Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Chapter 795 - 795: Victory

Chapter 795 - 795: Victory

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Hou Ning looked at Lin Yin’s serious expression and laughed unkindly. Was Lu Ming going to have unrequited love?

Lin Yin looked like she had a lot of complaints about Lu Ming. Hou Ning suddenly wanted to see Lu Ming make a fool of himself.

If Lu Ming was rejected by the girl, it would be very funny.

“Whether Lu Ming likes you or not, I had a good time playing with you today.” Hou Ning smiled and changed the topic. “However, your team doesn’t seem to have succeeded yet. You might not win today.”

Lin Yin smiled. “As long as I trap you, my classmates can still win.”

“You’re so confident?” Hou Ning looked at the quiet room and smiled. “You have to know that my people are all instructors or some experts that I’ve invited. Your classmates are iust recruits who have onlv trained for 20 days. Oh! No.

they can’t even be considered recruits. Their chances of winning are too small.”

“Instructor, don’t throw smoke grenades at me. There are only a few instructors in the school. Our entire specialization only has four classes, so if I’m not wrong, the four of you are the only ones who can deal with us. As for those soldiers and generals, Instructor, you found some seniors to act as them, right? Although they have a little strength, they can’t put up a good fight,” Lin Yin mocked mercilessly.

“You’re smart,” Hou Ning said with a smile. For some reason, Lin Yin didn’t seem that annoying now.

Hou Ning did not believe Lin Yin when she said that she was not pretending to be weak. However, her prejudice against Lin Yin lessened.

There was suddenly a commotion around them. Hou Ning looked up and saw that the group of students had already saved the hostage and were breaking out.

When Hou Ning saw this, she immediately wanted to get up. Lin Yin was quick and pressed down on Hou Ning. She said bluntly, “Coach, you’re tired from fighting. Leave the rest to the coaches of the other classes. Rest well.”

Hou Ning’s body was already in pain. Under Lin Yin’s heavy pressure, she almost vomited blood again.

“Lin Yin, are you using your position to take revenge?” Hou Ning said angrily.

“Coach, shouldn’t you be the one taking revenge?” Lin Yin retorted bluntly, then teased, “Don’t worry, you didn’t lose between the two of us.”

Hou Ning snorted. “Lin Yin, I’m not a sore loser. I don’t need you to comfort me hypocritically.”

Lin Yin rolled her eyes at Hou Ning and muttered, “You treat my kindness as ill intentions.”

On the other side, the rescue operation of the hostages went very smoothly. Feng Yu and the others joined forces with other teams and even people from other departments to snatch them away.

Then, they went to help others save the hostages.

Su Su came to Lin Yin’s side. When she saw Lin Yin using her body to suppress Hou Ning, she couldn’t help but laugh. It had been hard on Lin Yin’s small body. Then, she picked up her phone and took a photo to record Lin Yin’s glorious moment.

Then, when she saw the bruise on Lin Yin’s face, Su Su was instantly frightened. “Oh my god, are you guys so ruthless?”

Su Su hurriedly helped someone apply the medicine.

Some of the results of the military training performance were successful, and some were failures. However, without exception, they were all the hot-blooded youth of the students.

On the rostrum, the principal praised every new student who did their best.

Lu Ming stood beside Hou Ning and his tone was cold and dissatisfied. “It’s just a military training performance. Do you have to work so hard?”

Hou Ning, who was originally in a good mood, suddenly became very unhappy. “Lu Ming, what are you talking about? Do you still remember that when you led the recruits in the army, you also participated in the practical together? Didn’t you also risk your life? Sigh, I realize that you’ve become a hypocrite now!

Why?You’re allowed to love your job and I’m not?”

Lu Ming touched his nose. “This is military training, not actual training. It’s different. ”

Hou Ning glanced at Lu Ming and mocked, “Lu Ming, I really look down on you. If you like her, go after her. Don’t secretly defend her here. I’m so magnanimous. I like you, so when I came back, I wanted to look for you every day.”𝑅ead latest ch𝒂pters at n𝒐velbi𝒏(.)co/m

Lu Ming was slightly stunned. He turned to look in Hou Nings direction and frowned. His smile was forced. “Hou Ning, what happened in the past is in the past. We have to move forward.”

Hou Ning snorted softly and smiled. “You’re over it, but I’m not. At that time, you were willing to be with me, but I didn’t agree. Now that I’ve changed my mind, I’m willing to be with you, but you didn’t agree. An eye for an eye. I’ll wait.. What if you change your mind like me one day? Life is unpredictable, isn’t it?

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