The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Chapter 225.2

Chapter 225.2

The divine power that had descended upon him was separated from him, and Ahids golden hair turned dark blue again.

As the power extracted from him returned to its owner, light gathered around Arcana, then her magic body was replaced with her original divine body.

My divine power is leaving me? My My divine poweeeeeer! My body was immortal! Why did it fail me?! Please give me a divine message! (Ahid)

With both of his arms and legs severed, Ahid fell on his back on the spot; helpless.

I casually walked to his side.

<Wavy Body Possibility Manifestation Veneziara> is a spell that makes possibilities come true. (Anos)

Possibilities come true? What are you talking about? (Ahid)

Dont you understand? In this state, with Leviangilma in its sheath, there exists the possibility of me pulling out the sword, and the possibility of me not pulling out the sword.

By casting <Wavy Body Possibility Manifestation Veneziara>, Ive made both of these possibilities a reality. (Anos)

I brandished the Sword of the Almighty Leviangilma in front of Ahid.

It was still in its sheath.

As long as I keep Leviangilma in its sheath, I havent drawn it. If its in its sheath, I will never perish. Conversely, the fact that I havent perished proves that I havent drawn this sword. (Anos)

If you did not draw it, then you should have been unable to harm my immortal divine body Ahid stated, dumbfounded.

Then you should understand already. The fact that your immortal divine body was damaged means that Leviangilma has been drawn. While still in its sheath, of course. (Anos)

Ahid furrowed his brow, showing his incomprehension.

The Almighty has created a sword that no one can draw. If the Almighty were to draw the sword, he wouldve failed to create a sword that no one can draw. But if the Almighty cant draw the sword, he cant be called almighty. So what would the Almighty do, then? (Anos)

I told the answer to Ahid, whose expression was growing more distorted.

Heres the answer. The Almighty cant draw this sword. But at the same time, he can draw it. He draws the sword that no one else can draw, but without being able to draw it. See? Its simple logic. To be almighty, one must be able to both draw it and not draw it at the same time. (Anos)

What incomprehensible nonsense are you spouting? There is no way you can do that It is a contradiction (Ahid)

I smiled at Ahids bewilderment.

Thats the point of <Wavy Body Possibility Manifestation Veneziara>. To draw and not to draw. Contradictory as they may be, they can both come true at the same time, even if its only as possibilities. (Anos)

I may or may not draw this sword.

It was natural for both possibilities to exist at the same time.

And both possibilities turned real at the same time. Contradictory manifestations of <Wavy Body Possibility Manifestation Veneziara> can come true at the same time. Because real or not, theyre just possibilities. (Anos)Ch๐’†ck out l๐’‚t๐’†st ๐’๐’v๐’†l๐’” on nov๐’†lbin(.)c๐’m

Ahid looked as if his mind had gone blank.

But they should contradict themselves the moment they come true If you have not drawn it, then my body should not be harmed If you have drawn it, then you should perish, otherwise this logic makes no sense! (Ahid)

Thats right, this logic makes no sense. Because the judgment of the Sword of the Almighty was invented by someone who isnt almighty. The logic itself of one who isnt almighty doesnt apply to one who is. Its because the latter is almighty that its wrong to assume that hes governed by logic. (Anos)

Unable to find his words to comment on that, Ahids face contorted in sheer confusion.

You are wrong (Ahid)

Hahaha! You dont understand, Ahid? Thats fine. If I had to give you a simple explanation, it would be that one who isnt almighty cant understand the answer given by an almighty one. (Anos)

For a moment, he stared at me, flabbergasted.

Which means you just admitted yourself that this is what I am to you. (Anos)

I pointed at the sinister-looking collar attached to him.

Your immortal divine body is gone. Its time for the nightmare to begin. (Anos)

Ah! Ugh! Guh! (Ahid)

<Shackle Collar Dream and Reality Nedneliaz>.

The collars spell activated, and he fell into a nightmare.

What youre about to see is the dream of a world where youre continuously betrayed by the gods. Go around the country and spread the word that the Almighty Radiance Equis doesnt exist. But never kill anyone, and dont kill yourself either. Otherwise, youll never wake up from your dream again. If things go well, time will turn back, and youll be betrayed by the gods all over again. If you repeat this a thousand times and abandon your faith, you can come back to reality. (Anos)

I laughed sadistically and put a curse on him.

And finally, Ill show you a nightmare youll never wake up from.

Ahids eyes lost their light.

He mustve departed for the dream world created by his collar.

Now (Anos)

The sound of footsteps echoed.

I said something to the small goddess who slowly walked my way.

Are you satisfied with my answer on the Sword of the Almighty? (Anos)

No one is almighty. (Arcana)

Her pure eyes turned straight to me.

Saving everybody is impossible. Arcana proceeded.

Thats what I believed. (Arcana)

When Arcana raised her hand, the Pledge Jewel ring that Ahid was wearing flew into it.

You are more righteous than me. You win this holy war. You may now kill me and obtain my order. Arcana said without showing any sign of hesitation.

As if she werent afraid to perish.

If you say Ive won, let me ask you something before we finish this. (Anos)

Arcana nodded.

As the winner, you have that right. If its within my knowledge, Ill answer. (Arcana)

Back in the main auditorium of the Hero Academy, you went out of your way to ask me your question about whether the almighty one could create a sword that no one could draw. That wasnt on Ahids orders, was it? (Anos)

Correct, it wasnt. (Arcana)

Why were you looking for an answer to that? (Anos)

Arcana even went so far as to create Leviangilma to judge whether or not I could answer that question during this Selection Judgment.

If I couldnt answer it, she wouldve imposed that judgment on someone else.

Its not a question worth fighting over. (Anos)

She thought for a while before answering.

I am a god, yet Im the one who has sinned. Arcana said as if making a confession.

For I have forgotten my divine name. (Arcana)

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