Transmigrating As The Insane Villain: Wait, I'm The World Savior? [BL]

Chapter 104 - [Bonus ]I'm Such A Good And Thoughtful Boss!

"Boss Wei is back!"

One of the older people in the group excitedly shouted as soon as he saw the young man with tied up crimson hair leisurely walking in their direction, which seemed to be abusing an adorable small chicks-look-like in his hands.

"I told you nothing bad will happen to Boss Wei!"

Then a younger person in the group of people has proudly declared, revealing a hint of worship in his voice.

'Look, Black! That young man sure knew my awesomeness! He deserves a raise in rank in my list of minions!'

'... Host, can you stop being a narcissist?'

Black, who already resigned himself to turning as the stress relief of the young man, rolled his eyes while being squeezed and pinch.

"Wei, I'm glad you're back. Based on how you look, everything went well, huh?"

"Of course, in the entire world, there are only a few people that can manage to fight against me! Besides, how could I allow myself to be injured? Although I'm completely sure that my Brother Blue wouldn't mind, but I don't want to show a scarred body on him, you know~?"

"Hm, yes, we know how amazing you are already and how your Brother Blue loves you the most."

Jia, who lets out a breath of relief after a quick sweep of observation in the young man's body, at the same time, she once again reminded that there is something more they didn't know about the young man and how dangerous he is.

Basically, a ticking time bomb.

Well, at least, the young man's fighting ability is absolutely amazing with how he quickly detects the danger, dodging and evading with a look of ease from the sudden attack that they didn't even completely detect.

Especially after coming back without any sign of injury, only having a messy appearance after quickly dealing with the enemy in the dark.

"By the way, what is that creature in your hand?"

"Oh, this? I picked it up somewhere, his name is Black. You could say, it's a mutated animal."

"Mutated animal?"

Learning one thing and seeing it is entirely different, thus the group of people who have been listening couldn't help but tense up when they finally met the mutated animal that the young man has mentioned during their short discussion about what they will be facing as they travel around.

And although they couldn't help but curiously gaze at the harmless and innocent looking creatures in the young man's hands with various emotions flickering in their eyes. 

"Yup, mutated animal. But don't worry, this is my pet and I have already made a contract on it, like those Tamers you usually see in games! Besides, this one can only fly with good defensive skill, there is no attack power at all."

Xiao Wei didn't intend to hide one of the important information in the Apocalypse to this group of people, which would only be known later on since getting contracted with a creature is extremely hard.

Especially when most people are more likely to run away or try to take down the dangerous creature instead of trying to be friendly and wanting to be partners with each other when they are simply trying to survive.

There is also the fact that useful information in the Apocalypse would only be known after countless trials and experiences.

Especially when there is also the communication problem and the selfishness of people who don't want to share the information.

"Oh, Black is also a lazy pet, and only knows how to be adorable."

"Boss Wei, why did you take it with you then?"

The teenage girl chef of Xiao Wei couldn't help but curiously ask after hearing the young man complain while Jia just rolled her eyes and inwardly mumbled that it's the perfect pet for the young man since both of them are similar.

"Oh, at least, I can squeeze it to release some pent-up stress. It's definitely good for you guys, after all, you don't want me going crazy on you while we travel together right? Hahaha!"

'Hmph! Don't think that I don't know that you are lying! There is no way that you won't get crazy even if I become your pent-up stress release!'

Being badmouth, Black inwardly grumbled while he was already resigned to his fate.

After all, he already knows that no one can't reason with crazy people.

"Wait! What do you mean about contracts? Tamer?"

Li Shin walked over with an interesting glint in his eyes while gazing at the small black animal in the young man's hand.

"Here, just read the information I prepared here, I'm too tired to explain."

Xiao Wei gently waves his hands causing a different laptop to appear in Li Shin, which the man has quickly caught.

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Look at the mischievous people that wanted to take my life~"

Soon, two pairs of headless bodies appeared on the ground and cut off heads, causing the people to almost jump from shock.

At the same time, Xiao Wei smiled at the wide-eyed Li Shin and an open-mouthed Jia that was staring at the cut-off head of someone they are quite familiar with.

"Sigh, he was quite naughty, if he wasn't being bad, then he would have been able to keep his neck intact and is now bossing around the people we left behind! Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, it's not good to be selfish~"

Xiao Wei tilted his head to the side, blinking innocently and adorably with an expression of disappointment on his face.

"Anyway, this kind of person isn't needed in this world, so it's quite good for me to kill him now instead of leaving him alive."

Yes~ I'm such a good boy~

"After all, even if the entire world has become chaotic with no law, the human race still needs to survive and this person is more damaging than being helpful to our future survival."

Xiao Wei nodded his head, completely believing his words with absolute determination, and yet, hearing such cruel and merciless words being spoken in such an innocent and adorable voice caused the people listening to shiver in horror.

Because, in the young man tone, they perceive absolute belief and confidence upon it. The young man was honestly speaking what he really thought of. There isn't an ounce of lie and hesitation on it.

Although human lives have become worthless and easy to take away at the end of the world, they aren't completely numb whenever they have taken a person's life. Everyone is just doing it for survival.

And yet, the young man before them doesn't feel anything wrong at all about what he was speaking about.

It feels a more natural way of belief, ideas, and opinion instead of such a mentality being forced by the short time that the Apocalypse occurs.

Xiao Wei, completely oblivious or rather, ignoring the reactions and expressions of the people around him, continued to smile adorably before pointing at the cut of head with a tilt of his head toward the silent and shocked Li Shin and Jia.Fi๐’dd ๐’ew upd๐’‚t๐’†s on nove/l๐’ƒin(.)com

"As your Boss Wei, I specifically give this gift to the two of you~ How about you make his head a trophy of sorts after all the trouble he had done toward you?"

Which mental hospital or prison did this person escape from? Someone please take him away and put him back on it!

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