Jiang Shu thought it made sense, he did not intend to follow the advice.

Little bro Yi, Cheng Feifei came over with a bunch of things and put them in the car. You can take whatever you want to eat. Brother will pay for it.

No, Ill buy it this time. Bai Qiuyi put a box of biscuits in the car. You are not allowed to pay for me.

Cheng Fei was generous, but Bai Qiuyi did not intend to take advantage of him.

When Cheng Feifei heard this, since he was used to footing the bill no matter what, he wanted to fight for it. Just as he was about to speak, he was kicked by Jiang Shu next to him, and he immediately swallowed what he wanted to say.

Do you like these biscuits? Bai Qiuyi didnt notice their little episode, so he raised the biscuits in his hand and shook them, If you like them, Ill get more.

Jiang Shu said directly, Okay.

There was service staff taking care of him at home and his life was relatively refined, but outside home he was very rough and not picky at all.

Cheng Feifei still wanted to know why Jiang Shu was kicking him. This time he stopped shopping and followed the two of them.

Jiang Shu knew that he had doubts, so when Bai Qiuyi moved forward to pick something up, he did not follow him.

Of course, Cheng Feifei didnt follow either.

He looked at Bai Qiuyi in front of him and asked in a low voice, Why did you do that?

Didnt you see that he didnt want you to pay? Jiang Shu casually took a can of something from the shelf and looked for the expiration date.

Its not a loss, right? Im used to paying the bill. Cheng Feifei touched his heart, Suddenly, because he didnt let me buy it for him, I felt a little empty.

Yes, Jiang Shu threw the jar into the shopping cart. Suddenly you are no longer the one who was taken advantage of. How can you not feel empty?

How can this be considered taken advantage of? Good friends shouldnt care so much. Cheng Feifei uttered in a rather dissatisfied tone.

Only a good friend will worry about you suffering a loss; a good friend will also think about reciprocating the favor, Jiang Shu looked at him in the eye, A guy like Fan Cheng who only cares for your money is called a pig friend.

Cheng Feifei was stunned.

It had never occurred to him before.

He was used to paying the bill, and his brothers were also used to praising him. When paying the bill, they will always compliment him, Fei ge, you are so awesome.

Thank you, Fei ge.

Fei ge is so generous.

Cheng Feifei quite enjoyed the compliments, but now that he heard Jiang Shu say this, he felt like his dream was shattered.

Did those people really not regard him as a close brother?

Cheng Feifei thought hard and found that it seemed true.

Its not that they didnt have money, but because they know his family was richer, they never competed with him to pay for their meals, even if it was to buy a few bottles of water.

Brother. When Cheng Feifei came to his senses, Jiang Shu, who was standing next to him just now, had already walked to Bai Qiuyis side. Cheng Feifei strode over and continued saying, Brother, why didnt you remind me before?

Why should I remind you? Jiang Shu wondered, Didnt you enjoy it.

Cheng Feifei was speechless.

Jiang Shu glanced at him, You dont have any brothers or sisters at home to accompany you, its okay for you to play with those people.

In fact, those people were quite measured, never going overboard. Otherwise, Jiang Shu wouldve taken care of them long ago.

Oddly enough, he wondered if Cheng Feifei had a bit of bad luck. Ever since he was a child, he has never made many friends who behaved well.

What are you talking about? Bai Qiuyi, who listened to these words, asked casually.

Talking about some of Feifeis former friends Jiang Shu did not go into details, saving some face for Cheng Feifei.

There was a long queue at the cashier. When they were waiting, Jiang Shu lifted some heavy drinks to the cashier and stood aside.

Cheng Feifei couldnt stand up because he had just discovered the true identity of his former good friend. When he saw Jiang Shu taking out his cell phone and tapping it next to him, he subconsciously moved closer.

Didi? Cheng Feifei asked, Is this Little bro Yi?

Guess. Jiang Shu said, while transferring 8888 yuan to Bai Qiuyi.

A red envelope from brother for the first time meeting you.

This is the rule of the Jiang family. You are not allowed to refuse.

Jiang Shu thought and came to the conclusion that he didnt know what the situation was like with Bai Qiuyis father. If he was really a child who grew up in a single-parent family and his mother raised him alone then its not easy to grow this big.

Cheng Feifei wasnt thoughtful enough and didnt know Bai Qiuyis family situation. Although he was so shocked just now that he couldnt muster any energy, he still bought what he needed to buy.

That cart of stuff was estimated to cost thousands of dollars.

Jiang Shu couldnt let Bai Qiuyi spend so much money.

Brother, Cheng Feifei took out his mobile phone. When he saw the word first time meeting red envelope, he understood that the person noted as didi was Bai Qiuyi. Scan me little bro Yis WeChat account. I will also send him a red envelope.

Originally, in Cheng Feifeis heart, Bai Qiuyi was just an ordinary friend, but after what happened just now, he became a brother in his heart.

So, a good brothers first time meeting red envelope must be indispensable.

Jiang Shu put away his cell phone, What kind of red envelope are you sending? The meal just now was considered your meeting gift for him.

Jiang Shu was very aware that Bai Qiuyi may not accept the envelope he sent just now and if Cheng Feifei meddled, the chance of the young man accepting it was even lower. After all, once Cheng Feifei took action, the money he will send would definitely not be less than 10,000 yuan. The young man was not one who liked to take advantage of others, so he might be frightened when seeing the amount.

Cheng Feifei was not convinced, and he looked at Jiang Shu and Jiang Shus phone, But you sent him a red envelope?

Jiang Shu glanced at him, Go pack up, your little bro has an injury on his shoulder.

Really? Cheng Feifei looked at him with suspicious eyes. He looked at Bai Qiuyi, who was putting things in bags, and walked over with hesitation, Little brother Yi, is your shoulder injured?

Bai Qiuyi had heard their conversation, and he actually wanted to ask Jiang Shu why he was sending him a red envelope, but he couldnt get a word in. Hearing Cheng Feifei ask this, his attention was immediately diverted, Its nothing serious.

Cheng Feifei immediately asked, How did it happen?

Bai Qiuyi explained, I was not careful enough.

Men also want to save face.

This kind of squeamish skin was unusual for ordinary people. The original owner was also very ashamed of appearing weak, so he usually did not tell others anything that would make him appear like so.

Bai Qiuyi perfectly inherited the need to save face. If he hadnt wanted to tease Jiang Shu before, he wouldnt have said anything.

Then you go and rest nearby, and Ill pack the rest. Cheng Feifei suggested.

Bai Qiuyi still wanted to pay, so he didnt leave and helped pack the things with Cheng Feifei.

Jiang Shu was still thinking about Bai Qiuyis answer just now. He thought Bai Qiuyi would tell Cheng Feifei that he felt pain differently than ordinary people, but he didnt.

Sure enough, he was special in his heart.

Jiang Shu, who was in a good mood, came back to his senses and saw the scene of Cheng Feifei and Bai Qiuyi standing together. It made him feel a bit upset.

He walked over and patted Cheng Feifei on the shoulder, Have you messaged Zhang Daben on WeChat? Ask him if he has picked everything he needs. If hes almost done, you can line up for him.

Hearing this, Cheng Feifei gave up his seat.

Jiang Shu successfully occupied the position next Bai Qiuyi and loaded things with him.

Then Bai Qiuyi asked him about the red envelope.

For our first-time meeting, Jiang Shu explained. If you call me brother, this red envelope must be given out.

Was this a thing, why he didnt know before?

Bai Qiuyi wondered, Then do I have to give you a red envelope?

No, Jiang Shu replied, Have you ever seen that junior giving a red envelope to an elder?

It made sense.

When Bai Qiuyi paid, he used Alipay and did not click on WeChat to see the red envelope Jiang Shu sent to him.

Cheng Feifei really lined up in the queue, keeping a place for Zhang Daben.

Bai Qiuyi and Jiang Shu stood by the door, blowing on the air conditioner, eating popsicles, and waiting for the two of them.

After Zhang Daben paid, the four of them went back to the dormitory together.

Except for Bai Qiuyi, the other three people were carrying large bags of things in their left and right hands. Bai Qiuyi only took a 12-roll paper towel.

This still belonged to Zhang Daben.

Bai Qiuyi actually wanted to help them with the bags, but with his physique, his hands would hurt if he used supermarket plastic bags to hold things that were too heavy.

Dont blame him, even normal people will feel pain if they use that kind of plastic bag to hold heavy objects for a long time.

Therefore, he was afraid of pain and accepted the care of Jiang Shu and Cheng Feifei.

But after returning to the dormitory, Bai Qiuyi let the two of them rest while he sorted the things they bought.Ch𝒆ck for 𝒏ew st𝒐ries on novelbin(.)c0m

Cheng Feifei took a popsicle and slumped down on the sofa. Jiang Shu didnt rest and helped Bai Qiuyi sort the things that should be put in the refrigerator.

Zhang Da rushed into his room to organized everything. He bought two big bags of things by himself, and they were all daily necessities.

After putting everything away, Bai Qiuyi and Jiang Shu went to wash their hands.

Do you guys want to take a shower? Zhang Daben came out and asked.

Cheng Feifei had just finished eating the popsicles. Hearing this, he threw the wooden stick into the trash can and suggested, You want to take a bath? Lets take a shower together. There are two shower heads. We two take a shower together, and Brother Shu and Little brother Yi can shower next.

They just came back from a walk outside. Everyone was sweating a lot, and their bodies were sticky. If everyone hadnt been busy with something, they would have gone to take a shower long ago.

Bai Qiuyis phone rang suddenly. Without thinking about the conversation just now, he took the cell phone and walked out of the balcony.

Jiang Shu had nothing to do, so he sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.

When he saw Cheng Feifei and Zhang Daben entering the bathroom one after another, he wondered if he could take a bath with Bai Qiuyi later.

Taking a shower together was proof of a good relationship.

When Bai Qiuyi hung up the phone and came in, Jiang Shu said, Little brother, should we take a shower together later?

Bai Qiuyi paused when he heard this, and his heart couldnt help but flutter.

Lets wash together

Who can not be tempted by this?

But looking at his current reaction, he hasnt even washed himself yet but just hearing Jiang Shu say this made him feel shaken. If he really bathes with Jiang Shu and sees the other persons naked body, he will definitely react.

If Jiang Shu didnt like men, he might be disgusted when he saw lusting after him.

Bai Qiuyi didnt show anything on his face, but his tone was a bit sad, as if he had missed a chance to win a big prize, Brother, please wash it first, Im not in a hurry.

Jiang Shu saw him stop and stand there, Bai Qiuyi was silent for a while, and then replied to him in this sad tone. The whole process showed Bai Qiuyis inner struggle.

Jiang Shu couldnt help but think of what Bai Qiuyi said in the restaurant before.

Was the boy small?

Thats why he cares about that word before.

Thats why he obviously wanted to take a bath with him, but because he didnt want to show him his small size, he had to reluctantly refuse.

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