You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 733 (Lifting Their Skirts)

Chapter 733 (Lifting Their Skirts)

Lie Gu didn't have any other choice but to obediently kneel by the edge of the bed and say, "My dear wives, I, Lie Gu, hereby swear that I will love only you four in this lifetime. If I break this oath, then let Yue Hua..."

Lie Gu felt a tingling sensation on his scalp. Did it have to be this harsh?

"Hurry up and read, don't dawdle," Qing Ya let out a pleasant laughter. These were written by all the women together, and of course, they represented the feelings of the four brides. Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

Lie Gu made up his mind, "Then let Yue Hua explode them, never to engage in sexual intercourse again."

All the men suddenly felt a chill down their crotches. It was so ruthless.

Men really shouldn't get married. After marriage, they would be completely suppressed by their wives.

But Lie Gu didn't think that way. He was determined to marry them.

So, he agreed to countless clauses, rubbing the face of Dragons on the ground, and rubbing it hard.

After the oath, there were various games to tease Lie Gu, and he cooperated quite well, making the four wives giggle. This was the atmosphere that a wedding should have.

However, one of the games became a bit horrifying.

It involved Lie Gu blindfolded, kissing the four wives, and guessing who they were.

But the person he kissed wasn't any of the four wives.

Instead, it was replaced by Death Mage, Yi Hong, Dou Fushi, and Husky.

Surprisingly, everyone suppressed their laughter at this scene, especially when Husky stuck out his tongue and panted.

But Lie Gu still had a shy expression, causing everyone to almost burst into laughter.

Lie Gu chose to kiss Death Mage first, which made Xun Fang cover her mouth and almost burst out laughing.

Even Death Mage was moved, tightly gripping the bedsheet.

He was about to be kissed by a man, how disgusting...

But Lie Gu was quite unrestrained and directly kissed him.

Everyone could even see Lie Gu sticking out his tongue and French kissing Death Mage...

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn't hold back any longer and burst into laughter. Even Ye Hua was laughing his head off.

The four brides on the bed were also laughing sweetly.

They truly were the Undead race, full of affection.

Lie Gu heard the laughter in his ears and felt something strange, so he removed the blindfold.

He looked at Death Mage in front of him with a face of despair, and those glaringly white teeth...

Fuck!!! I feel like vomiting.

Lie Gu felt like crying. 'You all are bullying me so much. Everyone has united to bully me…'

This was the most hilarious scene, and the final task was to find the shoes.

While others only needed to find one pair of shoes for their wedding, Lie Gu had to find four pairs, eight shoes.

Ye Hua didn't mince words, "Listen carefully, lift their skirts!!! They must be hidden under the skirts!!!"

"Yes!" The male subordinates all looked at their wives.

The room immediately became chaotic. Ye Hua immediately grabbed Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi and whispered, "You two are not behaving today!"

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi held back, "Who told you not to spoil us."

"Alright, alright, I'll spoil you both tonight."

"You pervert~"

"Tell me where the shoes are," Ye Hua smiled.

"Find them yourself."

"Don't force me to lift your skirts," Ye Hua threatened.

"Then go ahead and lift them, see if they're there or not."

Ye Hua felt that they definitely weren't on their bodies and immediately looked at the sister-in-law next to them, who was startled.

It turned out they were on Yutong. Ye Hua let go of the two wives and immediately grabbed the sister-in-law.

"Ah! Brother-in-law, what are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing? Hand them over quickly!"

"No!" Qing Yutong pouted, feeling that her brother-in-law didn't like her anymore.

Ye Hua whispered, "Tell me where the shoes are, and come over to accompany you tonight."

"Really?" Qing Yu Tong brightened up.

"Of course, when have I ever lied to you?"

Qing Yutong instantly told Ye Hua where she had hidden all the shoes.

Luckily, Ye Hua had a little spy, or else it would have been really hard to find.

Whispering softly from a nearby spot, Donghuang Baizhi said, "Qing Ya, why do I feel like those two are fooling around behind our backs?"

"I have the same feeling," Qing Ya nodded.

"Could it be that they're already involved with each other and hiding it from us?" Donghuang Baizhi exclaimed, but there was no anger on her face.

"Um... I don't know."

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were both puzzled, but they had no evidence to prove it.

With Qing Yu Tong's help, the shoes were instantly found.

Lie Gu could finally take his four wives out, and he was so happy...

Everyone was in high spirits as they changed their destination and arrived at Voidless Realm!

After everyone left, only Cang Konghong remained in the Nanwu Banner palace. He had just heard the laughter from over there and felt heavy-hearted...

But today, Cang Konghong also wanted some male company and reclaim his beloved!

Back in the Voidless Realm, there was an uproar with gongs, drums, firecrackers, and a lively atmosphere.

Ye Hua had specially prepared a venue for the wedding. Since it was held in Voidless Realm, apart from his subordinates, all the residents of Voidless Realm were also present. The scene was quite grand, with hundreds of tables.

Sitting in the front row were, of course, the subordinates. Ye Hua, as the host of the wedding, was already on the stage with a joyful smile on his face.

"It's rare to see Ye Hua smiling for so long," Qing Ya said softly.

Donghuang Baizhi also felt touched, "Yes, this guy seems cold on the outside, but he's actually warm-hearted."

"That's called being cold on the outside but warm on the inside," Qing Ya said with a sweet voice, looking at her man with eyes full of happiness.

Ye Hua, standing on the stage, looked at his subordinates and felt content in his heart.

Now everyone was in pairs, living happily, completely different from the days of fighting and killing in the past.

As the leader of the team, he couldn't help but sigh deeply.

Ye Hua slowly picked up the microphone, his voice filled with immense joy as he said, "I'm delighted to stand here and officiate this wedding for Lie Gu!" After speaking, he patted Lie Gu on the shoulder, appearing as a good buddy, which surprised Lie Gu.

"I remember the last time I officiated the wedding for Yi Hong and Zi Shan. Blink of an eye, two years have passed. Time flies, cherish your loved ones! I won't waste any more words. Please welcome today's four brides!"

The wedding march instantly resounded.

The four brides had changed into pure white wedding gowns and walked gracefully, wearing white veils.

In front of them, the four little ones were tossing flowers.

When Yi Hong and Zi Shan got married, Ah Li was also tossing flowers.

Today, it wasn't just Ah Li; Ye Yan, Ye Shen, and Ye Liu were all in attendance.

The adorable children, along with the beautiful brides, created a perfect scene.

Lie Gu looked at his four wives walking towards him gracefully, feeling very excited. He even had a feeling of wanting to cry.

In this lifetime, he had walked through countless battles with Ye Hua. Every day was like walking on a tightrope, ready to fall at any moment. At that time, he could only vent...

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