The Damned Demon

Chapter 544 A Ceremony Among Family

Chapter 544 A Ceremony Among Family

She glanced at Asher, who seemed to?be enjoying?the situation far too much.

He grinned wolfishly,?reaching out to trace?a fingertip along her collarbone, "Why do you look so surprised? I already claimed your daughter back during the quest."

"No…That can't…" Esther mumbled in disbelief. But then, when she glanced at Sabina, who kept smiling mischievously, her eyes widened even more, "Sabina…why? How could you do such a thing when you weren't even promised to him?"

Sabina clicked her tongue as she shook her head and said, "Oh, mother. Weren't you the one who always wanted a perfect heir for our House? So how can it be bad when he?is going to?plant the perfect seed in my womb? You want the same thing, don't you, Mother?"

Esther winced helplessly?and?couldn't believe what these two?have?been doing behind her and her House's back.

But suddenly, she gasped when Asher pulled her nipples forward as he whispered into her ear, "Don't feel bad about it. We are going to be a family now. Whatever happened in the past doesn't matter anymore, does it? Now, all you have to do is accept becoming a family with me?along with?your daughter. Think of this as an initial ceremony where we can get closer and learn and enjoy things we don't know about each other," As he said this, Asher quickly bit down on his lip to ooze out a drop of blood.

Esther and Sabina's eyelashes fluttered upon smelling his intoxicating blood dripping down.

But then, as if possessed by an insatiable thirst, both the mother and daughter lurched forward at the same time, their mouths colliding with?his,?and each?other's,?as they sucked greedily at the drops of crimson nectar that spilled from the tiny wound he had created.



Their tongues danced together as they fought for a taste of his intoxicating blood, each droplet more tantalizing than the last.

Esther couldn't believe what she was doing, sharing this intimate moment with her own daughter, but the?taste of Asher's blood had rendered her thoughts hazy and rapidly melting her inhibitions.

Her body was on fire as she felt her daughter's tongue lapping at her?own,?as they both feasted on his sweet blood.

It was?wrong, so very?wrong, but the pleasure was unlike anything she'd ever known.

She could sense her daughter's lust, and the knowledge that they were both lost in the throes of passion with a man who toyed with them only worsened her craving instead of making her pull away in resentment.

They were melded together in a tangled mass of moans, each feeding off the others' energy and passion.

It was unlike anything Esther had ever experienced before - taboo, yes, but also exhilarating and liberating.

For once, she wasn't holding back.?She allowed herself to be swept up in the moment, to?give in to the fiery desires?that coursed?through her veins.


Sabina moaned, her body arching into his body as she felt her mother competing with her, their fangs scraping against each other as they both sought to claim more of Asher's delicious blood.

Never in her dreams did she imagine her mother being so lustful and throwing away all decorum to devour a man who wasn't her husband.

As far as she knew, unlike many noble ladies, her mother never had a secret lover or any affair, for she held no such desires, and no man would ever dare lust after her.

But who would have thought that this alien junior with his monstrous cock would be the one to melt her cold mother like this.

Nevertheless, she couldn't express enough how delightful things were right now, and she appreciated?the fact?that she could finally get close to her mother.

Asher seemed to delight in their enthusiasm, grabbing their napes and deepening their kisses with a ferocity that left them both breathless.

His hands slowly trailed downwards, and not long after, Esther could feel his fingers working their magic between her legs, stroking her in all the right spots and making her body tremble in ecstasy.

But Sabina and Esther also had no plans to let their hands remain idle?and both?of them reached out for a certain meaty sword at the same time, only to be surprised to feel each other's hands. L𝒂Test nov𝒆ls on (n)𝒐velbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

Yet that surprise barely lasted a moment before their dainty hands began to stroke his hard and warm meaty sword, making Asher groan and feel like his cock couldn't endure any longer.

Suddenly, Asher withdrew his fingers, leaving Esther and Sabina wanting more.

But then, with a grunt, Asher's beastly strength took over, and in one fluid motion, he pushed them down, making Esther's back slam against the cold, hard floor.

And followed by Sabina, who landed on top of her mother, their sweat-soaked bodies pressed together, their pussies stacked above the other, providing a tantalizing view for the man who had no intentions of holding back in ravaging them.

"Mother... this... it feels...nice, doesn't it?" Sabina panted, her eyes hazy with lust as she looked down at her mother.

"I…"?Esther didn't know what to say but she did feel even?more close?to her daughter, especially now that their bodies were melting into each other.

But Asher didn't waste another moment, plunging his thick cock into Sabina's welcoming heat.

"Ooooohnn!!~" Her scream of pleasure echoed through the room, and Esther's pussy clenched in anticipation, her own lust wetting her folds.

"Oh, fuck, Mother…he is tearing me apart~ Ooohnn~," Sabina moaned, her nails digging into her mother's shoulders as she rocked her hips against his.

Esther stared at her daughter's face, mesmerized by the look of overwhelming pleasure etched across her features, complete with a crazed smile.

She'd never seen her daughter so lost in pleasure, and the sight of her being claimed so thoroughly by her future son-in-law sent a fire through her veins.

Her thoughts were cut short as she saw Sabina suddenlystopping her moans and looking quiterestless, "Hey….It was only starting to get good!"

Before Esther could register what was happening, Asher smirked as his cock slipped out of Sabina's wet pussy and aimed it below as he rammed it right into Esther's quivering pink pussy.

"Haaang!~" Caught by surprise, Esther's eyes rolled back in her head, her back arching off the floor as he began to move within her with a frenzy that her body awkwardly but fervently tried to match.

"Oooh…you are really enjoying it, aren't you, Mother?" Sabina's envy was palpable as she watched her mother make such a lewd face and sounds, prompting her to call out to Asher, "Don't leave me hanging here, pretty boy. I might not be able to hold back my thirst anymore after tempting me so much~" Sabina said as she licked her lips restlessly, feeling a burning itch down there.

"Aren't you one horny bitch?" Asher chuckled as he plunged his fingers into Sabina's dripping-wet pussy.

"Ohhnnnn!~ That's it!~" Sabina arched her head backward in pleasure, releasing a long moan that reverberated throughout the hall.

Esther watched in intrigue and awe as Asher expertly worked his fingers in and out of her daughter's pussy while continuing to pound her hard down there.

*Squelch!~ Sliiishk!~Slicck!~*

The combined slippery and lewd sounds from both their pussies only intensified their lust.

"Oooohn! Haaaannn!~~" Sabina felt like she might not be able to hold back anymore as he also rubbed her sensitive clit hard.

"Oh, devils~Haang~," Esther moaned, her breathing ragged as she felt her orgasm approaching as he kept thrusting his monstrous cock deep into her pussy, making her even feel her lower abdomen bulging with the girth of his thick sword.

"Thurst your big fist into me!~I want to feel it deep!~" Sabina rasped out, wanting him to violate her pussy even more.

A wicked gleam flickered in Asher's eyes, accompanied by an amused smile, "You are one crazy bitch, but I like that," Asher said with a smile as he folded his fingers and slowly eased his fist into her greedy pussy.

"AHHHNN!~~" Sabina's entire body trembled uncontrollably as his big, warm fist entered her, a mix of pain and pleasure coursing through her veins.

She let out a low moan, closing her eyes as she focused on the sensation of being filled up in such a carnal way and feeling her pussy stretch in an unsettling way.

"Oh, fuck yeah," shegasped,as Asher's knuckles brushed against her G-spot.

Esther watched in awe as her daughter's body contorted in response to Asher's fist, her own pussy growing wetter at the sight.

She had never seen anything like this before, and thestrange natureof it all only aroused herevenmore.

"You asked for this!" Asher grunted as he pushed his fist as deep as possible into Sabina's pussy, making her gasp and her eyes widen to their extremities.

It was as if his fist smashed down the dam that was holding back her orgasm, and there was no stopping it.


Suddenly, Sabina convulsed, her muscles contracting around Asher's fist as she screamed in pleasure and pain.

Watching her daughter reach her climax was enough to trigger Esther's own orgasm, causing her to buck her hips as she released a guttural moan, "HAAANNNG!~"

Both their moans mixed together as they rode out their simultaneous orgasms.

"Nnngh!" Asher grunted as he pulled out and painted Sabina's back and Esther's face with his warm, thick milk.

But unbeknownst to these two, a hooded figure resembling a man wasroaming outside the tower in a suspicious manner.

His face looked quite sickly and unkemptasif he hadn't stepped out into the light for weeks

"What kind of tower is this? Did Jarius really see them going in here?"He mumbled with a anxious lookas he looked up at the tower with his pale red eyes.

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